Descendance of the God-Sovereign

Chapter 7: Setting out on a New Adventure

⋇ Third Person POV ⋇

The following week Kvass took Ray to the Knight Instructor, his name was Trezton and he seems to be a Light Spirit. Kvass explained the situation to Trezton, then with a smirk Trezton agreed to "Knock" some sense into Ray.

"Boy, you wanna climb them Dragon Mountains eh?"(Trezton)


Ray replied, incorporating his newly learned enthusiasm emotion in his reply. Then Trezton led Ray and Kvass to a Dojo he uses for his training.

"Well then, let"s see if your up to the task, try and land a hit on me."(Trezton)


Before Trezton could bat an eyelid he was rendered immobile by Ray"s palm as he was sent flying back with enough force to rupture his organs, Trezton ended up being planted on the Dojo"s caved in walls.

At this display of power Kvass was rendered speechless with wide open eyes displaying shock and fright, he even ended up having thoughts like, "Is this... my son?".

Ray let a smirk creep up on his face, but soon he came to the realization that he was just acting cocky, was that a good thing that he was able to achieve the feeling of cockiness or was that a bad thing seeing cockiness leads to ruin.

Well, seeing Ray is the "Ruler of The Omniverse" who could lead him to ruin. So, this was a win-win situation, Ray gets to go to the mountains and he got to feel cockiness.

Some of Trezton"s servants ran in to help their master out of the wall and treat his injuries. Seeing Trezton was knocked unconscious, they carried him out of the Dojo and into his bed chambers.

All while Kvass was standing there slack-jawed and wondering what or moreover how the scene in front of him occurred.

"Dad, am I now allowed to go to the Fire Dragon Mountains? You promised remember?"(Ray)


Kvass couldn"t come up with a reply, should he be elated that his son is strong or should he be dreading the fact that his son wants to jump into a hellhole.

While contemplating a reply, Kvass and Ray were led to the now awake Trezton by one of his servants.

"Boy, you seem to be strong enough to put down a high-ranking Magic Knight in mere seconds, tell me... What exactly are you?"(Trezton)

"The Ruler of the Omniverse."(Ray)

Ray replied honestly, it is not like he lied to people before, it"s just no one has ever asked him such a question.

"Bwahahahaha... You are a funny lad, sir your son seems to be strong enough to put down a Dragon so you need not be worried, if anything you should feel sorry for the Dragons, Hahahahaha."(Trezton)

"But Lord Trezton..."(Kvass)

"This assurance is coming from a Dragon Slayer, do you still not trust me? I will say this once and soon many will repeat "Your son is destined for Glory"."(Trezton)

With no way out Kvass was pushed into giving Ray his permission.


❖ The Following Day ❖

Ray has prepared to depart for the Fire Dragon Mountains to the south-west of Mara Village. It will be a travel that takes 7-8 days and the route passes through 2 towns and a city.

Though Ray could have just teleported to the mountains, he chose to enjoy the journey. A being that lives for eternity needs to seek enjoyment to escape the gaping hole of boredom.

"Be sure to stay safe. I trusted your words and that Instructor"s, you better return a Dragon Slayer or I swear I will never forgive you if you end up dying in those damnable mountains."(Kvass)

"*Sob* Why Ray? *Soooob* Please Stay *Sob*"(Lily)

Lily has been sobbing for the entirety of the past few hours and pleading Ray to stay. Finally, seeing his unwavering eyes,

"Be sure to return safely, okay? *Ahhh* *Sob*"(Lily)

"Have a safe trip Ray."(Yolene)

"I will return safely there is no need for worry. Bye Mom, Dad, Step-Mom."(Ray)

With that said, Ray turned his back to his family and began his journey to the Fire Dragon Mountains.


❖ Ingrassia Town ❖

This is the first town on the road to the Fire Dragon Mountains, it has been two days since Ray set out on his journey to the mountains. He has finally reached the first checkpoint.

"Hey kid, if you wanna get in you need to pay the toll."(A Guard at the Gates)

"How much?"(Ray)

"1 Copper Coin"(Guard)


After paying the toll Ray entered Ingrassia, night had settled in by then, yet, the streets were still filled with people and street lights lit up the road. Ray walked till the townsquare where he spotted the Adventurers Guild.

Ray had decided to join the Guild and stay in the town till he earned some money to sustain himself for a while.

So, he entered the Adventurers Guild, he walked up to the receptionist desk.

"What are the procedures to join the Adventurers Guild?"(Ray)

"You can apply for a guild card and start from Rank E or take a test to start from higher ranks depending on your score."(Receptionist)

A big breasted receptionist lady replied with a smile.

"So, how can I take the test?"(Ray)

Looking at Ray and seeing he was only around 8 or 9 years old, the lady replied,

"Seeing how young you are I suggest you just start from Rank E."(Receptionist)

"Thank You for your concern, but I would still like to take the test."(Ray)

"Alrighty then, come this way please."(Receptionist)

The lady led Ray upstairs to the second floor, there she handed him over to an Instructor.

"So kid, can you take the Rank D test?"(Instructor)

"What is the highest rank?"(Ray)

"Uhh... Rank S, why?"(Instructor)

"Then I will take the test for Rank S."(Ray)

"Kid you are in over your head and the tests go only up to Rank B, any higher and the only way to reach it is by completing tasks or quests."(Instructor)

"Then I will take the test for Rank B."(Ray)

"Kid, you"re gonna regret this."(Instructor)

"So, what is the test."(Ray)

Seeing Ray ignore his warnings the Instructor heaved a sigh and told him,

"The Rank B test is to beat the Instructor, do you still wanna take it?"(Instructor)

"Yes, so when is it conducted."(Ray)

Giving in to Ray"s persistence, the Instructor told him he could take the test tomorrow in the guild training grounds at 9:00 AM.

After receiving the information, Ray set out to look for a lodge to stay at for the night. He found there was a lodge run by the guild and chose to stay there.

He checked-in and had dinner at the lodge and went up to his room. Then he brainstormed ideas to earn some money, laying back on his bed he went to sleep while arranging his thoughts.


❖ Elsewhere in Ingrassia ❖


"Hah.. Hah.. Hah.."

"She is over there, catch her."

"Don"t let her get away."


A cloaked figure ran across the alleyways searching for help as a group of hoodlums chased her.