Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 18: Who are you?

<p>Since the day Chandler disappeared, the mansion has been quiet. The girl Mia doesn't come out of the room much anymore and she doesn't talk much anymore.</p>

<p>"Mia, eat first" Leo said to her and offered food outside her room.</p>

<p>"I'm okay Leo don't worry about me anymore"</p>

<p>"Mia, you have to eat. How about your mission? How are the people worrying about you?"</p>

<p>"You can leave Leo, I can do it myself" the young man left immediately and just left the food outside the door.</p>

<p>"Mia really doesn't want to eat, let's let her go first" Andra immediately said to Leo.</p>

<p>The three just leave the mansion first for the girl to be alone. </p>

<p>The girl's body is heavy, she does not stand up much. She was weak, she could not fully understand what was happening to her.</p>


<p>"I won't eat!" the girl shouted at the knock.</p>

<p>"Mia?" the girl quickly stood up and adjusted herself.</p>

<p>"Commander" even bowed.</p>

<p>"What's wrong with you Mia?" her Commander immediately asked her. Swallowed first before speaking.</p>

<p>"I also did not understand what was happening to me. But I was feeling weak Commander, what can I do? "</p>

<p>"You know that I already know you, Mia. And I know if you like someone. And this man is an immortal that you should not love" the girl was shocked by what she heard.</p>

<p>"You mean-"</p>

<p>"Yes I know, I can see the love in your eyes when you see him leave. You know Mia that you can not fall in love with someone like him. So it is good to turn things like this. That you are far from each other" trace the sadness in the girl's eyes. She just nodded, and went out first to take a walk.</p>

<p>(Say something I'm giving up on you🎵)</p>

<p>The girl was walking on the road. Trace the pain she feels, only sadness she feels at these times. She couldn't quite figure out why she still wanted Chandler. The girl did not see the car coming which caused the girl to be hit by the car. </p>

<p>The girl was exiled to the other side of the road. The driver quickly started his car and quickly left.</p>

<p>"Hey! You're crazy man come back here!" shouts a man who saw Mia.</p>

<p>"Miss? Are you okay?" he asked the girl. The girl immediately got up and started walking. The man who approached her was shocked.</p>

<p>There was blood dripping on the girl's head but she ignored it.</p>

<p>"Wait Miss, I need to take you to the hospital." the young man said to the girl.</p>

<p>"No, I'm okay"</p>

<p>"There's blood dripping down your head"</p>

<p>"I'm okay" she snapped to stop the time. But she was just shocked that the young man didn't sto-p. She glared at him and looked at him from his head down to her toes.</p>

<p>"Why don't you stop?" she lifted up her eyebrows as she asked the man. He just smirked and walked towards the girl. </p>

<p>"I'm also immortal just like you. When I first saw you, I knew right away that you are not mortal. You smell strange." said the young man while smiling.</p>

<p>"Why didn't you introduce yourself to me right away?" she asked.</p>

<p>"Eh because you're so sad to look at. What happened to you ?Sorry for asking this kind of question."</p>

<p>Sadness returned to the girl's face. She suddenly remembered Chandler again.</p>

<p>"Okay, I won't ask any more questions"</p>

<p>"Wait what are you really?" she asked as she feel something strange with the man.</p>

<p>"I am a detective here in the world of people,I have been living normally since the Commander did not accept me again "he said sadly.</p>

<p>"Do you mean Commander Jethro?"</p>

<p>"He is, he is the reason why I can not return to our world. He does not let me in anymore.So here I am, I have studied and I have become normal here "</p>

<p>"Everything will be okay too, it will all end too" the girl said with a smile.</p>

<p>"There, you should smile and then-" the young man's phone rang So he did not finish what he was saying.</p>


<p>"All right, I'm on my way"</p>

<p>"There's an emergency in the agency, I need to leave. Next time, let's meet again, by the way what's your name?"</p>

<p>"I'm Mia"</p>

<p>"I'm Daryll" they both shake their hands. Before Daryll walked out.</p>

<p>Mia was still waving until she lost sight of the young man. Somehow relieved her grief. She immediately grabbed her forehead which was now bleeding. She was immediately brought back by the mansion, the three were shocked to see her forehead bleeding. </p>

<p>"What happened to you?" Leo said anxiously to the girl.</p>

<p>"It's just nothing, don't mind me."</p>

<p>"What's your problem Mia !I'm worried for you but why are you like that ?! "Leo just shouted out of anger mixed with concern for the girl.</p>

<p>"I didn't tell you to worry about me. Why are you worried about me?"</p>

<p>"Because I like you!" its direct utterance surprised the girl. The young man immediately walked towards his room. He slammed the door as he enters.</p>

<p>"Mia, let's treat your wound" Andra said to the girl. The girl just nodded, still unable to believe what she heard and what Leo said.</p>

<p>"Let Leo cool down his head first, he's just really worried about you "</p>

<p>"Is what he said true? That she likes me?"</p>

<p>Andra swallowed first before speaking. "Yes, everything he said is true. He loves you, he really does." Leo and Mia didn't notice that Andra had hidden feelings for Leo.</p>

<p>Andra was healing the girl's wound when Athena suddenly arrived. She just looked at the girl from a distance. She worries about her, she sees there is a danger that will happen to the girl.</p>

<p>"There,it's done now Mia"</p>

<p>"Thank you"</p>

<p>The girl immediately said goodbye and went to her room. Athena followed her, Athena did not knock anymore and suddenly entered.</p>

<p>"Chief Athena? What are you doing here?" the girl asked in shock.</p>

<p>"I want to say something, it is important so listen" she just nodded and looked seriously at her leader.</p>

<p>"Your life is in danger, now that Chandler is gone. You have to be careful" warned her leader.</p>

<p>"Wait, why did Chandler need to be involved here anyway?He has nothing to do with me. I mean Chief Chandler?"</p>

<p>"Because, he is the one who always saves you. He always pays attention to you.He is always looking for you, he is always following you wherever your missions are. "Mia felt shocked and sad. She did not fully understand what this meant.</p>

<p>"Why is he doing that?"</p>

<p>"He is the one who can answer you . When he returns, ask him, "It would have been better if it comes from him" her leader immediately disappeared. Mia's mind was left spinning.</p>

<p>"Chandler! What is this! You make me nervous, I don't know what you are doing to me but I miss you" a voice from her mind.</p>

<p>She sighed as she lay down on her bed. It stared at her ceiling, a tear dripped from her eyes.</p>

<p>Jethro, on the other hand, did not know what to do with the girl. He could see her suffering since the young man disappeared.</p>

<p>"Chandler?" it calls the young man.</p>

<p>"Leader?" he bowed his head to pay respect.</p>

<p>"Look at her" said the leader and showed the girl to Chandler.</p>

<p>"Why, what happened to the mansion leader?" confused when the young man asked.</p>


<p>"Chandler, where are you? Why are you doing this to me ?Why do I miss you? Why do I feel this way? I know this is wrong,but my heart wants it. "The young man heard from the girl.</p>

<p>Without any emotion, Chandler immediately walked away.</p>

<p>"You need to go home" suddenly said his leader. He turned around to face him, "I will not go home first, sorry but I also need this leader"</p>

<p>"Mia's life is becoming more dangerous. She is the target of mortal evils. She needs you, especially since you are the only one who knows her and her abilities." Jethro explained.</p>

<p>The young man went up in his room first. He did not want to leave but there was a trace of concern for the girl. He did not want to hurt it, the young man just sighed as he lay down.</p>

<p>"Mia ?get ready for training "said Athena and immediately went to the training hall.</p>

<p>The girl was walking when she suddenly met Leo. She averted her gaze and stooped to walk fast.</p>

<p>The three were already in the training hall, Athena saw that the girl was distracted.</p>

<p>"Mia, focus. The first pair to fight. Mia and Leo, get ready!" Athena shouted to get the two ready.</p>

<p>Mia did not expect that she could fight the young man she was avoiding. She swallowed first and went to the center.</p>

<p>Each of them will be given an individual weapon. One needs to beat his or her opponent. So that the improvement of their abilities can be measured.</p>

<p>The two have already started, a deadly stare the two give to each other.</p>

<p>The young man first attacked, Mia immediately fled and suddenly attacked the young man who was shocked and injured the side of his stomach.</p>

<p>"Sorry" said the girl.</p>

<p>"It's okay Mia, I can treat him," Athena said as the girl just nodded.</p>

<p>The young man is weakening because of his wound. The two made several more attacks that Leo knocked down.</p>

<p>"In the first fight, the winner. Mia" Athena announced. Athena was just shocked when she felt a strange energy inside the house.</p>

<p>"Someone else is inside the house, be ready everyone" said the girl. The three immediately got up and got ready.</p>

<p>Suddenly a strong wind blew, everyone was immediately nervous. They do not fully determine what it is.</p>


<p>"Who are you!" their leader shouted while holding her weapon.</p>

<p>To be continued…..</p>