Descendance of the God-Sovereign

Chapter 4: Life in Mara Village

After another 2 years, I started leaving the house to help gather firewood and gather fruits. I went with my sister Nabe today. We are going to gather Poppyberries for jam and pie. As usual, we set off at dawn and went into the forest north of Mara Village. Like us many other villagers also set off together at dawn with about 20 village guards.

Outside of protected areas various monsters roam about and when maddened they can cause destruction of towns if they are strong enough. Monsters are classified by strength, they are:

-Avlavis Monsters

-Adynamos Monsters

-Ischyros Monsters

-Katastrofi Monsters

-Kosmos Monsters

With the weakest being Avlavis and the strongest being Kosmos. While Avlavis monsters can barely harm anyone, Kosmos Monsters are strong enough to bring about world ending calamities.

So, now we are in the forest, I am gathering firewood while my sister is collecting Poppyberries. The guards are hunting down a bunch of Avlavis monsters. In these parts it is almost impossible to find Adynamos monsters. While the guards will be able to kill one they won"t come out of it unscathed...

"An Icy Raven has been spotted! Everyone take shelter in the cave!"(Guard Chief)

...and I think I have a capability to jinx things.

"Ahhhh... Help!!!"(A Guard)

The Icy Raven bit of the leg of a guard while the villagers were running toward the caves in panic. Icy Ravens are 4 meters tall Adynamos monsters, having a wingspan of 7 meters and have blackish-blue feathers. They have sharp beaks and can fly at speeds up to 70 km/h, they usually live in snow covered mountain ranges. This one seems to be a stray.

"Guards take positions and shield the others, Archers fire magic arrows and Mages use wind magic to cut off it"s wings"(Guard Chief)

"Yes Chief"(A Guard)

"Yes Chief"(An Archer)

"Yes Chief"(A Mage)

They replied in tandem to the chief"s orders. The masterfully executed their orders, while all the people took shelter. After we got into the cave my sister found me and hugged my head with her boobs squishing my cheek, then she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Thank God you are okay."(Nabe)

Then after confirming the villagers" safety the guards went on the offensive.

The guards jumped in front with hoisted shields made of iron and coated with mythril. While the archers fired Magic Arrows of the Fire attribute. The arrows pierced the ravens hide and it began searing it"s flesh.

The mages stood side by side and started channeling their magic energy, then a piercing cold gust rushed around the mages as a white Manifestation Circle appeared at their feet. The gathered gusts formed sharp blades of wind in front of the mages, and in tandem they fired their blades at the Icy Raven"s wings as they yelled,


The blades covered the distance in an instant and hacked of the Icy Raven"s wings.

I might or might not have secretly stopped the Icy Raven"s blood flow to ease the load on the guards. After about 15 minutes of struggling the Icy Raven breathed it"s last breath.

The injuries were kept to a minimum with the guard that lost the leg and some others having suffered non-fatal gashes. The guards were overjoyed to have come out of that fight without any loss of lives.

After that we left the forest and arrived back at the village. There we stopped at a shop to sell the excess berries and buy some ingredients for cooking.

My sister is popular in this village for her looks, she has a huge bust and ink black hair that compliments her crystalline blue eyes. Naturally, she got all her looks from her mother Yolene although the black hair is from my father. She is also skinny in all the right spots while she is pretty tall at 1.73 meters.

Me on the other hand am now 1.4 meters tall, with the same ink black hair. But my face is more like my fathers while my eyes are blood red, my mothers eyes are a little bit darker red though.

Naturally by the time we reached our home in our corner of the village, the news about the attack by an Adynamos monster had reached our house. Our mothers ran out and caressed me and my sister. Then like a spark, though for an instant I felt a flicker in my ever so steady heart. It felt, how do I put this, I guess it felt warm.

This is a new emotion, it seems my road to understanding of emotions is still long and thorny. But nevertheless it is still a step forward.

"Thank Heavens you both are okay."(Lily)

"Did you two get hurt anywhere? Were you scared?"(Yolene)

"We are fine mom."(Nabe)

After saying that Nabe nestled in her mother"s bosom with watering eyes.

"I was scared mom. I was scared that something might happen. Then when we got into a cave and I found Ray *hic*..."

Then her voice trailed off and she started sobbing in her mothers caress. I was wondering if that pathetic creature of a monster is enough to bring out such emotions from people.

*Here were normal people should have been shuddering, Ray, thought of finding monsters to unlock more of his emotions.*

Then we headed inside and had a warm dinner of mushroom curry and some bread. Then after a long time we all slept together in one room, guess my sister was really scared huh.

The next morning, some soldiers donning the emblem of the Cladinand Kingdom arrived on horses to collect taxes from all the households of the village. Though this is a normal occurrence that takes place every month this month is a tad bit different.

We are broke. Yes that is what I said we are broke. So, when the guards reached our house my father started begging the guards for a delayed payment. But it was to no avail, the punishment for not paying taxes is slavery. Each time we fail to pay taxes a member of the household is enslaved. Fearing this, my father hid us in the basement and begged for mercy from the soldiers.

My mother and Yolene started crying with their heads drooping. My sister tried reassuring them but it was a fruitless effort.

"Sister how much is the tax?"(Ray)

"3 Copper Coins, Why do you ask Ray?"(Nabe)

"Is this enough?"(Ray)

I showed her a small pouch with contents of 3 Copper Coins from the Cladinand Kingdom. Seeing this Nabe"s eyes widened, while my mother and Yolene looked up with a look that hid an emotion that I have seen some times before. Seeing what Nabe was holding they both jumped up in tandem.

"Ray how? When?"(Yolene)

"Ray how... did you get that."(Lily)

To their questions I replied with a shrug. "I am an all-knowing God, what do you expect?" such thoughts were floating around in my head. But explaining such stuff might be tedious, so, I kept those thoughts to myself.

*Rising out of her stupor Yolene grabbed the pouch and ran upstairs with Lily on her heels. They rushed out and handed it to the giggling guards. When the guards saw the payment their moods soured. As they were ecstatic to obtain a slave they could abuse, when they saw that chance slip through their fingers, they lost their enthusiasm.*

When slaves are brought from their houses guards usually have a habit of abuse male slaves and defiling female slaves. Such is this country"s system, higher authorities turn a blind eye to all such actions. Hence, the people of this country have a deep hatred or so the emotion is called for the country.

After the guards left while grumbling among themselves, Kvass, my father turned around to face his wives with a look of what I recognized to be confusion. Ah, this was the emotion that Yolene and Lily showcased moments before.

Then when they explained what had happened to my father, my father had a complicated expression. He then turned towards me.

"Ray how did you get those coins?"(Kvass)

"I used Magic."(Ray)

That is all I could come up with because there really was no other suitable explanation.

"You know the Kingdom"s Coins can"t be replicated because of the way they are made right?"(Kvass)

"I have special Magic."(Ray)

I said that with doe eyes, causing my father to sigh in defeat. Though he had doubts about me since the day he found about my abilities to use magic at will, he has chosen to let it go because there is really no proper explanation. At least not one he can think of.

We then went back inside our house. After seven years in this world I have progressed in the understanding of some emotions, such as "Enthusiasm", "Confusion", "Fear" and the unnamed spark I felt before, the road continues.