6 Novels
  • The Powerful Dragon Witch

    The Powerful Dragon Witch


    Nineteen-year-old Winona Bravegard hid in a cave of Dasos for seven years because she was both wanted by the Mage King and the Dragon King. Her mother shielded her …

  • Loving Madeline

    Loving Madeline


    ---Writing Formula Practice#35 Entry; please add this to your library and vote with power stone.--- (Warning: This novel has mature contents in the later part of the story.) Madeline ”Maddie” Brownwood …

  • I Will Make You Love Me Again

    I Will Make You Love Me Again


    Eighteen years old Arabella ”Ara” Ravalli was devastated when she did not catch the last ferry in going to the Island, she is on her way home because …

  • My Friend’s Arrogant Brother

    My Friend’s Arrogant Brother


    Maya Alva is beautiful and smart but despite her intelligence she fell in love with her friend's twin brother who loves hurting her feelings. From grade four to High …

  • Falling In Love With Miracle

    Falling In Love With Miracle


    Miracle”Mira” White, is the daughter of Thomas White, one of the wealthiest men in the whole country. She can get everything she wants, because of their overflowing wealth, she …

  • Princess Malia’s Secret

    Princess Malia’s Secret


    For Malia Blaze her way of life is almost perfect, her parents love and adore her, but they are super strict and overprotective. On her 18th birthday they turn …