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40 Novels
  • Supreme Magus

    Supreme Magus


    Derek McCoy was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice. After being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his …

  • A Hymn of Blood and Curses

    A Hymn of Blood and Curses


    Life is hard for those who prophesy death... The remains of blood magery dominate Esther’s life on two fronts. On one hand, she is a conservator; an indentured servant who …

  • I Am A Demon Lord, Get Me Out Of Here

    I Am A Demon Lord, Get Me Out Of Here


    When the most powerful Demon Lord loses all of his power and has to start from Zero!

  • Adventure Through the Cosmos

    Adventure Through the Cosmos


    Hi All. This is my first work of fiction. Scratch that, it is my first piece of writing. This is an isekai/transmigration/reincarnation type novel where a modern 21th homo …

  • I Have a Sugar Mummy – A Goddess’ Boy Toy

    I Have a Sugar Mummy – A Goddess’ Boy Toy


    Story Description: • Mc chose his world to transmigrate, But he became a chess-piece, a puppet and a boy-toy of a Goddess. • What he wanted is a Cheat item or …

  • Chains of Fate: The Prodigal Son

    Chains of Fate: The Prodigal Son


    Chains of Fate: Fate is the red thread that binds two people together, the guiding line that leads the great ones to their destiny, and the binding chains that keep …

  • I Am The Reaper Of Death

    I Am The Reaper Of Death


    A spirit is trapped inside a skeleton's body. Unable to do anything. He accepted his fate and continues his life. But one day, a book suddenly appeared in front of …

  • Into The Portal: Monster Invasion

    Into The Portal: Monster Invasion


    Desperation loomed over Earth. Resources all used up, and hope was all lost. While three player chess who would decide billions of lives was at its climax, a portal …

  • Dawn of Twilight

    Dawn of Twilight


    [My new Synopsis by Graced_Villain.] Tobi died. He died and he lost all that he cared for. Those that cared for him, lost Tobi. He was gone, from the world, …

  • Reincarnated as a snake?

    Reincarnated as a snake?


    A typical reincarnation story about a dude who got reincarnated into a fantasy world as a snake inside a dungeon... but with some twists! So follow the tiny snake on …

  • The Omni Mage

    The Omni Mage


    Trailer: https://youtu.be/dL5r_kg-oF4 At the Academy of Avalair, a young mage tinkers with magic far beyond her comprehension. Unbeknownst to her, a single experiment would pave the way for a new …

  • The way of Cooking in Another world

    The way of Cooking in Another world


    Narari Fourn is a 20 years old young man that is half Japanese and American and lived in Japan half of his life with the talent of cooking and …

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