Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 12: People are in danger

The girl Mia was awakened by the sunlight hitting her face. It was dazzling so the girl closed her eyes as she got up from her bed.

Mia was yawning while going to the bathroom. She immediately took a bath, when she finished taking a bath Mia immediately used a blower to dry her hair.

Mia immediately went downstairs and went to the kitchen. Everyone is already at the dinner table. They just ate quietly and Mia looked at Chandler. Chandler was just eating quietly.

The girl is now sitting down. "How are you leader?" Mia asked but Chandler suddenly stood up. "I'm done, all of you go to the training hall after you eat" Chandler immediately walked towards his room.

The girl looked up and wondered at the young man's behavior. The girl thought that Chandler might be angry with her. Mia frowned as she ate.

"Hurry up Mia, if you don't want to be scolded. Let's go to the training hall" Leo said to the girl.

The girl just nodded and did not finish her meal. The girl immediately went to the training hall, she sat down with five other colleagues at home.

Chandler just turned around, Mia tried to read what he was thinking but she could not do it. The girl just took a deep breath while her head was down. She's really curious about what's the young is now thinking. Why is in his mind? Why is he being like this to me?

"Starting today, you will learn to live without me" said the young man who raised Mia's eyes.

Mia looked at the young man and she felt that he was serious about what he was saying.

"Why leader?" asked one of them.

"I need to leave and I have a mission to do. So the five of you need to be united and reconciled while I am not here. I will be back too but I may be late. I hope you get along. Do you understand me? "

Everyone just nodded except for Mia. Mia just turned her back on the young man and immediately stood up. Everyone was shocked by Mia's behavior, she suddenly looked at Chandler as tears welled up in her eyes and she disappeared.

The young man was shocked by Mia's behavior. He ignored it first and ended their conversation in the training hall. everyone is back in their rooms.

The young man immediately went to Mia's room. The girl was not in her room, Chandler's chest immediately ached. He immediately felt nervous and he thought of Mia.

He immediately looked for Mia using his eyes. He could not find the girl so he started looking for the girl.

Every corner of a place he was looking for Mia. Chandler walks around as if his mind is floating while looking for Mia.

"Mia?" the young man shouted in the alley.

As Chandler was looking for Mia he immediately heard a familiar voice.

A man with a knife pointed at a woman that got Chandler's attention. The young man glanced at the two of them and he was so shocked to see that the woman was Mia. He saw Mia  has no emotion facing the man.

Chandler was about to come there in there area  but suddenly the two fought, even though he wanted to prevent it but  he thought that the girl might be angry with him so he looked at the two who were fighting from afar and prayed that the girl would not be harmed.

Mia's male enemy moves fast and so does the girl. Every time the man holding the knife starts, Mia jumps on it.

The longer the girl gets touched, the longer the fight lasts and the faster their every move.

Mia made a mistake that caused the knife to touch her right cheek so she was injured, the two stopped because of what happened.

The girl let her blood drip down her right cheek. the girl knew that the young man was watching from a distance, but she just ignore it and look at the man in front of her.

The two fought again and for the second time the man was injured again. They both felt tired but they still did not stop until in a flash the man's knife sank into the side of the girl's stomach.

Because of that, the girl was even weaker but she can't imagine to lose, until finally the girl won their fight.

She just let the man run away before she also walks away. When her body weakened due to the wounds she sustained but the girl ignored it.

She put her hand on her wound on the side of her stomach to stop its bleeding. Mia and Chandler's eyesight was right for a moment but no emotion could be seen in the girl's eyes.

Chandler felt very worried for the girl, so when he could not control himself, he approached the girl's place and hurriedly went towards the girl.

"Mia!" the young man shouted and quickly went to the girl.

The girl was leaning against a wall as she sat. The knife in its stomach was still buried.

"Chandler" Mia said to the young man.

"Mia, come on and I'll treat you.

Because of Chandler's confusion he did not think Mia was an immortal. It is wounded but a immortal like them can't be affected and felt pain when it is from a mortal one. It is bleeding but it will immediately heal the wound.

The immortals can only be wounded and hurt if an immortal becomes their enemy.

Mia immediately smiled and grabbed Chandler's face. "Don't you remember? We are immortals and we are only injured if an immortal like us is also our enemy" the girl said to the young man.

"Be careful Mia" Chandler immediately hugged the girl tightly.

"Come back home and I'm leaving" Mia immediately frowned and stared at the young man.

"Can you just not leave?" Mia cried and cried to the young man.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go. I have a special your leader follow what I say "Mia just nodded and immediately returned home.

Mia returned home sad because the young man was leaving. The girl arrived and saw the five  was watching TV in the living room, they immediately looked at her as well as her clothes with blood stains.

Leo immediately approached Mia.

"What happened to you Mia?", A Trace of concern in the man's question to the girl.

"I just got into a fight", Mia didn't want to answer before saying goodbye to them because she was going up to her room to clean up and rest.

Because she was tired because of fighting. The girl immediately went to bed and lay down.

"Why do you have to leave?" she said to herself while lying down.

She looked at the ceiling and immediately focused her attention on her dress. even though she saw the blood stain she just ignored it and immediately got dressed.

After dressing the girl, she immediately went back to her bed to rest. She was still thinking about the young man's departure.

She wants to force the young man not to leave but it is not really possible because it has a mission that also needs to be completed.

The girl just sighed and closed her eyes until she did not realize that she had fallen asleep.

Morning has come and she still does not forget Chandler. Mia immediately went to Chandler's room. Mia could not see the young man so she thought the young man leave while they were asleep.

Mia immediately went to the dining area and ate immediately. She was with the three of them, and not with the two women that Mia hated. Maybe they have a mission so they are not here.

When she had finished eating, she immediately turned her attention to her heart-shaped necklace.

Mia was still sad as she saw the necklace with a missing piece and every time she remembered the mission that the outcome was not good.

She just take a deeply breath before finishing the meal and exited the dining area. She thought first go to the back of the house where the garden of the house can be seen.

When she entered the garden, butterflies of different colors flew. Mia just smiled when she saw the beautiful plants.

Mia looked around the garden until she heard a serious conversation.

"Come on, and we will fetch the person who should die" someone said, which surprised Mia. The voice comes from inside the house.

She was surprised because her mission was to keep mortals in order and safe but she can't and did not know that one of her housemates had a mission to collect the dead.

"a grim reaper" said the girl and quickly entered the house but she could no longer feel its energy. And the other housemates were not there and that cause her to wondered which of the five is the grim reaper.

The girl just ignored it first. The only thing on her mind right now is that she needs to know who it is.

Until she didn't know who it is, she will not make any move that will harm them, especially her.

"then all mortals are in danger now. Now that I know one of the five is a grim reaper I must be alert and I must focus on all their actions "said the girl while walking in the harden with her hands on her chin as if thinking...

"People are in danger"

To be continued...