Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 14: Leader of Darkness

Other immortals in the mortal world had no idea that there was another leader living somewhere else. They no longer remember who was it because for a long time the traitorous leaders were forgotten and banished.

Even Chandler and Jethro do not know about the evil leader who lives in a hidden place in the world of people.

Jethro did not know that the place where he threw the two grim reapers was also where the evil leader lived in ancient times. Their hearts are full of anger, anger because of what the leader did to them and anger because of the annoying Mia. But this is not the right time for their revenge so they first think of formulating a plan for their revenge.

On the other hand, Mia suddenly woke up when she felt a strange force inside her room.

It was only then that she saw the black smoke flying in her room again. Mia did not know why her body was feeling weak.

"HELP" said the girl but no one can hear her because their leader is not at home who has the power to hear even your little voice. Mia feel really strange, she didn't feel like this before. 

Mia was about to walk when she fell to the floor due to weakness. The girl still tried to teleport and went to the living room but the black smoke did not let her to left the room.

Mia tried to use all her power and she stood up very weak and opened the door. She could not open the door because of her weakness. Just like that and Mia lost consciousness and lay down on the floor.

Jethro felt a strong force coming from Mia's room, so he immediately went here.

The man tried to open the door but he could not open it until he could not open it for an hour. He just thought of using the power to open it.

The young man took a deep breath and used force on the girl's door, when he opened it he quickly entered.

He saw the black smoke surrounding the girl's room so he was immediately felt nervous, he turned his gaze to the girl's bed to see if it was okay but he was just so nervous when he saw the girl was not in her bed.

The young man looked around the room until he found the girl lying on the floor and unconscious.

"Mia" was the only shout of their leader Jethro as he shook Mia softly.

Jethro's attention was immediately drawn to the black smoke as he immediately saw an evil force. It is also as strong as the leaders and it seems that it has bad intentions for Mia.

"Who are you? Introduce yourself or else!" Jethro shouted at the black smoke. He immediately wandered around Mia's room and seemed to be whispering something to Jethro.

"I'll be back soon Jethro, I will make people miserable" said the black smoke and disappeared like a bubble.

Jethro did not know what the reaction would be after hearing those words. He only knew one thing and he was nervous that what the black smoke said might be true.

He just ignore for now and  he took care and focused his attention on the unconscious girl, he quickly picked the girl up and put it back on her own bed.

The young man try to reached the girl energy but he could not find her forces, there the young man's chest began to throb and nervous in the girl's condition.

Jethro immediately raised his palms and began to perform magic to regain Mia's consciousness.

He immediately grabbed the girl's hand as he placed the magic he had formed.

Then Mia's eyes immediately opened and she was still panting. "Mia? Are you all right?"

The girl just nodded, Jethro said goodbye to go back to their place, but before he left he blessed the whole house from which no more immortal evil could enter.

Mia is very grateful to her leader because if it weren't for this, she might not be here now. Mia was very nervous because of what happened.

She did not know what to do without their leader, so she was very grateful to their Commander for helping her and waking her up again to finished her missions. 

Mia could not quite imagine that something bad had happened to her before, she also did not know what the purpose of the black smoke was and she was the the target of it.

She only knew then that she is sure that it has evil intentions towards her and she needs to protect herself against it for her to finish the missions. 

On the other hand the black smoke immediately returned to its origin.

"Leader" two women bowed to her to pay their respects.

"Is that the girl you are saying about she is a powerful woman? She can't fight  against me. Just a blink of an eye she will die immediately" said the black smoke who now transformed into a woman in a black dress and all black in her bodies and clothes. As well as the color of its lips is black. Amari is the leader of the evil immortals, she was being banned and can't come back to the place of the commander because of her evilness.

"I like that leader"

"Now, I will give you the power to take revenge on that woman." she give the two grim reapers another power to seek revenge on the girl. 

"The darkness is coming, the world of mortals will be full in darkness. Every corner there's darkness and that's us" Amari shouted while laughing like a demon.

On the other hand, Mia is still thinking about how to fight the black smoke that attacked her. She needs to fight and be strong so that she can defend himself.

Mia has not yet been able to enter the training room when she feels that something bad is happening right away.

She did not know where it was but she knew it was just around. When the girl felt chest tightness she immediately ran back to her room to look at her mission on the tablet.

But she was just shocked to see that she had so many missions to do and had to finish.

"This is impossible" was the only thing the girl said and quickly disappeared towards the place.

She saw a red arrow on every road she passed. The young woman knew this is the meaning of death of many mortal. The girl did not know how to make this mission a success.

Mia immediately went to the place where the red arrow she saw was big.

She tried to stop the time but did not want it to work. The girl still tries to stop the time but it is not effective. "What's going on here?"

Mia immediately went to a tall building to see the people in danger. People are confused, it seems like it is not in themselves.

The girl just closed her eyes and tried to find who did this. She does not even see who is doing it, all the girl knew was that many people were in danger. She had to save them.

"Leader? What should I do?" the girl just asked herself while looking at the sky.

While Mia was thinking of a way, someone suddenly tapped her on the shoulder. Mia immediately turned her attention to who it was.

She was just shocked to see their three housemates. She could not quite imagine what they were doing in the same place.

"What are you doing here ?do you have  mission too?"

"We are here to help you, the leader sent us here, for now this will be our mission first because you will not be able to do this mission alone ", said the smiling woman with them Andra.

Mia does not know how she will feel because of that. The girl just nodded and secretly thanked their leader.

"In that case, let's unite to fight them", Mia said with a smile.

The three immediately stepped in and quickly helped Mia, rescuing those in danger.

They all helped each other, people are not in their real mind. Andra and James prevent the people who to go on the beach. The people are dying because they will be going to suicide. 

Even though it was difficult at first because time did not stop, they still managed to finish the mission in that area quickly.

To ensure safety people quickly  leave that area and go to another place with a focused red arrow. Because of their cooperation they quickly completed the mission, and it was late at night when they really finished and saved everyone.

They feel tired and weak in the body because of the successive safety of those in danger. but even though they feel that way they are still happy that they helped the mortals and saved their lives.

The last time Mia tried again, to use her power but no matter how hard she tried it did not work, she just weakened.

They decided to go home to the mansion to rest. When they arrived at the mansion, they said goodbye to each other to rest.

Even though Mia wants to know, the reason why she can't use her power is that she just ignores it first and she just felt tired and go up to her room.

The girl took a bath and fixed  herself before going to bed and resting.

"My whole body aches" the girl finally lay down on her bed and fell asleep.

To be continued....