Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 10: Her third mission

Because of what happened in the training hall, the girl could not get rid of what the black shadow said,all inside her head was the back shadow words,that was all she had in mind.

She was nervous because of that, she did not know what to do, only now in her whole life someone told her that.

She wanted to think it like it was just a joke but she couldn't do it especially since she was very nervous. Since what happened earlier, she has not noticed and approached even one of her housemates .

The young man is also worried about the girl's condition, she does not speak every time he talks to her and asked her if she is okay.

The young man also asked Jethro what the shadow meant but he could not answer because he did not know what was happening to them.

The only thing on the young man's mind right now is to protect the girl well, especially since her life is close to danger.

Mia looked at the tablet lying on the side table when it suddenly lit up. She immediately took it to see what was going on here.

Immediately there's a symbol shines glitter. The girl was immediately fixed and get back to herself and immediately disappeared. At the same time as her disappearance Chandler entered her room. Chandler immediately released the tray carrying towards the girl when the girl was not in her room.

He immediately looked at the tablet and quickly went to where the girl was.

Mia's eyes immediately widened when she saw an old woman being forced to take the money out on her bag by a man in a black hat. She closed her eyes and started reading what the man was thinking.

"I'm sorry Grandma, I just really need money" Mia immediately opened her eyes and immediately went there. She stopped the time first and went to the old woman.

Chandler just looked at the girl from a side of the area and was surprised when the girl suddenly returned the time without even taking the old woman to a safe place.

The man is still holding the old woman. Mia stared at the man in the hat "I'll give you money, just let go of the grandmother" said the girl.

The man immediately let go of the old man as well as the knife he was holding.

Mia immediately blocked the old woman and confronted the man. She stared at the man in the face and smiled, the girl took a white envelope with only money in her pocket and gently handed it to the man.

The man's hand trembled as he accepted it, he even stared at it in the face and gently gave it a smile.

"That's for you, I'm sure that's enough and big. Somehow that will also help you", the girl said softly to the man.

The man's tears immediately flowed and he quickly hugged the girl, which surprised her.

"Thank you so much young lady, I'm sorry for what I did. I really need it to buy my mother's medicine", the man sobbed in response.

Mia hugged the man back. She felt pity for the man and just hug him tight.

"that's nothing, but you should not apologize to me, you have sinned against grandmother and not me, you should apologize to her", the girl said softly before losing the hug and leaving in front of the man to face it to the old woman.

"I'm sorry "

"It's okay, just don't repeat it"

Mia immediately smiled because of this. The man turned to her again and thanked her before walking away, Mia turned to grandmother who was just smiling at her.

"Thank you for your help young lady, sorry for the inconvenience", the old woman said with a smile.

"Nothing grandma, just be careful next time", Mia said before leave the area and turned her back to the old woman.

Chandler immediately returned to the mansion and arranged the mess in the girl's room. He did not know but he was happy to see the girl happily helping mortals.

The girl immediately went to her room. But he stepped on the piece of broken glass on the floor. The girl fell to the floor when Chandler suddenly arrived. He immediately approached the girl and his eyes widened when he saw the blood coming from the girl's feet.

"What happened?", Chandler asked Mia anxiously and suddenly took it out to sit on her bed.

"Because I stepped on something sharp when I entered", the girl replied and there was a trace of pain on her face.

The young man immediately blamed himself for what he had done earlier. He did not even think to clean up well what he had done before.

"come" Chandler immediately pulled Mia and immediately treated the wound with mortal tools.

Mia almost kicked Chandler when she suddenly touched her wound with a cotton swab with alcohol, the young man secretly laughed at the girl's reaction.

"That's enough !, it's so painful! ", The girl complained and tried to move her foot away.

"I can't, maybe it might get infected later if this could not treated well.", he tried to touch the girl's leg.

"ouch!" shouted the girl who was stopped by others. The five stared at each other and looked at Mia's room. They even covered their mouths and at the same time leaned his ears on the door.

"Take it easy" Mia said as their eyes widened.

Chandler could hear every heartbeat of the five behind the door. "Don't move as much, that's why you feel pain because you're moving", Chandler stopped laughing.

Chandler thought some nonsense especially when someone was listening to them outside the door. The five was almost cut short because of what they're heard on Mia's room.

"Yes, just take it easy", Mia replied.

The five did not know if they would continue listening to the two or not, in case they were all curious about what the two were doing inside so they decided to listen first.

"Yes, this is it, don't move ah"

"ou.. Ouch"

The five looked at each other because of what they heard.

"shhh" Chandler immediately said and covered Mia's mouth. He immediately went to the door while the five were still leaning.

Every breath and action they felt Chandler felt it too. He immediately opened the door and the five members fell to the floor. Mia's eyes widened as to why they were at the door.

The five smiled as they fell to the floor. "You're all eavesdropping", Chandler said seriously here even though inside he wanted to laugh out loud.

"A-ahh be...because....", they could not answer properly because they did not know what to do and what to answer.

"We thought you two are making something else", Mia's eyes almost widened at what she heard.

"What's something else huh?, what are you doing?", The girl asked, the five began to point at each other.

"Because we heard words like 'slowly' and 'its painful', then we thought that you two are having a you know ...", the girl almost fell on the bed because of their answers.

Their minds were dirty..

That was all the girl said in her mind.

"Go ahead and go back to your work" said the young man and they immediately walked down the stairs.

Mia looked at the young man who was now holding back his laughter. "Hahaha" the young man laughed out loud because he couldn't stop it.

The two also laughed at Chandler's face who now almost died of laughter.

They couldn't stop laughing because of the five, because they looked like fools because of what they thought. They could not fully imagine that their companion was so filthy.

The two of them just shook their heads, Chandler also said goodbye to the girl who was about to leave to rest. The girl nodded and watched the man come out.

When Chandler finally got out, Mia slowly lay down on her bed and again thought of the man she had given money to earlier.

She felt the sadness and suffering of the man he help earlier, so that was she pity the man when she saw it crying in front of her.

She immediately grabbed her tablet and quickly searched for the man's personal information. She could easily see it because it was recent mission for this day.

She immediately found out where the man lived, because Mia couldn't think of any other things to do she just thought of going to the man.

She immediately teleported and saw the man's smile as he was eating with his sick mother.

There were traces of joy on the man's face even though their lives are just like that. Mia smiled when she saw him laughing.

The girl felt jealous especially when she missed her family so much that she could not remember who or if she really had a family.

The girl was about to leave that place when the man she helped saw her so the man called her. Mia immediately turned her attention to the man and saw the man she was helping and her mother looking at her.

The man approached her and smiled at her, she smiled back at it.

To be continued