3 Novels
  • Fancy Me, Professor!

    Fancy Me, Professor!


    "Good morning, everyone!" His sultry voice sounded in the classroom as he greeted his students. "Welcome to Assessment of Student Learning class, and I, Pan An, would be …

  • Accidental Harem: Let’s Kiss Again!

    Accidental Harem: Let’s Kiss Again!


    "Wh-who the hell are you and why are you kissing me!?" With Aranea backing away as she hid her lips with her forearm, the blue-haired man who came out of …

  • The Soul Eater’s Possession

    The Soul Eater’s Possession


    "Devin, do you love me?" Hearing her question that had snapped him out of his thoughts, the Soul Eater opened his eyes slowly to meet her blue eyes once more. …