Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 19: Who is this Mia, who are you really?

<p>They could not determine what element was inside the mansion. Everyone immediately prepared their belongings and held their weapons. "Get ready for the attack" said their leader and first left the training hall.</p>


<p>They were shocked looking in the direction from which the crash came. Their eyes widened and were the only ones who could see, they could not explain but the noise was coming from Chief Chandler's room.</p>

<p>Athena immediately walked away and signaled that they would start walking inside. Athena slowly opened the room, shocked to see a tall man. Mia swallowed and her heart knew that the man standing in front was what she was looking for.</p>

<p>"Chandler?" said by the girl as tshe walked closer to the young man. The young man immediately faced her, traces of joy in Mia's eyes and lips. She could not control herself and ran to their Leader and hugged. Everyone was shocked by what they saw, they did not fully expect it, especially Leo. It stooped to walk away. "Leo?" Andra immediately followed him.</p>

<p>"Thank you and you came back" the girl said smiling, Chandler without emotion removed the girl's hand from the hug.</p>

<p>"What are you doing?" the girl just frowned at what she heard.</p>

<p>"Sorry, I was just carried away by my emotions" the young man stared at her, from head to toe.</p>

<p>"Who are you?" the girl was shocked by what she heard. She did not fully understand what was happening to his Leader.</p>

<p>"You don't know her? Me, do you know me? " Athena asked immediately, Chandler turned his attention to the Athena.</p>

<p>"Athena, I know you very well" the young man said happily and walked towards the girl. He just stared at Mia as if he didn't really know her. The young man was already walking in front of the girl, she was just stunned.</p>

<p>"You still do not change Athena, you are still beautiful" praised the young man who was upset with Mia. She immediately ran while tears welled up in her eyes. "Mia?" his colleague at the mansion immediately followed.</p>


<p>"You can go home, a girl needs you. Her life is in danger, "said Chief Jethro.</p>

<p>"I can not leave yet Leader, I have not yet found a solution to all missions" he said.</p>

<p>"I have nothing else to do," said the Leader as he walked towards the young man's room. The young eyes are just closed, tears dripping down his eyes Jethro could see. He was hurt but he tried to avoid it for the good of all.</p>

<p>The leader sighed before starting to erase the memory of the girl from the young man"I'm sorry, but I have to do it" he immediately returned the young man to the mortal.</p>


<p>A loud bang caught the attention of everyone inside the mansion. A young man, the man that Mia was waiting to return. She happily hugged the young man but the young man removed her hands.</p>

<p>"Who are you?"</p>

<p>The girl's eyes filled with tears as she lay on her bed. Her chest tightened in pain, she could not understand her Leader. "What's wrong with you?" cry, cry, maiden question as she covered her face with a pillow.</p>

<p>The next thing she knew, it was morning. Sunshine strikes on her eyes, her head aches. Eyes were red, and had dark circles. She was looking at herself in the mirror in the bathroom, she forced a smile to get herself back together.</p>

<p>"I can do this, if he wants this? I'll give it to him" she said fiercely and with confidence. She had enough confidence to go out, she was okay until she saw Chandler with Athena. She just looked away and continued to walk towards the kitchen. She hurriedly grabbed some water, she was like so thirsty and she drank all the water in one jar.</p>

<p>"You okay?" Andra asked her with a worried tone, she just nodded and was about to sit down when Chandler grabbed the chair. Their eyes met, her chest started to pound, she looked away and just smiled.</p>

<p>"Commander" she bowed and got some new chairs. Everyone was looking at her, she was acting weird. Athena knew this was all about, she wanted to tell Mia but this isn't the right time. They just started to eat, awkwardness, it was surrounded by awkwardness when they started to eat. Chandler was handling some food for Athena, Mia glanced at them. She was jealous, she averted her eyes on him. She started to eat fast, everyone was looking at her. They stopped and glanced at her.</p>

<p>"I'm done, I gotta go. I have some missions" she stood and quickly got her shoes on and went out.</p>

<p>(Door slammed)</p>

<p>"She's weird," Chandler said and looked at Athena. Athena just smiled, the other two just laughed awkwardly , while Leo was giving a death glanced at Chandler.</p>

<p>"You really didn't remember her?" Athena asked in a sad tone.</p>

<p>"No, is she special to me?" he asked out of a sudden. Athena sighs before answering his question.</p>

<p>"Yes, she's really special to you" Athena said in her mind, because her Commander Jethro warned her not to tell Chandler about Mia. This way, both of them will be fine.</p>

<p>"No, she's not that special to you" Andrea was eavesdropping, what she heard was unfair. She walked on the streets and just got some fresh air.</p>

<p>Walking on the streets she met the detective. She waved and walked towards the detective. "Hey there Detective" Mia greeted sadly.</p>

<p>"Something up?" she just nodded and breasted deeply.</p>

<p>"You can tell me , what is it?" she was about to speak when Liam arrived.</p>

<p>"Mia, you're here" Liam said happily and held her hands. She was shocked when her feelings for Liam just faded that fast. She was only thinking of Chandler.</p>

<p>"By the way, Liam, this is my friend Detective....."</p>

<p>"No need to introduce me, Can I talk to Mia alone?" the young lady was a bit confused,</p>

<p>"What is it?"</p>

<p>"I had a bad feeling towards that man, just be careful. He's not a good person for me. I can't smell him but I can feel that he isn't a good one. " Andrea remembered Chandler showed her. She just nodded, the detective left the two of them.</p>

<p>"Let's continue our date," Liam said while holding her hands. She pushed Liam's hands and held her own hands.</p>

<p>'I'm really not in the mood to have a date Liam, I'm sorry but I want to be alone" she was walking away when Liam grabbed her.</p>

<p>"Let me go Liam,"</p>

<p>"I can't" her chest started to pound, the necklace was glowing , she can't even understand what was happening to the necklace.</p>

<p>Liam grabbed her and they are in a narrow area when people can't see them.</p>

<p>"What are you doing?"</p>

<p>"Give me your necklace" she just shook her head while Liam was holding her neck and lifted her up. Mia feels something bad about Liam, a black smoke went out from his body. The body of Liam was on the ground, the black smoke walked closer to Mia. She swallowed and try to stop the time, it didn't work.  </p>

<p>"Let go of her!" Mia was shocked and looked at the one who spoke. She was surprised to see Chandler. Her eyes just widened, Liam was distracted when he saw Chandler. Mia had a chance to use her power on Liam.</p>

<p>"Ahh!" Liam shouted as he felt the pain from Mia's power.</p>

<p>"Don't try to hurt me again" Liam just disappeared, Mia couldn't believe that Liam was an immortal too.</p>

<p>"Don't trust a man like him" Chandler said to the girl, Mia just smirked and laughed.</p>

<p>"You're joking right?" she asked as a teardrop.</p>

<p>"No, I'm not joking"</p>

<p>"Can you stop being like this?" the young lady shouted as she felt irritated. The man is being kind and soft again.</p>

<p>"Stop being what?"</p>

<p>"Stop worrying about me, you are all the same. All the man I liked is hurting me" the girl disappeared with tears in her eyes. He was left confused, he was thinking about the girl, and what the girl meant.</p>

<p>He went back to the mansion and hurriedly went to Athena to ask. "Athena?" he shouted as Athena was avoiding him.</p>

<p>"What is it again?" she asked irritatedly.</p>

<p>"She said, all the men she likes just hurt her. "</p>

<p>"Then what about that?"</p>

<p>"She said it in front of her"</p>

<p>"It's not a big deal, maybe she had her break up" she replied emotionlessly.</p>

<p>"Athena?" he said in a serious and strange tone which Athena swallowed and sighs.</p>

<p>"Alright, maybe she's just having a hard time on her mission. Just let her be, maybe one day everything will be right back on how things like to be" she lied again.</p>

<p>The man just nodded his head which Athena felt relieved.</p>

<p>"Gotta go some fresh air, bye"</p>

<p>"Athena. I want more answers!" the girl just left him in the living room. He was so confused right now, what was happening to him . What really happened to him and the young lady. He just clears his mind and sighs before entering his room.</p>

<p>"Who is this Mia? Who are you really?" </p>

<p>To be continued....</p>