Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 11: Goodbye Mia

The light of the sun woke up the girl Mia. She yawned first before getting up. Because she was tired of standing up, she teleported to the bathroom.

She immediately brushed her teeth and fixed herself. She took a quick shower, after that she dressed in a simple black floral maxi dress and faced the vanity mirror.

She blows her hair first before tying it into a high ponytail, because she already knows how to use the vanity mirror make ups, she put on a little mascara and lip gloss.

After that she also wore black flats. When she was sure that she's face looks good and was pleasant, Mia left her room to have breakfast.

Chandler looked at her and noticed the change in her face. And because of Mia's wound and it can't walk properly. Chandler was about to approach Mia when Leo suddenly approached Mia, one of Mia's male companions.

Chandler immediately clenched his fist and had a bad look at Leo. Leo supports Mia sitting Chandler think he must and he's will be the one to do that to Mia.

Mia sat down as she looked at her leader who now seemed to be out of her sanity.

"Leader?" Mia said but he did not listen.

The other colleagues looked at their leader. And at the same time they all shouted "Leader" they shouted and it looks like they shout loud and he get back to his normal self.


"Let's eat" said one of the colleagues and the young man sat down. but as he sat down he still did not lose his temper and anger because of what Leo did.

He should be the one to do it but Leo help Mia first and it made him angry, he let out a deep breath and started eating.

Mia also started to eat but the girl did not forget what the young man acted earlier even though the Chandler didn't speak, she was worried about their leader.

The girl just ignored that and just ate quietly. Mia has no mission today so she thought of wandering around first so that somehow she can think.

Mia first took her money from her bag which Chandler gave her. She immediately put on the black sling bag. She immediately went down the stairs when she met the young man with a sad face.

"Leader? Are you okay?" the girl asked and Chandler nodded. Mia just nodded and went down the stairs. She immediately walked down the road and came to the mall.

Mia was already in the mall and looked around at the food. Mia immediately felt hungry even though she was just eat breakfast. The girl immediately went to an ice cream store and bought ice-cream flavored cookies and cream.

She sat down on a chair in the ice-cream store and started eating ice cream. As Mia was eating someone suddenly tapped her on the shoulder.

The girl turned around and could almost spit out what she was eating when she saw Liam smiling in front of her.

"Liam, it's you", the girl greeted with a smile here.

"Why so beautiful today Mia?", the young man jokingly said to the girl before sitting here.

"It's nothing, I just want to have some new look", the girl replied shyly.

"By the way, what are you doing here?", The young man asked.

Just sitting of course.

That would have been the girl's answer to the young man while looking at the man's face. She just staring at the perfect face of the young man in front of her. He's so perfect. Mia suddenly felt blushing and look down. She immediately back to herself and fixed herself.

"I'm just looking and just go shoping", the girl replied with a smile.

"Let's date", the girl almost spit out the ice cream she was eating because of what the young man said.

Is this serious?

The girl asked in a startled thought in her mind, because this is the only time the young man's ask her for a date. And she did not know if he was joking or serious about what was said.

"Date? What's that?" the girl asked making Liam laugh.

"You're really joking." Mia just smiled and then follow where Liam is walking.

They went to a cinema, Liam immediately bought a ticket and entered.

Chandler immediately frowned at what he saw. He became invisible and he saw all happenings about Mia and Liam. He just smiled because he knew Mia was happy with Liam. The young man just left the mall and went home with a sad face.

Chandler immediately entered the training hall. He saw the five practicing.

"leave first"

"but leade-" they could not finish speaking when Chandler suddenly shouted.

He immediately closed the door and the windows with his power. He surrounded it with fire so no one could enter because if anyone tried, they would not succeed.

Chandler immediately punched in the wall of the training hall. The wall of the training hall was made of metal but he did not feel the pain. He even shouted, which surprised everyone in the training hall.

"what happened to our leader?", A woman asked her colleagues.

"Well, we don't really know, let us ask him next time so we can know" answer of a man to the woman who asked. The man teased the woman who asked which made the woman roll her eyes.

"Stupid", the woman replied here before she make an angry face towards the man.

Even though Chandler could hear them he just let them go and ignored them. He's hurt right now and sad, that is all he has in mind and that's all he felt.

The young man admits to himself that he has a feelings at the girl, and he is now jealous because he is with another man.

"Let's ask Mia, they are totally close to each other" Chandler immediately closed all the doors and windows in the house. He also immediately turned off all the lights which surprised everyone.

"Let's leave him first, come on" they immediately returned to their respective rooms. Chandler rested lightly and just knelt down.

A few hours passed and the young man fell asleep in the training hall.

Mia arrived at the house house and was forced to open the door. The dark house immediately opened up to her. There's no light and it was too dark inside. She immediately looked for the light switch but it did not work.

Five of her colleagues greeted Mia. These faces are sad and the eyes are drowsy.

"Why? What happened here?".

"The leader is angry right now. We do not know the reason but he seems very angry.Maybe you know what's going on Mia "Mia shook her head and looked at the training hall.

Mia went immediately to the training hall but there is some magic around it. Mia tried to remove it but did not want to remove it. The magic Chandler put on the door was too strong.

Mia could do nothing but use one of her strongest powers just to see the young man's condition.

She ordered the five to leave before using her power, Mia still struggled at first but later she managed to open it.

The girl felt very weak, almost half of her energy was used just to open the door.

When it opened, the girl immediately approached the young man lying on the floor, she touched it to see if the young man is okay.

When she saw that his condition was good and only his hand was injured, she immediately ordered the two men to lift the unconscious young man to take him to his own room.

They laid the young man on the bed properly, Mia took care of it immediately, she also thanked the two men who helped lift Chandler.

When the two of them were left in the room, Mia weakly took first aid to heal the young man's hand.

When he was sure that the young man's condition was good, she sat down on the floor next to the young man's bed.

Exhausted, the girl leaned her neck against the side of the bed. for a while the girl remained in that position until she gradually lost consciousness due to excessive use of power.

Chandler was startled by a sensible person by his side. He immediately woke up and saw the girl on the floor. the young man stood up and immediately carried the girl to her room.

When the young man put the girl in her room, Chandler first stared at her face. He felt the girl's weakness, he offered his little strength to the girl.

When he made sure that the girl was well, the young man immediately disappeared and left the house. Even at night, Chandler was still walking on the road.

He wondered how he would get away from the girl. Just thinking that he was depressed right away, he did not want to stay away from the girl especially since he wanted to be with the girl.

But if this is the only way to keep his feelings from getting worse. He's willing to stay away from the girl and forget his feelings towards her.

"Starting tomorrow, I'll leave you Mia. Goodbye" Chandler said and closed his eyes.

To be continued.