Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 2: The first Mission

"Bomb!" Mia shouted and quickly headed to the coffee shop. She  tries to stop the time but does not work. There is only a limit to the time stopping, which is depleted of his use in the mall.

Mia is confused and does not know what to do. She entered the coffee shop and took a deep breath before speaking. She also tried to read their minds but she could not.

"Uhmm, listen everyone you need to leave this place. You are in danger here," people just laughed at her .

She felt annoyed because people just laughed at her and did not listen. She calmed herself for a moment and thought again of a way to convince people and get them out of the place. Even though she was nervous, she still tried to calm down.

She tried to stop the time but it still did not work. She had no choice but to look for the Bomb inside the shop. She looked inside and the arrow seemed to point her towards another room.

She followed it but the owner stopped her to enter the room. "I have to go in, I have to take something. Your life is in danger here"

"Are you crazy miss? Are you okay? There is nothing dangerous here and what else will you get there eh I use everything here" Ali said to her.

Everyone inside was looking at her and laughing. Mia does not fully understand the nature of mortals. She could no longer understand it but she was an immortal.

"I'm not crazy, I just really need to get something so let me in", when Mia insisted.

The owner was stubborn and still ignored what the girl said.

Gradually the girl's patience ran out and at any moment she could hurt the man blocking her in front of her.

"Guards" said the shop owner and forced Mia out. She hold her head try to understand  and forcefully read what   people thinks. The guards laughed at what she was doing and continued to get rid of  her.

Because of her annoyance, she used force and quickly entered the room where the arrow was pointing. She quickly searched for where the bomb was hidden.

All the items she could find were to be thrown around just to quickly find the hidden bomb.

The shop owner followed her and was angry to see that his belongings were scattered on the floor.

"What are you doing miss?"

"Do not interfere and be quiet first"

Mia keeps looking for the Bomb until she finds it. The owner's eyes widened when he saw the Bomb.

"What is that doing here?" Mia heard a trembling voice from the owner.

"I also don't know, someone just told me that you are in danger and it might be your last day,  So I came here." Mia immediately looked at the Bomb and there were only 60 seconds left.

She told the owner to leave the room and used force. She tried to destroy and stop the Bomb. But she felt she was fainting because she had not eaten yet.

She combined all her strength to stop it. She poured all of her energy into the Bomb to stop it. It's only eleven seconds and it will explode when Mia stops it.

Her sweat dripped and sat on the floor. The owner saw her and passed the crack to him. Again, she used all her energy to erase the memories of the people in the coffee shop. She did it and left.

She was walking but she was fainting. She could no longer walk properly because she did not have enough strength left.

Due to the weakness, her eyesight suddenly darkened and she gradually felt the fall on the road until her eyelids slowly closed.

On the other hand the man was tired and went to his car. He had just finished his work and was on his way home.

He was tired of driving, his eyes were also closing because of feeling tired. But he was so shocked to see a young lady lying in the middle of the road.

He quickly stopped the car and his eyes widened looking at the road, escaping the drowsiness he had been feeling lately.

He nervously got out of his car to look at the young lady lying on the road, but he was so shocked to find out who it was.

This is the woman he recently saw like a fool dancing on the road. She did not know how to handle it or where to handle it due to confusion.

The young man approached and gently touched the woman. He used his index finger and tried to wake the woman. It did not move and the man decided to take it to the hospital.

He was driving to the hospital when the woman suddenly got up as she lay in the back of the car.

Mia woke up and felt her surroundings spinning. She opened her eyes and saw a man.

"who are you?" the man was surprised by Mia's question and stopped driving.

"Do you know me? Where will you take me?" Mia asked the man angrily as he raised his fist.

"I will take you to the hospital, I saw you lying on the road and I want to take you to the hospital" said the young man and the girl nodded. She lowered his fist and looked around the car.

"Are you okay?" the man asked her. It just nodded and she   seemed to get off the car.

The man heard Mia's stomach ring. Mia just smiled as she held her stomach.

"I'm hungry", Mia smiled at the man's question.

The man was just shaken by the girl's answer to him. Because of that, he decided to go first to a well-known Italian restaurant that he always goes to.

When they arrived at the Italian restaurant he quickly parked the car in the parking lot and looked at the girl sitting in the back of the car.

The girl smiled at him as they both looked right and got out of his car first. She just shook his head and followed the girl.

The amazement on the girl's face was obvious when they entered the restaurant. Look here, look there, look anywhere that's what the girl did.

Have you just been to an Italian restaurant?

The man asked in his mind as he watched every move of the girl.

Mia looked at the menu on the table. People were surprised when Mia suddenly picked it up and looked at the food.

"what are you doing?" angry man promises Mia. the man noticed that Mia was no longer behind him.

"I'm sorry, but I can't understand you" Mia just said to the foreigner she was with. The man turned his attention to the foreigner who was now talking to Mia. The man quickly headed in Mia's direction.

"Excuse me sir, I'm sorry for what happened. I'm sorry, this is her first time to eat here and she didn't know anything. I'm sorry" defend by the man to Mia.

"It's okay, just take a look at your girlfriend" the man was just surprised and the foreigner said nothing.

He held Mia's hand. The girl looked into the man's eyes. She tried to read what he was thinking but she could not.

This one is different

Mia said in her mind. They just look straight into each other's eyes. The man felt deprived because of the way the girl looked at him.

He averted his gaze from the girl and simply pulled her to a vacant table just near them. They both sat in front of the table and looked at the menu.

While the girl was busy looking at the menu the man looked at her. She was looking while he noticed the beauty of the girl.

She is not very white, her lips are red, the eyelashes are long and thick as well as her eyebrows. Her nose is pointed and her eyes are a bit narrow.

Her brown wavy hair matched her angelic face which added even more beauty to the girl. Even though its face is not stained with lipstick, it is still beautiful.

The man looked at Mia's face. Mia noticed so she took the veiled menu to her face. she turned her attention to the man who was now just looking at her.

"Yohoo" he said and woke up the man.


"This, this, this and this" Mia pointed to what she wanted to eat. The man laughed at the girl wanted to eat.

Mia just smiled at the man, "waiter?" the man said and Mia looked at it.

She imitated what the man did and said "waiter" once waved her hand. The man laughed at her actions and so did Mia.

They do not realize that they are becoming more comfortable with each other. All the food Mia wanted the man ordered.

When the waiter left, he turned to look at the girl who was already looking at him. The girl smiled at him as they looked at each other.

"What is your name?", The girl asked wrinkled.

"I'm Liam about you? ", the young man introduced himself and asked back.

"I'm Mia", Mia said smiling before holding out her hand in front of Liam. The young man immediately accepted it.

"By the way, what happened to you and you fainted in the middle of the road?", Liam asked Mia and that caused Mia to be shocked.

"Auhh, because ... I'm hungry and dizzy so I lost consciousness", Mia forced a smile in response to Liam.

The girl breathed when the man nodded as if he believed in her excuse.

To be continued...