Descendance of the God-Sovereign

Chapter 2: Races of Aruzul

Spirits -

=> Elemental Spirits-

~Water Spirits:

They specialize in Water Arts. They have blue eyes, and black hair and their bodies are immune to weaker Water Arts then their levels.

Examples : Kvass Ristentia, Yolene Ristentia, Nabe Ristentia

~Earth Spirits:

They specialize in Earth Arts. They have golden-almond eyes, and sport blond hair. They are also immune to weaker Earth Arts then their levels.

Example: Hearth Narlington

~Wind Spirits:

They specialize in Wind Arts. They have emerald-green eyes and silky silver hair. Similarly, they also have immunity to Wind Arts below their levels.

~Fire Spirits:

They specialize in Fire Arts. They have crimson-red eyes and blood red hair. They also have immunity to Fire Arts.

#Lily Ristentia - Half-Fire Half-Wind Spirit

#Ray Ristentia - Half-Water Half-Fire Spirit

=> Higher Spirits:

*Will be Updated Soon*


*Will be Updated Soon*

Magical Beasts or Monsters:

=> Dragons:

Dragons are large four-legged creatures with rock hard scales and incredible flight abilities as well as vitality. There are many types of Dragons such as Fire Dragons, Water Dragons, Light Dragons, etc.

It is a Katastrofi Class Magical Beast.

=> Icy Raven:

Icy Ravens are 4 meters tall, having a wingspan of 7 meters and have blackish-blue feathers. They have sharp beaks and can fly at speeds up to 70 km/h, they usually live in snow covered mountain ranges.

It is an Adynamos Class Monster.