6 Novels
  • Scarlet Strings

    Scarlet Strings


    'What do I want? Why the complete destruction of the Human Race! That would do for now I suppose!' Scarlet Strings follows the adventures of 15-year-old Brave Larison, and several …

  • Sub Enforcers: Let’s Be Vigilantes!

    Sub Enforcers: Let’s Be Vigilantes!


    "You want to become a Hero for Hire so you can pay off your rent?" In this world where Superheroes with various supernatural powers, are common, and battle villains on …

  • Devil Heir Phoenix Flight

    Devil Heir Phoenix Flight


    'My wish is... It's something that is to dear for me to give up on. So come at me foul Monster. I Davi Hawker will strike you down with …

  • Equation Zero Battle/Line

    Equation Zero Battle/Line


    The World is freezing over... Set in a timeline known as Age 1991, Equation Zero Battle/Line tells the story of a young boy named Hero Law, who joins an organization …

  • Devil’s Heir The Worst Guild

    Devil’s Heir The Worst Guild


    Devil's Heir The Worst Guild, tells the story of Davi Hawker, a 16 year old boy on a quest to find the ten pieces of the Devil Stone's in …

  • Phoenix Flight

    Phoenix Flight


    The start of an Adventure... Strange Beasts, that some would even label as Monsters... Vast wealth, and all the gold you can carry... Treasures long since buried and forgotten by …