Descendance of the God-Sovereign

Chapter 5: A Marriage?

The days have been marching and I am now 8. Today morning a Lord of some land from the next town over named Hearth Narlington came to our house, he was from the Earth Spirit Race.

"Hello, you must be Kvass Ristentia, nice to meet you."(Hearth)

Hearth stated after he sat down on the couch.

"Hello, nice to meet you too and you are?"(Kvass)

"Oh, where are my manners? My name is Hearth Narlington of Yaksha Town."(Hearth)

"Well, Lord Hearth, what business might you have in our humble abode?"(Kvass)

*To this question Hearth flashed a wolfish grin for a moment and returned to a gentlemanly smile.*

"I have come with a proposal of marriage."(Hearth)

"A marriage?"(Kvass)

"Yes, I have come to ask your daughter Nabe Ristentia"s hand in marriage."(Hearth)

To this statement everyone had a complicated expression. Yolene had a smile, Kvass had a reaction holding something back, Lily also had a smile, while Nabe blushed.

I think I showed a smile with what they call enthusiasm. I guess that was a reaction that didn"t fit in the scenario because everyone looked at me like I was an alien. To be honest I am an alien to this planet though.

After that discussion, Hearth had a cup of coffee and left while saying he would be waiting for a reply.

I doubted how he found Nabe being a townsman and all. Alas, being god that doubt was soon resolved when I found out he had seen her while passing by this town last week.

The next day we sat down for a family meeting. I guess this is probably about that Hearth guy"s proposal.

"Nabe, what do you think about Lord Hearth?"(Kvass)

"I don"t know what to say."(Nabe)

"He seems to be a pretty well off noble, but I wonder how his character is like."(Lily)

Like that the talk progressed. Then they came to a conclusion of accepting the offer, because usually when a noble asks for a commoner"s hand in marriage by Royal Decree we cannot deny it. Man this is a messed up system.

After that we sent word of our decision to Hearth Narlington. The preparations were underway as soon as he received our acceptance. So, we were invited to his mansion in Yaksha Town.


⋇ Nabe"s Point of View ⋇

Today we are on our way to Lord Hearth"s mansion, since I woke up my heart has been drumming. I mean Lord Hearth has that dreamy charm that kind of made me want him.

I was taken by surprise when he proposed for a marriage, I didn"t know what I would say.

Then after having a talk with my family we accepted his offer. The only thing I found odd was the fact recently Ray has been having a lots of interest in whatever happens around him. It"s almost like he is enthusiastic about something.

Ever since he was a little kid he has never shown much of any emotion, so this is a different side of him I have never seen. Maybe the prospect of someone close to him marrying has brought about changes in him.

While I was wandering in my dream land we arrived at Yaksha Town. After passing through the gates our carriage went straight to Lord Hearth"s mansion. When he invited us, Lord Hearth sent one of his own carriages with a driver and butler to escort us.

The mansion has a huge marble white building with three floors, it looked like something from my dreams. It was surrounded by a huge lawn, with maple-like trees with their withering leaves of Autumn swaying in the wind. The path to the mansion was lined on both sides with apple trees.

While I was gawking at the mansion my family had gone ahead, then someone snuck up behind me while placing their left arm on my waist, they spoke into my ears sending a warm spark down my spine.

"Hello beautiful."(Hearth)

It was Lord Hearth.

"Ah!.. Hello.. Lord Hearth."(Nabe)

*With a cute yelp Nabe greeted Hearth*

"Come on couldn"t you drop the Lord?"(Hearth)

"Well, I guess..."(Nabe)

"You will get used to it, how about coming with me for a walk."(Hearth)

Saying that Hearth led me by the wrist behind the mansion, into what looked like a pseudo-forest. By the time we reached the edge the sun was beginning to set.

At the edge of the forest there was a lake. It was the most beautiful sight I had seen in my life, with crystal clear water with ripples caused only by the falling leaves and the sweet Autumn breeze to the crimson shade of the setting sun.


With a yank Hearth locked me with his arms on the tree at my back. Then leaning in toward my ears,

"You are more beautiful you know."(Hearth)

With that statement he stole my lips, my heart was racing like a stallion and my body was heating up. I bet my cheeks have flushed red by now. He then let his tongue dance on mine, I stopped the little resistance I had and fell into a dreamland with my prince in shining armor.


⋇ Ray"s Point of View ⋇

When I turned around Nabe was gone, so I looked around and found them falling into each other"s arms and locking lips. They then separated from each other"s embrace and locked eyes, while Nabe had a red face, Hearth had a calm expression.

Then seeing they needed some private space I headed back. After a while, they also returned while Nabe was still red like she"d been in the mid-summer sun for hours.

An extravagant dinner was prepared for the occasion, with fish fries, sushi, ice creams and much more that the lifestyle we have had up until now feels like that of a plebian.

By the time we finished dinner, the talks about the marriage had started. They agreed that Nabe and Hearth would get married next month.


⋇ Hearth"s Point of View ⋇

The first time I saw Nabe was when I was returning from the Royal Capital, she was helping an old granny with her groceries. More than that though it was her blue eyes, I have never seen such cold eyes that hid the warmth of this world.

In that moment I knew I wanted her, no, I needed her. After I arrived at the mansion and laid on my bed, all I could think of was her eyes and the smile she had on her face.

That night I could barely fall asleep, I was like a fawn that lost it"s way. I have heard of many people talking about this thing called Love at first sight, but to think my heart would one day palpitate at the sight of an angelic beauty.

Then after a week of contemplation, I set out to seek her out. In our country there is a Royal Decree that states that a marriage offer from a noble cannot be rejected if they are of lower status.

Fearing that I might force this decision on her, I stated my position and proposed and left while saying I would wait for a reply.

To be honest, if she had rejected me, I would not have pursued further. Then when I received her reply there is but one word that could describe my emotions, it is none other than genuine happiness.

On that day I swore to give my love to her and only to her. Normally, a nobleman has multiple wives and even concubines, but I felt she would be enough to fill my gaping heart.

"Then what are we waiting for start the preparations!"(Hearth)

I stated to the entirety of the hall containing all the guests that had gathered to welcome Nabe and her family with a beaming smile. Like that the festivities have begun.