Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 21: The gunshot

<p>Sunlight woke the young lady. She </p>

<p>was yawning before she gets up on her bed.</p>

<p>She went to the bathroom, doing her daily routines. After she went downstairs and the house looks so empty. She looked around but no one in the living room, not the kitchen.</p>

<p>'Guys?' she shouted and continue to look around.</p>

<p>Continue to walk, she didn't notice a chair as on in front of her.</p>


<p>'Ouch.' she says. As she was looking at her knees. It has bruises, and a little blood came out.</p>

<p>Such a badluck. 'Where's everyone? I never heard that there's any mission today.' She said to her herself. Then bended her knees to blow her sore bruises</p>

<p>And when she feels like it's okay now. She stands up and continues to walk around the mansion. She search the whole mansion already but, no one's really there.</p>

<p>'okay, I've been left alone here'  she was about to go back to her room for her to apply some first aid in her knees when a strong and firm hand touches her arms that makes her stopped from walking.</p>

<p>She startled.</p>

<p>'what the...? Why are you always makes me shock?!' she said as her heart strong beating.</p>

<p>'sorry, uhmm... Let'z clean your wounds' Chandler said. Slightly stummering. He wasn't his intension to make Mia frighten. It's just that, he really can't understand himself. And his body is acting weird that he also does weird stuffs!</p>

<p>Mia's lips slightly opened.  She can't believe that this man in fronts of him is really serious of what he is saying. While Chandler is distracted with those delicatable lips of her. When Mia saw his gaze. She escape that gaze and said 'i can do it myself. Thank you' and that she pull her arms out of Chandler's hand</p>

<p>Chandler was left standing in the hallway while following Mia through his gazes. He lets out a deep breath and was about to turn around when he remembers something.</p>

<p>It's something crazy that he can't also believe why he's thinking such stuffs with that girl he can't remember.</p>

<p>Mia sat on one of her sofa. She's feeling real tired. Even though she haven't done anything heavy works for this day. Yet, the day is not yet finished and here she is. Tired and feeling sick.</p>

<p>She lean her head in back of the sofa then gently closed her eyes.</p>


<p>Three knocks from the door  distracts her.</p>

<p>'the door is open!' she shouted. Maybe it's Andra?  She said in her mind and doesn't care to change her position. She's feeling lazy to do that.</p>

<p>'what is it?' she said sarcastically.</p>

<p>'i bring a first aid' that manly and so familiar voice  arosed her from resting! She can't believe that Chandler follows her in her room!</p>

<p>'i said I can do it myself' she said coldly trying to keep her amuck heart. But the man is persistent. Instead of walking out, he walks towards her. Her beating is not normal anymore, it's like her heart is going to broke her ribcage.</p>

<p>She gulped hard.</p>

<p>They're both silent as the man in front of her or readying the first aid to be applied in her bruises.</p>

<p>'It's not that big you know?' she said without looking at Chandler.</p>

<p>'i know. But, we need to clean it so it won't be infected' how can he even say that straightly?! Her mind shouted in irritation. Even if the real feeling she's feeling now is happiness</p>

<p>How bad she misses him. Taking care of her. She just hope that time will stop for the both of them. But reality sucks. It's impossible.</p>

<p>'im going to apply now the betadine, just tell me if it hurts so I'll be more gentle' she nod and at the same time make her silently blushed</p>

<p>'aw-ouch' she reacted when a lil pain hits her.</p>

<p>Chandler looks at her. Their eyes met. But Mia pulls the gaze first. And Chandler just puts his attention to her wounds and make it fast.</p>

<p>After he threats her wounds. He stood up and bids his goodbye to her. Mia just nod and never held gaze to him. Until he reached the door. He turned back and give a glimpse at her but, she's not looking at him. He's hurt without knowing something why he's feeling that way. He closed the door and go backs to his room.</p>

<p>Mia realized Chandler didn't change at all. He's still sweet even though he lost his memory.</p>

<p>'Goodness! I can't move on like this... I can see him every day! How can I move on?' she says, asking herself while walking around her room.</p>

<p>She's feeling better now after Chandler put some ointment on her bruises.</p>

<p>Laying on her bed, looking at the white ceiling. She sighs. 'How can he act so sweet like that. I can't even take him out of my mind.' she get her pillow and covers it to her face.</p>

<p>'How annoying!'</p>

<p>Ting!- A notification from her tablet. It was a mission, she had a mission after a long week had passed.</p>

<p>'What's could be my mission this day.' she says. Looking at her tablet she was astonished.</p>

<p>She went to her closet and take her white long coat and went outside. It was a windy day when she get out of her room.</p>

<p>'Gosh! You startled me!' she shouted as Chandler was in front of him.</p>

<p>'I'm sorry.' he says. She just rolls her eyes and continues to walk.</p>

<p>She was outside, looking around, and used her powers to disappear. She was in the area, slowly walking, she hid while looking at a man who has a gun with his hands.</p>

<p>The gun was pointed at a kid, the kid was crying. The man was the kid's father. He wants to kill his son because they don't have any money and can't buy any food.</p>

<p>'We can rest now.' the man said as he plugs the gun. Mia's eyes widened, she was shocked and surprised.</p>

<p>'Stop!' she shouted. The man was surprised to see Mia.</p>

<p>'Who are you the man asked her and pointed her at the gun. </p>

<p>The kid is crying and sobbing hard as his father is pointing the gun at Mia. Mia glance the kid and is relieve to see that he's fine.</p>

<p>She look at the man who's looking at her angrily.</p>

<p>'Why do you do that? its your son. Your own blood. Is your conscience doesn't affects you? Please, put down the gun' Mia said in a gentle tone.</p>

<p>The man is problematic, and Mia understands him. Because whenever a person carrying a big responsibilities in their shoulder can be depressed anytime.</p>

<p>'no! I can't fed him anymore! I can't earn money anymore! No one's gonna hire me! Now, tell me! What should I do that now I have nothing!' the man shouted as it's tears started to flow.</p>

<p>Mia slowly approached the man. But he's threatening her with the use of the gun. That's why she stopped and felt nervous. 'i can do this. This is my duty. I need to rescue them both' she said to herself and is gulping a large amount of air to calm herself up and continue to walk.</p>

<p>'dont go near me! Or else I'm gonna shot you!' the man threatened. But it doesn't affect her anymore. She just smiled to the man. To assure him, That it's fine. Don't be afraid. I'm not gonna harm you. That was inside in her head.</p>

<p>Tho, the man is persistent and serious. The smiles that Mia showed. Doesn't affect to the man. But despite of it, he shot her. She didn't expect it. She felt the blood flowing down in her stomach.</p>

<p>She's being shot near the heart. But still she didn't stop and showed the man that the bullet doesn't affects her. Even though her vision is started to blurry.</p>

<p>The gun that the man was holding has been dropped down on the surface. Fear is evident in his face. After seeing the fresh blood from Mia's dress.</p>

<p>'dont be afraid. I'm not going to harm you. Please stay calm' even though Mia is in so much pain she still manage to make the man calmed.</p>

<p>'love your son because he's your only treasure. The only loved ones you have. Make him as an inspiration to continue living and not to easily surrender. Life is not perfect. Though, life is full of challenges. Even us humans, are not perfect. It's okay to be mad. To be angry. But don't do stuffs like this anymore. You have a tool. See? You have a hands, you have your body. You can work. Don't let those people throw harsh words on you don't matter their estates just mind your own business. It'll just make you weak. Live your life to the fullest mister... Love your son. For in the future, he will take care of you, he'll work for you. Don't be afraid but instead, survive this lifetime. Life is given once. If you do things that you'll regret in the end. It will no longer come back to it's usual pace'</p>

<p>She smiled as she saw how the man realizes and hug his son. 'i'm sorry.. I'm really sorry son.</p>

<p>'papa!' the kid hug him back as it continues to call his name.</p>

<p>'my mission is... Done.. here' and that she disappeared.</p>

<p>'thank--- where she is?' the man asked his son</p>

<p>'She disappears papa. She's an angel!' the man smiled and hugged his son again 'thank you!' he utter silently.</p>

<p>Mia teleported at the mansions garden. Weak and is in a bad situation. She collapsed.</p>

<p>To be continued....</p>