Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 13: Mia Saves the Day

"Someone's going to die, let's go" Mia's eyes widened and she immediately woke up and get up from her bed when she heard those words.

She left her room but failed to catch up with them. She closed her eyes and struggled to find those who said those words.

She could not determine who but she felt that they were here right inside the house. One of her colleagues is the grim reaper.

Mia immediately picked up her tablet and looked to see if she had a mission today. She just wondered to see that there was nothing but why she heard there's a person who will going to die?

Mia immediately teleported outside the house and started walking down the street. She wants to find those who said those words and she wants to save the person who might be dying.

"I need to stop them" she said while teleporting again. On her walk down a street. Something appeared in her way, a black shadow that surprised her. That was the shadow that threatened her that she would die.

"Me? I'm the one going to be die??" Mia asked herself and suddenly the black shadow disappeared.

Mia was about to return home when she suddenly felt pain in her chest. Mia immediately grabbed her chest and she knew it meant someone was in danger.

"Symbols, where are you?" the girl said confusedly as she looked down the road.

Mia wonders if she can find or show a symbol to her.

Her chest continued to ache. She was just held her chest but suddenly herself brought to where she a person to be rescued.

"Jenny? Just a few seconds and you will die" Mia heard, her eyes widened.

She looked around and was shocked to see the two women who were her housemates. In order not to feel her energy, she used her power to not feel or smell her. The two grim reaper can't feel nor smell Mia.

Mia stopped the time using a snap, with just a snap she immediately stopped everything. She hurried to the mortal woman and was immediately removed and take the woman away from the grim reapers.

Mia already felt that the woman was safe so she was immediately able to return home and return the stopped time.

"Where is that?" the grim reapers were astonished to see that they had nothing, the woman was gone.

She returned home immediately and they knew that Mia had something to do with what had happened.

The faces of the two women were angry when they reached the house. They immediately looked at Mia's room and went up the stairs.

"Hey, open the door" shouted the two women who were shocked by the three left in the house.

Mia opened the door and was shocked when a woman grabbed her neck and lifted her up.

Mia is now floating as the woman angrily lifts her up.

"Why did you do that? Why did you interfere in our mission? Because of you, we will stay here in our place for a long time. We will be punished again because of you" the grim reaper said angrily.

"Pu-put m-me dow-down!" Mia said with difficulty.

One of the grim reapers has already released her. Mia immediately looked straight at the two of them.

"And why should I not interfere? Suddenly my body took me to that place. So, that is my mission too. I just did my job and the right thing "Mia explained.

"Impossible! Our mission will never be the mission of someone like you. We are different Mia. We are not the same. So next time, do not interfere in our mission" the two women immediately left in front of Mia.

The girl could not understand why her own body brought her to that place?

Mia enters her room while holding the heart-shaped necklace on her neck.

"Commander Jethro, what happened to me earlier mean?" Mia asked while looking out the window. She looked up at the sky as the stars shine like a diamond.

"I want it over" the girl closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh air.

The girl did not realize that she had fallen asleep due to deep thought. The next day the girl woke up early.

She stretched before entering the bathroom to do her daily work. After the maiden took a bath she immediately dressed in a simple black cocktail dress paired with white stilettos. She dryher hair and just let it loose.

When she made sure her face was fine, she left her room to have breakfast. When she arrived at the dining area everything was complete, and she was the only one they are waiting.

Mia was not safe in the eyes of the two grim reapers, she did not know. Mia just ignored and just sat quietly next to Leo.

They started eating together. At first they were still eating quietly until Leo suddenly asked, which makes the grim reapers get angry more.

"How was your mission yesterday?", Leo asked with a smile.

Mia stopped eating and shifted her gaze to the two grim reapers who looked even worse at her.

"I did my best"

"Me too"

Happy reply when their two colleagues. Leo turned to her with a smile as if in those looks he was asking how her mission was.

"I'm fine, I did well", Mia replied with a forced smile.

Leo looked at the two grim reapers who still have a bad look. Leo looked around at the three of them before asking the two again.

"You, how is your mission?", Leo asked with a smile to them regardless of the evil stare of the three.

"It would be nice if there was no one interfere on our mission", the one grim reaper said while looking at Mia.

Mia did not stop herself from answering the conversation.

"What is she going to do, it's also her mission to save the woman", Mia replied calmly.

"Impossible, everyone's mission here is different how did that become her mission ?!", shouted by one of the grim reaper when he was staring at Mia.

"Well, I know, she was only brought by her own feet and body", Mia answer calmly but aggressive.

They could feel the heat on the table, but their colleagues kept quiet because they did not know what to do.

"What you mean, you're so annoying Mia!", The two couldn't stop shouting.

"I'm not annoying, you're just stupid! If I do not have that mission I will just leave it to you but that's also my mission, my mission is to put my person who needs to be saved in good condition! ", the girl shouted uncontrollably.

"That's enough!" everyone was shocked to turn their backs on the speaker. Their eyes widened when they saw the leader Jethro.

"Commander Jethro" Mia said and immediately stood up and bowed. Everyone was shocked because they did not know that leader.

The leader looked at the others so they hurried to get up and bowed to pay their respects.

"Leader" said the five

"Come and sit down" said the leader Jethro while he was just floating. They immediately went to the living room and sat down.

"We were also surprised by what happened yesterday. We know it is impossible for someone like you and Mia to have the same mission. Mia is different from all of you, so in everything that happened there is nothing to blame "Jethro explained to everyone.

Mia immediately felt relieved because of what their leader said, but the two became even angrier.

"That's really impossible! You just said that for this woman to be saved!! ", the grim reaper growled fearlessly at Jethro.

Mia was surprised, no one in their home shouted at her Commander.

"Stop it, grim reapers" said by the young lady but still didn't listen.

Because of that, Jethro felt annoyed. Only now he had been shouted at and not respected by a grim reaper, everyone used to respect him because he is the leader.

"Don't you know that I am the leader of all, especially you ?. But you shouted at me now and did not respect me", Jethro said smiling as he was raised by the eyes of the shouted grim reaper.

"Don't you also know that when you shouted today and lost respect for me, the mission of the two of you increased even more, and became even heavier", the two were almost depressed because of what they heard.

"sorry leader," the two bowed to Jethro

"Because of your behavior, I am depriving you of permission to live in this house. You will end up in a stinking place where your behavior is appropriate. You will learn a lesson and I will take your power for being a grim reaper. "Jethro said, the two immediately disappeared from the house.

"Leader? What did you do?" the rest asked.

"I have removed them from their power and I have completed their mission as grim reapers. They will live as a very poor mortal in this place." Jethro explained

Mia was hurt by what she heard. She knew it was because of her. she wanted to tell Jethro to bring the two back but she couldn't. Yes and she knew Jethro, Mia became close to her commander.

But she knows that when those in power lose their temper, they get angry. So the girl just chose to keep quiet and just let the leader do what he did.

Mia immediately climbed into her room and immediately went to her bed. Mia immediately closed and unconsciously fell asleep.

To be continued.