Descendance of the God-Sovereign

Chapter 8: A New Member

⋇ Third Person POV ⋇

As Ray dozed off into a peaceful slumber,


He was woken up by a cry for help, not thinking twice he donned a grey-black robe with silver embroidery, he purchased it before going to the guild from a Magic Robe shop.

Jumping out the window, he shot off the roof and landed next to a cloaked figure running from a bunch of burly looking guys.

Without warning he scooped up the girl in the cloak and disappeared from the spot.

"Hey, where did the girl go?"

"F*ck! Search for her you pieces of shit!"


❖ In Ray"s Room ❖

Ray and the cloaked figure condensed out of thin air next to Ray"s bed. Setting her down, Ray inquired,

"Why were you running from those guys?"(Ray)

"They... tried to sell my friend off as a slave, so I released her and got caught while she was escaping."(Cloaked Girl)

"Then you found a chance and ran for it?"(Ray)

~Nod~ ~Nod~

"Hmm... Well, what is your name?"(Ray)

"Umm..."(Cloaked Girl)

"Don"t worry I won"t bite, hehe, I am Ray by the way."(Ray)

Ray tried incorporating a relaxed tone to ease the girl"s tension, but it doesn"t seem to be working seeing that Ray"s way of doing that seems like he will definitely bite her.

"My name is Lina, by the way the Art you used to get us here, was that by chance the Superior Space Art : Teleport?"(Lina)

"Well, I guess you could call this a better version of that."(Ray)

Then Ray slowly took of his hood and removed his robe, seeing that the guy who saved her was actually a 9 year-old kid, Lina was taken aback,

"You are a... Kid?"(Lina)

"Is there a problem with that?"(Ray)

Ray asked arching an eyebrow.

"No, it"s just that... How can a kid use Superior Arts and Higher Arts at that?"(Lina)

Lina said while eying Ray with vigilance.

"I maybe a kid in this life but I am actually pretty old you know."(Ray)

"Wait, are you one of those self-proclaimed reincarnated people?"(Lina)

"Two things : First of all, I am not a reincarnation but an incarnation. Secondly, I didn"t proclaim to anyone, you asked and I replied."(Ray)

Looking skeptical Lina asked,

"Why are you telling a complete stranger all this?"(Lina)

"Well, you asked me the questions and I just answered, I would answer the same to anyone because I know everyone."(Ray)

"Never mind, talking to a delusional kid isn"t gonna get me anywhere, so where are we and how do I get back?"(Lina)

"We are in one of the rooms of the Adventurers" Guild"s Lodge, if that is all, I will show you your way out."(Ray)

"Sure and Thank You very much for saving me back there."(Lina)

Ray led Lina outside, while Lina asked,

"Why is a kid staying alone in a Lodge?"(Lina)

"I am travelling to the Fire Dragon Mountains, so I stopped here to apply for Guild license and earn some money."(Ray)

At this statement Lina didn"t know what to reply, if she had not seen this kid use Superior Arts she would have thought that to be some kind of joke, but aligning his powers with his deadpan tone she could take it in only one way, he was being dead serious.

Seeing that she had nowhere to go now and that she was curious to see what this kid was talking about, she said,

"Can I come along with you?"(Lina)

"I don"t mind, but may I ask why?"(Ray)

Obviously, the omniscient Ray already knew so he just asked to see what she would reply.

"I thought that I needed to repay you the favor of saving me and I am a Rank B Adventurer you know? By the way I am actually an adult at 15 years old, unlike you."(Lina)

"Oh, ok then there is no problem. I will set out in 3 days, where are you going to stay?"(Ray)

"Seeing that I currently don"t have anywhere to go, I am also just going to rent a room in the lodge I guess."(Lina)

"Well if you"re going to stay in the lodge you might as well stay in my room, since there was no openings I actually had to book a bigger one."(Ray)

"I guess I will just impose on you for now, thank you for that kind offer."(Lina)

With a dramatic reply Lina and Ray went back to his room.


❖ At the Guild Training Grounds ❖

The next morning Ray and Lina went to the guild. While Ray entered the training grounds to take the test Lina was going to spectate the fight.

"So kid, you actually showed up huh?"(Instructor)


Ray replied in a monotone.

"Well then let"s get this thing over with. You have to guard against my hits for 10 minutes to get a Rank B guild card."(Instructor)

"What if I defeat you?"(Ray)

"Don"t get cocky kid. We will talk about that if you defeat me."(Instructor)

With that said,


Another Instructor hit the gong to begin the match.


As soon as the gong rang Ray disappeared from the line of view of the Instructor.


With a whistling sound Ray"s leg came in contact with the Instructor"s back and he was sent flying forward.

By the time the Instructor stabilized his footing and looked up, Ray was nowhere to be seen.

"What the hell is going on?"(Instructor)


Then a flurry of kicks turned the Instructor into a beach ball, as he was sent flying in all angles possible.

"Ahhh! I GIVE, I GIVE, STOOOOOP!"(Instructor)


With the sound of shoes grating against sand Ray came to a halt in front of the Instructor.

"But it has only been 48 seconds though."(Ray)

"You *Gasp* Passed *Pant* *Pant*"(Instructor)


With a slack-jaw the other Instructor hit the gong, while Lina was mulling over the scene that just occurred in front of her.


❖ At the Receptionist Desk ❖

"Congratulations on passing the examination, here is your guild card."(Receptionist)

"Thank You"(Ray)

✶Guild Card :

Name : Ray Ristentia

Age : 9

Rank : B

Ongoing Tasks : None

The guild card is actually a magic tool that automatically updates the information according to the guild registry.

"Than shall we get going."(Ray)


After seeing the Guild Examination match between Ray and the Instructor, Lina has been itching to see what surprises Ray has in store for her.

"Where are we going?"(Lina)

"Back to the lodging."(Ray)

"Didn"t you say you needed to make money? Shouldn"t you accept some quests?"(Lina)

"I have a better way to make money, that is both less time consuming and more profitable.."(Ray)

With that said both Ray and Lina headed back to their rooms.