Cloned in Heaven

Chapter 3: Tiny B and Mykisha

Tyrone went to a doctor, human cloning wasn't illegal yet, in fact, it was actually On July 31, 2001, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the "Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2001" (H.R. 2505) by a bi-partisan margin of 265-162 with support from liberal, progressive, conservative, pro-life, and pro-abortion members.

But, it was the year 2000, not 2001.

Meaning that she could be cloned LEGALLY.

Tyrone told the doctor he'd pay him $60,000 to clone Beyoncé.

The Pale-skinned mixed White and African-American Doctor named Jazeel awkwardly snuck into a concert of Beyoncé and took a knife.

While Beyoncé slept in her dressing room, He injected her with something to keep her knocked out for 5 hours, then he cut a teeny, tiny, small, sliver of her skin off and ran.

Jazeel took it to a lab and worked on trying to create an embryo clone, created 23 babies using normal IVF and injected some of Beyoncé's skin cells Jazeel had left over but none of the babies looked like baby Beyoncé, so he gave up.

One day, In the year 2013, Jazeel was approached by Tyrone again.

Tyrone begged him, saying "I PROMISE I'LL PAY YOU OVER $50,000 to make me Beyoncé's clone!"

April 4, 2008: A Secret Wedding Ceremony

In the world of super-secret celebrity weddings, Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 2008 nuptials take the cake.

Yep, A Secret Wedding Ceremony that Tyrone JUST found out about in 2013, he was distraught and felt that he needed that clone or else there would be no chance of him getting.... Something, ANYTHING like Beyoncé in his life.

blinded by the guise of over $50,000, it took 3 months, but Jazeel created the clone of Beyoncé. Jazeel placed the clone embryo he created into a surrogate mother who was 14-years-old and black named Mykisha using IVF.

Mykisha has light skin like Beyoncé, same hair color, same hair type, so that the DNA of Mykisha wouldn't ruin the appearance being close to Beyoncé.

Mykisha grew INCREDIBLY close to the clone, in fact, she hatched a secret plan to try and run off with her baby.

Mykisha sat in her room and wrote in her diary:

"I know I'm only 14-years-old, but I want to take care of MY baby. Momma says I can't but you know what? She let me be pregnant, I can raise her by myself!"

Mykisha was becoming SUPER possessive of the clone. Mykisha would pop off at Tyrone, argue with him, shout at him, the only reason he never fought her was because she was carrying The Clone he wanted so badly he ended up naming "Tiny B."

Mykisha was forced by Tyrone to give birth at a hospital, a dent in her plans because she wanted to have Tiny B at home and make a run for it with Tiny B.

Tyrone took out Tiny B, looked at her with this weird happy look in his eyes.

Tyrone ran off as doctors held down Mykisha.

Tiny B grew into a lonely and forcefully secluded child, her owner, Tyrone, knew she wasn't Beyoncé and grew impatient with her, as he knew he'd never get the real thing....

IN THE YEAR OF 2023...

Tiny B was alone with no toys, Tiny B played with crazy juice boxes, attended by how she pretended that they were dolls.

Tiny B would take pens and write on them to determine gender, Tiny B would use blue ink pens to Mark boy boxes and red ink pins to mark girl boxes because pink was considered a lighter color of red.

A box that already had the color brown in it was considered a "black doll," despite being 10 years old, it was as if she just ritually applied human qualities to boxes like race and gender.

Also due to being a 10-year-old girl, she liked to make the little boys marry the girls and have little babies.

Whereas a lot of adults nowadays who were 10-year-old boys don't really remember having this obsession with families and their toys, a lot of 10-year-old girls most likely do as a lot of little girls thought of marriage because of Disney and all that in the past, I, myself, included.

A man can look at a 13-year-old girl riding a letter to her future husband about how she wants him to treat her and say that "she's been brainwashed by Christianity!!!" Whereas a grown woman could say "Oh, she really wants to get married," and she grows up and "Oh, it's kind of cute how she did that."


Now, it is time to escape the dark theme and go for a funny break.


In real life, a man actually did this. An Atheist MAN was reacting to a Christian woman's YouTube channel in his YouTube Video and she told people that when she was, like, 16 she wrote a letter to her future husband.

The Atheist MAN was appalled that she did this because he thought she was so brainwashed by her Christian parents as a teenager that instead of partying, she was writing letters to her future husband and preparing for marriage when she was an adult.

However, preparing for marriage when you grow up isn't a bad thing, since a long time ago, in the past, at one point, 60% of marriages ended up divorced.

The Christian woman had a happy marriage in real life.

The Atheist, A MAN, thought that she should be partying instead of doing things like this.

MR. KAREN, let us teens do what we enjoy.

It is as if Mr. Karen is ignoring the song "Dear Future Husband" by Meghan Trainor.



Back to the story of Tiny B...


Tiny B was making mini movies in her head, she had big dreams of making movies as a film director.


Tiny B chubby cute with chubby cheeks. Tiny B had 4B hair type, Tiny B had brown hair, brown eyes and big lips.


Tiny B was wearing a cute dress that was pink, it went past her feet.


Tiny B got tired, suddenly, she felt kind of like she didn't even want to be here right now, she didn't want to do what she was doing, she is going to leave her head down and sleep or rest, either one.


Tiny B got up and went to sleep in her bed, it had sparkles on it, a lot of fake sparkles.


In the morning, Tiny B woke up, Tiny B wanted to stay in bed, she felt like there was nothing that was going to happen today and thought there was no reason to get out of bed.


Tiny B went back to bed.


Due to 2023 law, clones were not able to get the covid-19 vaccine, due to being clones.


Clones were considered not eligible to stay in homeless shelters and get food from food stamps and welfare would not pay for them nor would they pay for any cloned children they had.


Tiny B was unprotected by law, if she got kidnapped, no one would go looking for her, like native Americans used to call for help from the police whenever their loved ones would go missing and have thousands of unsolved missing cases because it seems like no one was looking for them, no one would go looking for clones, however, it was publicly acknowledged that clones were legally able to NOT be looked for.


🍃 One fell swoop of the wind and you're gone...


Something different from the case of native Americans, where no one will openly say that they aren't required to look for them because they are required to look for them. They just don't do it, sometimes...


Clones weren't able to be legally murdered after birth but they were able to be legally aborted whereas abortion had become illegal in all parts of the US when it came to any non-cloned baby, even babies conceived through **** and incest were considered deserving of Life, and rightfully so, but, unfortunately, clones were not considered deserving of life, and that was wrong.


This was the entire reason why it was legal to abort one, especially since cloning was illegal. They were very mean to clones and they're unborn babies.


Another reason why they thought it was legal to abort clones was that they thought clones were not humans. However, if the clone was a human clone then technically it was a human.


A human clone comes when you clone another human and it creates a copy of that human's DNA.


That is the clone, the clone's DNA is a copy of the human's DNA forcing the DNA to have human DNA in it which causes the clone to be a human.


The only lucky thing was that the clone was understood to be an entirely different person from the person that they were cloned off of... Having a DIFFERENT SOUL AND A DIFFERENT SPIRIT.


Tiny B knew she had no legal rights, and thus, this is how Tyrone kept her under his control, letting her feel like he is her only protector.


Tiny B was taught all clones are hated by all non-clones, she was taught that everyone that was not a clone wanted to eradicate clones, she was taught that everyone that was not a clone saw clones as abominations, he even told her that there were no other clones but her.


Tiny B was taught that people saw her as an abomination to nature, something that goes against the very grain of life. Tyrone taught her that she should only be around him because no one else would like her because they saw her as a crime against nature and God's way of life.


Tyrone even taught her that God would not honor clones or let them into heaven, this is all to keep her in "his grass" especially since he's actually heard people act this way towards clones. Not all people but some... Unfortunately, there is some grain of Truth to the manipulation he gives.


Tyrone wanted her to believe that not even God wanted her so that she would be turning to Tyrone.


Two small hearts, one going after the other. These two hearts are bound to follow each other for the rest of their lives.


Tyrone was sexually abusive, Tyrone was grooming her, Tyrone will try to give her a lot of gifts to make her like him and he would teach her a lot of gross and disgusting things that he shouldn't be teaching children.


Tiny B went and got cupcakes as Tyrone was walking around in a pair of blue jeans, silently sobbing.


Tyrone wanted somebody to love him but he never felt loved. That's all Tyrone ever wanted, just to be loved. It'll never justify his horrible actions, however.


Tyrone pushed Tiny B face down on the floor as she put a cupcake in her mouth causing the cupcake to smash into her face. Tyrone cried as he yelled "Clones don't have any feelings, you don't love me!"


Tiny B was raped by Tyrone a lot but because she had no rights in the U.S. Gov. for being a clone, he never got justice and she was considered, at the time, a 10-year-old s.εメ doll.

Tyrone knew he would never be able to get Beyoncé...

Which was lucky, since the real Beyoncé is married with many kids and Tyrone is a rapist Pedophile.

Tiny B decided to follow her aunt, Tyrone's sister named Angel to Church but clones weren't allowed there, in fact, the year is 2023 and when the U.S. Gov. found out clones were real, they banned them from going to any CHRISTIAN meetings, prayer, etc. Mainly because they thought it was blasphemy and clones didn't have basic rights.

TIny B was rescued by her aunt. Here's the thing, this isn't all of the story. This is just the kick off into future events.