5 Novels
  • Money Loving CEO’s Detective Lover

    Money Loving CEO’s Detective Lover


    "20,000 USD per year," he frowned. "That's too less." Gayoon stood there with question marks swirling her head. "Eh?" she asked stupidly. "Your net worth," Minho nodded. "And you earn 1666.777 …

  • One Snowy Night (Short Story)

    One Snowy Night (Short Story)


    One snowy night, the popular boy band 'BASE' is secretly practising in a closed coffee shop owned by one of the members. Ronan, the charismatic and talented leader, is …

  • Her Tempestuous Villain

    Her Tempestuous Villain


    “I thought you forgot about me.” SD’s sly voice came from behind the door making Sunye groan. Behind the door was a chimney through which he had climbed down and …

  • Star Crossed: The Idol King & Empress of Evil

    Star Crossed: The Idol King & Empress of Evil


    "The fates will curse you to a life of hell." She stared those loathsome eyes. Her very being screamed from inside. Her hate knew no bounds. And yet...and yet...why was …

  • The Idol’s Wife

    The Idol’s Wife


    Update: 4 chapters on Monday Kwon Jiwon, also known as KJ, is the nation's heartthrob. Voted the most handsome and talented idol of the nation, KJ has achieved everything he …