5 Novels
  • Forbidden Nature

    Forbidden Nature


    In the far North region of Alaska, Freya Summers belongs to a pack of mighty shifters. At the age of eighteen, wolves go through what is called The Rite …

  • Doomed Skin Walker

    Doomed Skin Walker


    Captain Ryan Carter was one of Sector Sevens’ finest ship pilots, until an incident exposed his true self, now Ryan is branded dangerous and hunted. Seeking refuge Ryan is …

  • Mate Detector

    Mate Detector


    Ace Ryker the Alpha Lord of Tartarean, has a problem, Alpha females have all but ceased to be born in over a quarter of a century. True- life mates …

  • Corrupt Me

    Corrupt Me


    Clarissa Chambers, I am pristine, unblemished by the cruel elements of the world. I am my Mother’s pride and joy, also her burden. I am my best friend’s unrequited love. …

  • Temptation for The Emperor

    Temptation for The Emperor


    Celeste Morgan was taken in by her Aunt and Uncle, when her parents died, on a little run-down farm in a galaxy that was almost undetectable. They sold their …