Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 20: Someday, I will be alone again.

<p>Loving someone who can't love us back, is the most painful things in this world.</p>

<p>In this world, the mortals had been loving one another. Some of them, just love having some good looks and better appearance. Love doesn't just for appearance, love came from our heart and how we feel to other person.</p>

<p>Love, love can get us hurt. But why we choose to love?</p>

<p>Why choose love, if you know you'll be hurt?</p>

<p>The answer is simple. You're just in love. No one can stop a person whovs in love. The feeling they feel? Is real and unstoppable.</p>

<p>'Mia?' Jethro says, tapping her back and looking at her with a deathly glare.</p>

<p>She swallowed. 'Commander.. Er... What can I do for you?' she asked. Sighs, breathing deeply.</p>

<p>'Where's the necklace?' he glanced at her. A deathly glare, he was about like to eat Mia.</p>

<p>She looked at her neck and it was gone. Frustrated, she was surprised and shocked. 'I will find it, Commander' she says, she bowed and went out.</p>



<p>'The necklace is very important, without the necklace you will be gone in a sudden. The days will passed, if you didn't find it, then it's bad news for you'</p>

<p>She sighs. 'I can find it' Mia smiles. Thinking positively, helps her to be more confident.</p>

<p>'I'll be off.' Jethro says, suddenly dissappear.</p>

<p>She was a bit in a hurry. 'Ahh.... Watch were you're going' she says, annoyingly. She look up. Her eyes widened. It's Chandler, looking at her seriously. Swallowing, she breathe deeply and continue to walk.</p>

<p>'Wait! —' he says, she ran and went outside. He was confused, he just want to get back her necklace. He wrinkled his brows and shook his head.</p>

<p>We can find it Mia. Don't worry I'll help you' Mia knows that she's feeling depressed and she just help her not to feel alone.</p>

<p>But nothing change. Even though Andrea and the others are there. She's still feeling lonely.</p>

<p>'Thank you Andrea but, I want to be alone' she said in a low tone. Andrea understands her situation and bids her excuse then leave the room in silent. Things are in proper now, she shouldn't be sad for it is for the sake of all. 'loving Chandler is a mistake. We can't be together... Yet, I still followed the wants of my heart that leads me in a wrong way' she face palmed and suddenly, her heart clenched in pain and tears extremely falling down in her cheeks.</p>

<p>'I just can't declined it. It's unbearable' her mind said.</p>

<p>She shouldn't cried if she just followed the rules. She shouldn't be feeling awful towards herself if she just listened. But, what can she do? It all happened because she wants it. Her heart wants it.</p>

<p>When she's feeling numb and at the same time tired. She never noticed that she fell asleep. It's already evening when she awakes. Her stomach gurgles because of not eating lunch and dinner. She needs to eat. She shouldn't let her body suffer just because her heart is in pain.</p>

<p>She decided to come out and went to the kitchen. So she can feed herself. The hallways is already silent. Maybe because midnight is approaching? She opened the refrigerator and get some milk. Then, she opened the casiroles to check if there are foods left. Luckily, it has.</p>

<p>Her stomach shouts in hunger to that makes her move faster. Doesn't care if she acts like a woman who hasn't eaten in days. Damn.. she's really hungry!</p>

<p>While eating, she haven't notice that someone is watching her intently from the entrance of the kitchen. Mia makes Chandler confused. There's really is something going on that everyone is hiding it from him. Mia held her heads up and accidentally saw Chandler from the entrance. She gasps in shocked. Mouth still full.</p>

<p>Chandler walks towards the refrigerator and gets her water just in case if she needs it. 'you should have brought water too. Milk can't immediately digest the foods from your throat when the food is stucked'</p>

<p>Why do you have to act this way? Mia silently said to herself. While Chandler is busy getting his own food. She can't look at him in the eyes because whenever she do that all the walls she built will be gone and become soft for him again. Like a slave.</p>

<p>Chandler put the food he gets from the casiroles in her plate that makes her gasps again. a bit annoyed. She thought that it's for himself yet ended up for her. She was about to speak when Chandler spokes.</p>

<p>'Eat it up. You look like a stick'</p>

<p>A bit of awakwardness, she slowly swallowing the food she ate.</p>

<p>'Eat slowly, you know. No one's getting your food away from you' he says, teasingly. 'Tsk' she says, she continued to eat.</p>

<p>She was eating when Chandler was glancing at her. She can see him, using her side eyes she can see the man was glancing at her. She suddenly turned to looked at the man.</p>


<p>Their faces were very close at each other. She can feel his breath, his eyes were as sexy as ever. His face, it was a perfect shape. A handsome man like him, in front of Mia. She feels embarrassed. She swallowed and awkwardly averted her look at the man. A breath of relived came out on her. 'It was close' she say in her mind.</p>

<p>She finished her food immediately and hurriedly went back to her room. Without glancing or looking at him. She slammed the door and lean herself at the back of it. Retrieving the breath she holds. Panting. She can feel her cheeks getting heavy and reddish. Damn.. what happened just now is depressing. I should have stayed away from him!</p>

<p>'No, no. Not now. If I'm going to continue this, I'm going to broke the rule again! And Lord Jethro will be very mad.'</p>

<p>She consciously throw herself in her bed while thinking the happenings she had with Chandler earlier. She's going crazy alright! She can't even think straight! She kicked her feets because of irritation. How could be the world so teaseful and cruel to her? She did mistakes but she's paying her sins too.</p>

<p>Hours later... She's still awake. All her senses are all awake! She can't even take a nap! doesn't matter if how much force she applied to herself just to go back to sleep.</p>

<p>On the other hand, Chandler is in the balcony of his room. Looking at the colorful lights of the city. Something is bugging on him that he also can't ever sleep. His mind is full of questions that he's afraid to ask too. He feels like everyone is really hiding something hideous which cannot be said. He let out a very deep breath.</p>

<p>'something's strange with that girl. I just can't named it'.he says as he was looking at the surroundings.</p>

<p>Few minutes had passed, it still bother Mia what happensd earlier. Her heart was about to burts, she remember how fast her heart beats. She's still into him. She was in her bed;feeling of simplicity and earthiness.</p>

<p>'Do I have still feelings for him?' she says, asking herself alone in her room.</p>

<p>'Aish, I don't know what I'm saying. Why I'm thinking about this? We're done, its all over now.' she says. Rubbing her forehead. She nods.</p>

<p>The next she knew, it was morning. Yawning, she get up and went to the bathroom to do her daily routine. Afterwards, she went to the vanity dresser and fixed herself. She didn't get enough sleep last night; dark circles, and she looks so exhausted and haggard.</p>

<p>'I'm so ugly,' she says. Annoyed she went down and had some breakfast. She just rolled her eyes as she saw Athena and Chandler eating together.</p>

<p>As she sit down, she averted her looked onto him. 'Be natural, and act normal Mia' a voice said in her mind. She was foecely smiling while she sat down.</p>

<p>'Good morning everyone.' she greeted politely.</p>

<p>'What have gotten into you today Mia.? You act weird and look different.'one of her colleagues said and was laughing.</p>

<p>She just ignored her and just smiled. She started to eat.' Are you avoiding me?'he asked. The food on her mouth almost spit out.</p>

<p>' Why are you asking that? You startled me.'she says. Her mouth is still full while talking; which made her cheeks to look fat.</p>

<p>Chandler laughed.' You're cheeks, it's so funny. Haha. 'everyone was surprised how the man act. It was kinda weird and a bit awkward.</p>

<p>' What's you're problem?!'she can't stop to be annoyed. This man in front of her is giving her nuts. He was annoying, a man who had a perfect face and a wide smile on his face. He was perfect. All his features, it was unbelievable. He's too perfect.</p>

<p>But there is one thing Mia realized; After a long day. She think that someday the day will come, to the point that she will be alone again.</p>

<p>To be continued....</p>