Descendance of the God-Sovereign

Chapter 6: Wedding Ceremony

⋇ Third Person Point of View ⋇

The time of the wedding between Lord Hearth Narlington of Yaksha Town and Lady Nabe Ristentia of Mara Village has arrived.

It is a sunny day and the air of a festival has settled on the district, with flower petals in the wind and swaying coniferous trees. Even though it is mid-winter, the clouds have parted to let the sun bless the couple with a bright and happy future.

A hall has been prepared to house the guests for the wedding ceremony. Seeing that Hearth is one of the most influential nobles of Yaksha town, many nobles have gathered to attend the wedding.

Relatives and friends from Mara village have also gathered for the ceremony. With a soothing melody being played on the piano and wind instruments, the bride and the bridegroom entered the hall.

As the melody carried on, the couple slowly strode toward the altar at the center of the hall.

The altar signifies an oath pedestal that binds the soul of the couple for eternity with God as the witness.

Then came the vows of the groom and bride, after the altar acknowledged the oath by shining in a bright golden-white hue, the couple kissed.

Hearth then swept Nabe of her feet and carried her to the nuptial chambers to consummate their wedding. With blushing cheeks Nabe held onto Hearth"s neck.

The couple was sent off with congratulatory jeers from the guests.


❖ In the Nuptial Chamber ❖

Hearth laid down a blushing Nabe on the king sized bed draped with a velvet cover and rose petals drizzled on top.

"Shall we?"(Hearth)

With a silent nod Nabe reached out her hands to remove her newlywed husband"s coat and Hearth did the same for Nabe.

Then Hearth locked lips with Nabe as the last of their clothes fell to the ground. Then his right hand reached for her breasts, as his hands started playing with her erect nipples Nabe started moaning in his mouth.

"Mhm... Mhm Mhm... Anh!"(Nabe)

Hearth"s lips tore of from Nabe"s as his tongue trailed her neck to reach her other breast that demanded his attention.

His left hand slowly reached for her dripping flower bud as his rod arose to attention. Then his fingers teased her cunt as he sucked on her nipple while playing with her other breast.

"Anh... Anh... Anh Anh..."(Nabe)

Then as his fingers entered her flower bud to explore her innocent love tunnel, Nabe let out a moan with widened eyes.


Slowly his tongue slid lower down her body till it reached her love juice covered cunt. Nabe blushed in embarrassment as her flower bud was put out on display for Hearth to see in it"s full glory.

Hearth flicked his tongue on her clit as she let out a pleasure moan. Then like a starved predator ate her all up. As his tongue hit all her pleasure spots Nabe couldn"t help but let out a gasp.

Then as Hearth let his tongue take control, Nabe"s cunt couldn"t take anymore and she orgasmed in Heath"s mouth, he happily gulped it down.

Suddenly, Hearth picked up Nabe and with his back on the bed and with his tongue still in her cunt rotated her so she could have access to his rod that was towering above her head.

With the sudden change in position and Hearth"s imposing rod in front of her Nabe yelped in surprise,


But as soon as it came her surprise was again replaced by embarrassment.

She then let her saliva drip on his throbbing rod and kissed the tip. Hearth let out a groan that demanded more.


Then she let her tongue coil around his rod as she pulled it inside her mouth, she started increasing her pace as she went on.

~Squelch~ ~Squelch~ ~Squelch~

Eventually she took his rod all the way down to her throat, it throbbed and heated to announce it"s impending release. Hearth then came in her mouth, making her gag and gasp for air.

While gasping for more air she swallowed his cum as it dripped from the ends of her mouth. Before she could recover, Hearth again picked her up but this time lined up his lance with her cunt.

While her cunt contracted and loosened getting ready to be deflowered, he impaled her on his rod, making her yelp in mixture of pain and surprise.


As a droplet of blood reached his sac, he laid her on all fours as he slowly moved up and down in her dripping cunt. She got used to the pain and it gave way for pleasure, he then increased his pace.

~Pah~ ~Pah~ Pah~

~Squelch~ ~Squelch~ ~Squelch~ ~Squelch~ ~Squelch~ ~Squelch~

~Pah~ ~Pah~ Pah~

Like so in a variety of positions their love making carried on till dawn arrived.

As the sun reared it"s head, Nabe lay with her cunt and mouth dripping with Hearth"s cum, while she soundly slept with an expression that suggested that she was in heaven.


❖ A Few Days Later, After Breakfast ❖

It was decided that Nabe would stay with Hearth for now. With the wedding completed and Nabe settled in her new home, the Ristentia family set back home for Mara Village.

"Bye Dad, Mom, Lily and Bye Ray. Make sure to be a good boy, okay?"(Nabe)

Ray nodded.

"Bye Nabe, we will come back to visit, make sure to visit us also, alright?"(Kvass)

"Sure Dad"(Nabe)

"Stay well my little girl *Sob* make sure to visit us. *Sob*"(Yolene)

"Ok Mom"(Nabe)

"Make sure to give me an adorable grandchild, okay?"(Lily)


Nabe said with blushing cheeks, with a chuckle Lily gave a hug to Nabe. With the goodbyes out of the way they set out to Mara Village.


❖ A Few Days After Reaching Mara Village ❖

During dinner,

"Mom, Dad, I want to go climb the Fire Dragon Mountains"(Ray)

This statement took the entire family by surprise, and Lily almost choked on her food. Then digesting the statement, Kvass replied,

"You can"t Ray."(Kvass)

"Why can"t I?"(Ray)

"The Fire Dragon Mountains are too dangerous and you aren"t even an adult yet. How will you be able to protect yourself?"(Kvass)

"I don"t think there is anything that can harm me."(Ray)

Kvass had a disbelieving look plastered on his face at his son"s reply. With a deep breath Kvass tried to explain to Ray,

"Ray, there are Dragons in that mountain range, they are Katastrofi Class Magical Beasts. That is why you can"t go, even the strongest of Magic-Knights have to band together to defeat a single Dragon."(Kvass)

"I know."(Ray)

"What do you mean "You Know"! you will get killed!"(Kvass)

Kvass ran out of patience and blew his top at Ray. To that Ray replied with a nonchalant expression,

"I cannot be killed."(Ray)

By this time Kvass had a couple question marks on his head, but as soon as they came they left, leaving way only for Kvass"s anger at his disobedient child.

"Ray, what has gotten into you? You have never disobeyed father and have been a good child till now."(Kvass)

After a while, Lily intervened saying,

"Ray, why do you want to go to the Dragon Mountains?"(Lily)

"I want to kill Dragons."(Ray)

To this reply both Lily and Kvass began wondering if something was off with their hearing, but seeing each other wearing the same expression they concluded that they had no problem with their senses.

Unable to argue further they decided to take Ray to a retired Knight Instructor, who settled down in their village a while ago, so that the Instructor can give him a few bruises and knock some sense into Ray.

"Okay then Ray, I will take you to an Instructor in our Village and if you can beat him I will let you climb the Fire Dragon Mountains."(Kvass)

With that Ray has gotten a chance to prove his strength and our Ray won"t disappoint.