Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 17: Don't leave

<p>The girl hurried to get dressed because she was going to meet her boyfriend, Liam. The girl was excited on their first date, it's their very first date as an official couple. However, she still can't get over the thought of what happened to them last night by her leader.</p>

<p>When she remembers it the girl is just disgusted with her leader. The girl just let it flopped and fixed herself.</p>

<p>The girl was already out of her room when she suddenly met the young man. There eyes met at each other, there was a spark on it. Butterflies. She immediately walked quickly and turned her back on the young man.</p>

<p>"Mia!" just as that she was shocked to when the commander shouted. The girl came forward and smiled fakely because she saw the three colleagues looking at them.</p>

<p>"What do you need leader?" the young man just looked at her. He looked emotionless before speaking.</p>

<p>"We have to go somewhere" the girl's eyes widened at what she heard.</p>

<p>"but there is-"</p>

<p>"I am your leader and you must follow me. It is about your mission" the girl did not hesitate because she knew it would also be good for her mission.</p>

<p>The girl just sighed, frowned at her leader's shoulder and immediately disappeared.</p>

<p>The two immediately reached a not so crowded, dark place. Lifted her eyebrows when the girl looked around.</p>

<p>"Why are we here?"</p>

<p>"Just look and listen" the girl just nodded and started watching.</p>

<p>While looking at the place she immediately saw herself. The girl was shocked as she saw herself with Liam. Liam approached the girl, Mia saw there's something Liam was hiding, a knife behind him which surprised the girl.</p>

<p>"Why does Liam have a knife? Where are we really?" the young man just covered the girl's mouth and continued watching.</p>

<p>"Liam" she said while smiling. Liam got closer and closer to Mia but the girl did not know what the young man was going to do to her.</p>

<p>The girl hugged the young man but it turned out differently to Mia. Liam stabbed her in the heart which weakened the girl.</p>

<p>As Mia watched what was happening, she could not help but get hurt. And imagine that Chandler might just have done this so that she would never date Liam again.</p>

<p>"Wait a minute" Chandler immediately covered Mia's mouth.</p>

<p>"Mia, do you know I've been looking for you for a long time ?That's you, you are the person who killed my brother. You are the person who stabbed him. You are as bad as a demon. Do you know that? Every day I am with you I vomit. So, today I am happy that I have avenged the death of my brother. And you will eventually die too "the girl's mind was troubled by what she heard.</p>

<p>The young man Chandler noticed that the girl was already crying so he immediately took her somewhere else.</p>

<p>"I have no other intention to destroy you Mia.I know you need to see that, I just want you to be careful with that guy. "said the young man. The girl immediately looked at him while looking badly.</p>

<p>"That's right, I've been a bad person in my past. I killed a person but I don't even remember. I'm so bad" the girl said while sobbing. </p>

<p>"That's why you are paying for that. By helping and saving people become you're punishment" explained the young man.</p>

<p>"What is the way to get back to the past, I want to remember everything" Chandler frowned because he knew Athena could do that. But it is forbidden. The past must remain in the past.</p>

<p>"You don't have to go to the past anymore. The important thing is the present. You have to focus on you're new opponent" the girl immediately looked at the young man.</p>

<p>"I wish I could see Liam. I want to prove to you that what we saw was wrong. That I can change the future."</p>

<p>"Mia, you can't change the future. You have to accept it and face it."</p>

<p>"I'm sorry Chandler, but my heart promises that I love Liam. I do not want to lose him. I want to be with him, I want to apologize to him. "The young man just sighed.</p>

<p>"I just hope so" the young man said in his mind while looking at the girl.</p>

<p>"All right, go to your date. Just be careful "the girl just nodded and immediately disappeared in front of the young man.</p>

<p>The young man was able to return to the mansion but Athena stopped him. Her face was angry and her eyebrows were still bruised.</p>

<p>"What do you think you are doing Chandler? Are you crazy ?Is there nothing else you can do? "Athena said angrily to the young man.</p>

<p>The young man just frowned and sighed. It was already walking towards the inside of the mansion but Athena spoke again.</p>

<p>"Chief Jethro is on his way here, prepare yourselves." the young man continued to walk and ignored the girl.</p>

<p>"Liam? Where are we going?" the girl asked her boyfriend.</p>

<p>"Let's just go to the mall, we'll eat and go to the movies" the young man replied with a smile.</p>

<p>"Movie?" the girl asked Liam in confusion, he just laughed.</p>

<p>"Let's watch a movie" the girl just nodded even though she did not know it.</p>

<p>The couple were walking when Mia suddenly heard something in her ear. "Mia!" the girl was immediately surprised by what she heard. She knew that voice came from the leader Jethro himself. Mia knew something was wrong. She has not heard the call of the leader in a few years and days but today is a strange day. Mia had a different feeling.</p>


<p>"ouh? Why?"</p>

<p>"I need to leave," the young Liam was shocked. He is still excited to be with the girl on their date. But he did not expect it to end up like this.</p>

<p>"Why? Did something happen?"</p>

<p>"Something happened at home, I need to go home"</p>

<p>"I will take you there" the young man offered which the girl refused.</p>

<p>"I'm okay, don't worry" the girl immediately walked and quickly went to the bathroom to disappear towards the mansion.</p>

<p>"Mia, it's good and you're here." the girl was shocked by what she heard. She  just have arrived  but they immediately surprise her with a weird look and sad faces. </p>

<p>"Why? Did something happen?"</p>

<p>"There, Chief Chandler and Chief Jethro are now fighting in the meeting room" the girl was nervous at what she heard. because she knew for a long time, the meeting room was only used whenever an immortal sinned.</p>

<p>Mia quickly went to the meeting room, knocked first and entered immediately. Chandler's emotionless face and Athena's worried face appeared to Mia. </p>

<p>"Leader" Mia paid respect before sitting down. Shee immediately looked at Chandler but he didn't even move and he was out of his mind.</p>

<p>"Mia you know maybe why you are here, right?" confused the girl looked at Chief Jethro.</p>

<p>"Sorry Leader, but I do not know why I am here"</p>


<p>"She doesn't know" Chandler immediately spoke which surprised Mia.</p>

<p>"You did not say even tell her?" he asked with a mixture of angry words from Jethro.</p>

<p>"Sorry, I know I made a mistake and I will accept all the punishments" the young man said softly, Mia's surprise.</p>

<p>"Wait, what do I not know. You have to make an explanation" the girl said confused.</p>

<p>"Mia, he took you to a place that only Leaders should be able to get there. That place has the ability to show what is going to happen to a mortal or even our own but Chandler violates the rules and he will be punished "the girl could not believe what Chandler did.</p>

<p>"Why did you do that ?!" her angry question as it faces its Chief Chandler.</p>

<p>"I'll leave first Chief Jethro, Athena."</p>

<p>"Wait!" the young man stopped walking, the girl suddenly ran to the young man and suddenly she hugged him. Athena and Jethro's eyes widened at what they saw.</p>

<p>"Leader? Why did you do that? You know you will be punished but you still did. Why?" cried Mia, sobbing to the young man.</p>

<p>"Let go of me Mia and focus on your missions" the young man finally came out. Mia was left in tears in the meeting room with Leaders Jethro and Athena.</p>

<p>"Leader Jethro, just punish me not my Leader. He helps, my colleagues a lot in their training. He is a good Leader and he already knows every move and every movement of our mind. He makes us feel better, and he loves us too, me. Like I love you Chief Jethro. Knows if he made a mistake but he should not be punished."she pleaded. </p>

<p>Jethro sighed before speaking. "I'm sorry Mia but he was very guilty, I feel that your Leader is important to you but he needs to pay for it. After his punishment I will bring him back here immediately "</p>


<p>"All right and I'll be going first, be careful. Athena will be with you first while your Leader is away "Jethro immediately disappeared. Mia was left speechless in the room while Athena was also sent away.</p>

<p>She immediately thought of Chandler and hurried to the young man's room. Mia knocked before entering. The girl saw that the young man was just sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed.</p>

<p>"Leader" bowed it and faced the leader.</p>

<p>The young man's eyes immediately opened and he saw the girl. "Why are you here?"</p>

<p>"I'm worried about you"</p>

<p>"Don't worry about me because I'll be okay and don't bother me anymore"</p>


<p>"Do not blame yourself because it is my fault.I'm guilty because I'm so worried about you and what's more, you still chose him, you still chose to go to him "Mia was shocked and her eyes widened at what she heard. Another Chandler is in front of her now, Mia is confused by what is happening.</p>

<p>"Why are you saying that?"</p>

<p>"Leave now Mia"</p>


<p>"Get out!" the young man shouted, the girl was quickly let out of the young man's room.</p>

<p>"Don't leave"</p>

<p>To be continued....</p>