Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 16: Thank you

<p>Early in the morning when Mia got home. She didn't noticed, the leader was waiting for him and was sitting on the sofa. Slowly closes the door but the commander speak. </p>

<p>"Why are you late?" the girl was shocked and stood up properly.</p>

<p>"Beca…. Because I went for a walk after my date with Liam "she said with a shudder.</p>

<p>"Date? And do you need to learn to date?"</p>

<p>"Eh, why? What's the problem with that?" she asked as she lifted up her eyebrows. </p>

<p>"Yes, there's something wrong with that, because it's dangerous to be alone outside you're a woman , Mia. It's dangerous for women to go out at night" the young man said angrily.</p>

<p>"I'm not alone, Liam is there. We're together" as she explained but Chandler just looked at the girl badly.</p>

<p>"I don't know what to do about you, come with me" the young man said angrily and went upstairs to his room. Mia was just surprised by the young man's behavior. "What happened ?she asked herself  and went to her room.</p>

<p>"What is that Chandler? Why did you shout at her like that?" the young man asked himself as he walked around his room.</p>

<p>He just sighed and lay down on his bed. while laying down he still couldn't get out of his mind what he had done earlier. He was so worried about the girl that she might turn away from him, which he could not handle and don't want to happen. </p>

<p>Mia yawned before finally getting up. She was just astonished when she saw a pair of shoes on the floor. She immediately raised her head and saw Chandler. The young man just frowned and looked at her seriously.</p>

<p>"Uhm… , why are you here?"</p>

<p>"Let's talk" the young man answered directly to the girl. His eyes only widened when the young man took his hand and disappeared.</p>

<p>Mia looked around, they were on the beach. A magical beach that only leaders know, only commanders and has highest rank on their group can enter this. </p>

<p>"Wow! This is so beautiful" the girl said happily while she turned and looked around. There is white sand on the beach, and it is clean when you look at it.</p>

<p>"Wait, what are we going to talk about?"</p>

<p>"I'm sorry,"</p>

<p>"For what? " Mia asked the young man.</p>

<p>"Last night, I'm sorry if I shouted at you"</p>

<p>"It's okay, it looks like I don't have any bad feelings towards it " the young man's eyes widened at what the girl said.</p>



<p>"I think of this place just for you but it's okay, I just want to see you smile" the young man said in his mind.</p>

<p>"By the way, I have something urgent to do now so I need to go back" the young man was sad to hear that because he knew that the girl was seeing Liam again.</p>

<p>The young man just nodded and disappeared back into the mansion. The girl immediately ran towards her room. Chandler just stared at the girl as she ran.</p>

<p>"What are you watching there? Just tell her, tell her what you feel? Or just say that you like something" Chandler looked at the his back as he saw Athena.On the other hand, she just smiled and patted the young man on the shoulder.</p>

<p>"You can do it, as long as you admit how you feel or don't tell her and you will only have a hard time thinking about her" Athena immediately left and went inside.</p>

<p>The young man went to the garden  first and smells some fresh air to clear his mind..</p>

<p>Mia, on the other hand, quickly got dressed and arranged herself. She finished, immediately went downstairs and met Chandler. The girl just smiled and bowed to pay her respects and left.</p>

<p>Chandler just stared at the girl. He wanted to stop her but he could not. Chandler just ignored it and he and Athena first focused on a solution that could be fought against the ruling darkness in this world.</p>

<p>"Liam?!" the girl shouted as she waved her hands. Liam just smiled at what the girl on what she's doing. The girl was already walking towards Liam's direction.</p>

<p>"Sorry, it's so traffic" the girl explained.</p>

<p>They are in the coffee shop now, not very crowded. Liam looked at Mia. She was avoided the looked from the man, he just laughed.</p>

<p>"Why?" the girl asked.</p>

<p>"Your just so cute to look at" Liam said while pinching Mia's cheek. Mia smiled and shuddered at what Liam had done. Mia really likes the young man but she doesn't know if she likes him too.</p>

<p>"I have something to tell you Mia" the girl looked at the young man. She was trying to read his mind but she can't. </p>

<p>"What's  that?"</p>

<p>Liam swallowed before speaking. "I like you" Mia's eyes widened at what she heard.</p>

<p>"Is this true?" it said in her mind. She could not believe it and even covered her mouth with her hand. She was paused, like a statue not moving while in front of the man she really likes. </p>

<p>"Mia?" Mia was just dumbfounded until she could get back to herself.</p>

<p>"I like you too Liam" the girl smiled. Liam smiled as well and jumped.</p>

<p>"Thank you for liking me back" the man said and he was smiling, his eyes were gone as he smiles. </p>

<p>Liam and Mia are walking happily on the road. Liam and Mia felt a bit of awkwardness in between.Liam fingers are traveling towards Mia's hand, and so for the girl. They are holding each other's  hands. Her cheeks turned red.</p>

<p>"I'll drive you home?" Liam asked the girl.</p>

<p>"All right, but I just want us to walk"</p>

<p>"Why? Don't you want to ride in a car?"</p>

<p>The girl just shook her head, Liam just nodded and they continued walking.</p>

<p>They were close to the mansion as Liam could only see the surroundings we're full of trees. "Do you really live here?"</p>

<p>"Yes why?"</p>

<p>"It's dangerous for a woman like you to a place like this. I will always take you home okay?" the girl just nodded and couldn't get the sweet smiles off her lips.</p>

<p>"Here it is, this is our house" Mia pointed to the mansion. The young lady did not know that only the immortals could see the house. Surprised, Liam looked at what the girl had pointed at, he could only see a tree.</p>

<p>"Here ?but there is no house there, it 's just full of trees "the girl was surprised and looked at the house." But I can see the house "the girl said in her mind.</p>

<p>It made a fake smile "I was just joking, the truth is I have more to go, I just really want to walk with you while holding our hands "the girl said shyly.</p>

<p>"That's okay, me too. I want to hold your hands forever. I'll go then, okay?" Liam approached  and kissed the girl's forehead. Mia did not know that Chandler had seen what the young man had done.</p>

<p>Chandler was angry at what he saw and threw the glass of water on the floor. Mia was surprised by what she heard, so she immediately dismissed Liam and said goodbye.</p>

<p>When the girl was sure Liam was gone she immediately entered the mansion. Mia was shocked to see three colleagues focused on their leader's room.</p>

<p>"What happened?" the girl asked the three.</p>

<p>"I don't know, all of a sudden we heard something broke from above." Mia immediately ran to their leader's room.</p>

<p>"Leader?" once knocking on the door.</p>


<p>"What happened?"</p>

<p>"It's nothing, I just accidentally let go of the glass" Mia breathed a sigh of relief but suddenly her chest ached and she suddenly entered the leader's room.</p>

<p>She was shocked to see their leader's hand with blood dripping.</p>

<p>"Your hand is bleeding" Chandler turned around and saw Mia.</p>

<p>"Don't worry about me, I can heal myself."</p>

<p>"But why, I suddenly got in here and my chest hurt. My body just got me here. I need to save you" said the girl but Chandler was angry.</p>

<p>"I don't need your help okay? Didn't you understand? I can handle myself" the young man shouted at the girl.</p>

<p>Chandler began to heal his wound but it failed to heal. He repeated the treatment but he was surprised when his body suddenly hurt and he was knocked to the floor.</p>

<p>"Chandler!" Mia shouted and quickly ran to the young man.</p>

<p>Mia heals the young man's wound with her bare hands. She had finished treating it when his eyes suddenly opened.</p>

<p>"Are you feeling well?" the girl asked the young man.</p>

<p>"Why?" the girl was shocked and surprised by what the young man said.</p>

<p>"huh ?what, why?"</p>

<p>"Why? Do you still need to treat me? Why do you still need to worry about me? Why?" the young man shouted.</p>

<p>"You know I can't understand you, I am the one who helped you, but you are still angry? Can you pass the crack first before you get angry "the girl immediately stood up and went outside  from the room.</p>

<p>She got angry, and went to her own room. The three colleagues were shocked to see Mia's angry face.</p>

<p>Leo was worried to see the girl's reaction. He could not quite imagine what their leader had done again.</p>

<p>"I really feel annoyed! , Im the one who helped him but instead of thanking me he get angry. What a different kind of person he is" the girl said angrily while combing her hair.</p>

<p>"I'm sorry" the girl heard in her mind and she knew it came from the young man.</p>

<p>"Why is it so hard to say that word in front of me?" the girl said with her mind.</p>

<p>"Just say thank you" the girl lay down, she blocked and closed her mind so that she could no longer hear any words from the young man. The young man could no longer read her thoughts.</p>

<p>He slowly lean on the wall where the next room is from the girl. </p>

<p>"Thank you" </p>

<p>To be continued....</p>