Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 15: Chandler, where are you?

The girl woke up when she felt the pain in her body. She wonders why she feel weak, an immortal like them isn't like to get weak easily.

She went to the bathroom and arranged herself. She looked in the mirror and saw her face weakening. "Hey, Mia, get back to yourself" she said to herself while staring at the mirror.

She just sighed as she went down the stairs. She saw that their food was ready at the dinner table. She was astonished as she saw her colleagues did not know how to cook, instead they Commander cook for them. 

The girl smiled and immediately thought that Chandler did it. She immediately went to the chief's room but she could not find it. "Where is he?"

Mia went downstairs again, into the living room and entered the kitchen, but she was so startled to see a woman wearing a white floral maxi dress.

Up to waist length black hair, smooth and white skin. The girl has not seen her face yet because she is turning around and facing the stove.

But when she confronted her, Mia were thunderstruck as she saw the beatiful young looking lady cooking.

When the two of them looked at each other, she quickly smiled at her. The young woman looks like an angel because of its very gentle and elegant face.

"Hi, good morning to you", she smiled.

Even the voice of the woman were so gentle.

"Uhmm... Who are you by the way?"

The girl said to herself. Mia smiled, the girl in front of her and greeted her back.

"By the way, I am Athena, who are you?", the young beautiful lady asked Mia.

"I'm Mia", was the girl's short answer.

"Come quickly, I have prepared your breakfast. Eat that", Athena said, to Mia, before pulling her hand to the living room where the food is ready.

Mia and their other colleagues were already in the living room. They were already sitting when Chandler arrived.

"Tina, why did you cook? I told you that I will take care of the housework" Mia immediately looked at the man and she seemed hurt by what she saw. Chandler looks happy in front of Athena.

Mia immediately started eating, she did not greet their leader because she felt irritated.

"Chandler, come and eat too" Athena said to Chandler. Chandler immediately sat down next to Mia. the girl immediately move away form the man, the three looked at Mia's behavior.

"Try this Chandler" Athena immediately fed the young man. Mia's eyes just widened and she looked away. Mia immediately stood up and left the living room.

"I'm leaving, I have a walk" she immediately went to her room. The girl let out a deep breath as she finally entered her room.

The pain is still in her chest, she didn't know why she's feeling this way.  Mia just dressed in a black and semi formal cocktail dress to have a walk.

Mia, tied her hair into a high pony tail, and put some powder and lip gloss on her lips.She wore her elegant black and gold embroidered rhinestones pumps.

The girl immediately went down to the living room. Smiling, Leo approached him. "You look beautiful  Mia" said the young man who surprised the girl.

"Thank you" she replied with a smile. Chandler was not looking at the girl. The girl said goodbye and was out from the mansion.

The girl was just walking on the side of the road. She was still feel irritates when she see Chandler and Athena. She also did not know why she's feeling this  way. While walking along the road she saw a red arrow pointing somewhere.

'I still thought I had no mission today' The girl said to her mind. She went to find out where the arrow was pointing.

She was very surprised when she got to the river, she thought at first there was no one but when she suddenly moved in the middle of the water she probably realized that someone was drowning.

She violently scratched her head before looking at the clothes she was wearing. She think she's the unlucky woman in this world. When this day she wore a  beautiful clothes there she had a mission and the worst, it was  in the water.

Mia used her power to stop time and step on the water, she slowly walked on the water because she did not have any expertise how to use this kind of power she has. When she finally got close to the man she immediately reached out her hand and quickly brought it to the side of the river.

When Mia was sure the man was okay there, she walked away quickly before returning the time.

On the other hand the young man Chandler could not help but think of the girl.

He missed the girl so much, even if he desire to have a quality time on the girl. He can't do it, it was against the rules as being the commander of Mia.  The young man also took a long time since he disappeared to do his mission and only this time he can see the girl again.

The young man felt Mia was annoyed when she saw Athena. The young man did not know the reason.

The young man went out of his room to wander around the yard but when he landed in the garden he did not know what his reaction would be because of what he heard.

"I like Mia, Andra", the young man immediately frowned because of that.

"Then, admit it to Mia, that's nice and I'm sure she won't stay away with you. Who knows? What if she likes you too?"

Annoyed, the young man left and went up to his room.

"Is he tells Mia, the tell her!? He can have Mia anyway. I know Mia doesn't like him" the young man said angrily to himself.

He leaned against the door of his room. He thinks of the girl, and he knows that the girl will like Liam a little. The young man immediately went outside and looked for Mia.

"Where are you?" he closed his eyes to find the maiden but he could not find her.

He was about to leave when he suddenly saw the girl. He smiled and was about to walk towards the girl when he saw that Mia and Liam were together. The young man just sighed and turned around. "She's happy with another guy" the young man immediately disappeared and sadly returned to the mansion.

As the young man entered the mansion Athena saw him with a very long face. She approached him and asked if it was okay but the young man did not answer her and sat quietly on the sofa and stared at the emptiness.

Athena sighed and sat down next to the young man, the girl looked at him as if she already knew what the problem was.

"It's because of her again, right?"

Athena knew Chandler had feelings for the young lady. Chandler told her when they met on Chandler's mission. At first, Athena warned the man what could happen to him but later on she supported Chandler.

"It hurts to see the woman you like happy with others", Chandler whispered softly but passionately.

The girl let out a deep sigh and gently stroked the young man's back. Athena feels how the young man feels, especially since she also felt the same way before with the man she loves.

They were in such a position when Mia suddenly arrived, and caught up with them. Athena saw the change in the girl's manner, Mia just leave and go upstairs without saying goodbye.

Because of what Athena saw, she immediately smiled. Athena knew immediately that the girl also had feelings for Chandler, but Mia always keep on denying it.

"Annoying, does he really need to show me that they were together with that woman?" annoyed the young lady said and ran to her bed. She immediately took the pillow and covered her face. "Hey Mia, don't get affected. Just finished your mission. okay?" she said while covering the pillow with her face.

The girl was about to close her eyes when someone suddenly knocked on the door. Mia got up immediately, she did not want to open the door. she slowly open the door and was astonished  to see Chandler in front of her. Her eyes widened and she adjusted herself.

"Commander? Anything happened?"

"Come with me, I will show you something" said the young man. Mia shuddered secretly and immediately got dressed to go with the young man.

The young man immediately grabbed Mia's hand and immediately disappeared. They were both in a park, Mia immediately looked at the young man.

"Why are we here?"  Mia asked while frowning.

"I have something to-" The young man's speech did not end when suddenly someone called the girl.

"Mia ?!" the man shouted, the two of them immediately turned around and saw Liam smiling in front of them.

"Wait a minute Chandler, I'll go to Liam first" the girl immediately ran to the young man Liam.

Chandler just rolled his eyes, and look away. Mia smiled at Liam who made Chandler jealous.

Chandler turned around and disappeared immediately and was returned to the mansion.

"Liam? Why are you here?"

"I just passed by, eh you?"

"Just getting some fresh air"

"All right, I'll go first" Liam left. Mia immediately turned around to face Chandler.

"Wait, where is that man?" the girl asked herself as the young man disappeared.

"Chandler, where are you?"

To be continued...