Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 22: We can't lose her

<p>Mia was unconscious, when he saw her in the garden. Fear consumed him. His heart is beating hysterically as he run fast towards her.</p>

<p>Mia's dress was covered with blood and she's very pale that makes him more panicked. 'this is not the time to be blank' he carry her with his cold and shaking hands. The young lady is in her deep sleep that whatever he does, she can't be awaken. He layed her in her bed and immediately calls for a doctor. Panickly.</p>

<p>Looking so much worried, he sighs. 'W-what happened to y-you?' he asked as he holds the hands of the sleeping Mia. Trying to get rid of the bullet, he can't do it.</p>

<p>Athena was on her way to the girl's room. She run very quick because of their leaders sudden reaction that makes her worried. She checked all the girls room but Chandler isn't there. She looked at Mia's room and didn't waste a time to come by. Her eyes widened in shocked because of what she is noticing. Mia in a severe state makes her knees weak.</p>

<p>She can't ever believe this.</p>

<p>'Mia will never put herself in the line especially when she knew that it's dangerous.' she said to herself.</p>

<p>'What happened?' she asked as soon as she get near to the man.</p>

<p>'i just saw her in the garden, with her dress stained with her blood'</p>

<p>'did you call the doctor already?' Athena said as she keeps on checking Mia's body intensity.</p>

<p>'yes, he's on his way already' Chandler said. He can't take his eyes off of her. He's worried. Real bad. It's like, his heart is breaking because if he is seeing 'please be fine, be okay'' his mind shouted. He keeps on walking there and there. He's panicking dammit! He don't know why he's reacting this much. The girl is nothing to him. He shouldn't be putting too much in his plate because of this girl!</p>

<p>*Ding*dong* the gates bell rang</p>

<p>'maybe that's doctor Alfonso already' he was about to go out when Athena stop her</p>

<p>'I go, you stay here' she volunteered and immediately went out from the room to guide the doctor up to Mia's room.</p>

<p>Athena was worried to see the Doctor. 'This is not good.' she says in her mind. Knowing that this doctor could harm Mia. Doctors can harm immortals like Mia, Chandler, and even Athena. She could imagine what if the doctor finds out the true identity of Mia.</p>

<p>She sighs as she opened the door and greeted Doctor Alfonso.</p>

<p>'Where is the patient?' Doctor Alfonso said.</p>

<p>'She's in her room. Follow me.' Athena walk first, Alfonso followed.</p>

<p>The young lady, Mia was still unconscious when Alfonso arrived. Looking at the girl, Alfonso can sense something about her. Something is weird about the girl.</p>

<p>Alfonso, slowly walking to the girl. He was near the girl when Chandler and his eyes met. It has lighting. A lighting strike between their eyes.</p>

<p>'It's weird.' he says in his mind as he averted his eyes to the Doctor.</p>

<p>Chandler never takes his gaze away from doctor Alfonso. He really felt something that he can't named. 'Something is not right here.' And when he's doubted. Something bad will happen.</p>

<p>He closed and open his eyes immediately. Sigh, and was about to stop the doctor when he realized that Mia needs threatment. She's unconscious and is in the verge of dying.</p>

<p>'the patient needs to undergo surgery. The bullet was placed near the heart. And if she stays like this for long. It'll be the death of her' the doctor said. Feeling pity towards Mia.</p>

<p>And of course , Chandler won't allow that to happen. Because he knows, he'll be in hell if he has nothing to do for Mia's condition. He'll just blame himself not minding if she's just a stranger.</p>

<p>For Chandler, Mia is just a stranger. But his heart is shouting something that he can't named. It's like, his heart knows this girl for a very long time.</p>

<p>When it compares to the story, it's like reincarnation but in different level. It's not high but low. He forgets but his heart knows.</p>

<p>'we don't have any equipments here, so I suggest you to bring the patient in the hospital for a better threatment' said the doctor</p>

<p>Silence arosed between them. Chandler is thinking something deep. While Athena is readying Mia. If he'll allow the doctor's suggestion. He can't be sure if Mia is in the good hands. He's still doubting to the point that he's thinking too far.</p>

<p>'darn it!' he cursed himself. The doctor will threat her. That's all. Nothing's gonna happen bad to her. I'll be there. I'll protect her.</p>

<p>'dont allow...' a kind of whisper awakened him. He looks around. no one's there except them three. 'Who was it? Should I follow it?' he's mind asked.</p>

<p>'Mia's ready. Let's go. We're wasting our time here!' Athena shouted when she saw Chandler is not moving.</p>

<p>'Chandler, Let's go! We can't waste any other time for shits here!' and then Athena quickly left the room</p>

<p>He follow her immediately and stop Athena by gripping her arm. 'if Mia needs to undergo surgery, then it should be done here. Take her back to her room. don't you dare disobey my orders' in an instance he disappeared.</p>

<p>'Chandler, this is not the right time for this.' Athena said but he was already gone. Without saying goodbye, Chandler was gone.</p>

<p>Athena, can see the future but right now she just can't. She is in the point that she can't read and see future because she was too worried about the girl's condition. She was just focused on the girl.</p>

<p>A sigh in disbelief she release as she get the girl back in her room.</p>

<p>'What happened to Mia?!' a worried question said by Leo when she arrived at the entrance of the door. He looked at the girl, walking closer. He folds his fist. 'He should pay for this.' angrily he said then run downstairs.</p>

<p>'Leo? Where re you going?' Andra shouted as she followed him.</p>

<p>'Hey. Mia, what have you done?' Athena said to the sleeping Mia. She went back inside the room and transfer Mia to her bed.</p>

<p>'she's wasting too much blood' the doctor said it in awe that makes Athena more worried. But, she can't just forget Chandler's command. She knows that something is up, and this time she can't use her vision to check on to the future that makes her more irritated. She felt useless.</p>

<p>Leo follows Chandler's path. But Chandler's too fast for him to catch up of. The current place he teleported is in the hospital's room equipment. And a lot of things are missing.</p>

<p>'damn that bastard' he muttered. And instead of keeping his temper hot. He controls it to be cold and just help Chandler to fetch the things needed.</p>

<p>'eveything's ready. You can now start the operation' said Chandler and carry Mia to his room where the equipments has been placed. As expected, the doctor is shock!</p>

<p>Athena follows but when she noticed that the doctor is in a state of mental shock. She clapped her hand in front of the doctor's face 'faster!' she shouted that awakes the doctor from overthinking.</p>

<p>The doctor started the operation. He told everyone to wait outside but Chandler insists to stay inside. The doctor feels uncomfortable because Chandler was watching him. A deathly glare Chandler gave him. Looking at every move he makes.</p>

<p>The doctor was surprised by the color of the girl's blood. It was red at first but right now it turned blue.</p>

<p>'What is this?' the doctor said in his mind but Chandler able to read it. Chandler immediately looked at the doctor as he noticed the blood of Mia turned blue.</p>

<p>'What is this?' the doctor asked Chandler as he go near. 'Why her blood turned blue?' he added.</p>

<p>'Just do your job!' he shouted. The doctor was shocked at how he acted. Athena hear and feel something isn't right. She went inside, looking shocked. When she saw the blood of Mia turned blue.</p>

<p>'This can't be.' she said in her mind and get near to the girl's body.</p>

<p>'Just operate her, get the damn bullet!' Chandler panicked. The doctor was stunned. He was just stating at the girl's blood.</p>

<p>'I can make an experiment for this.' says the doctor on his mind.</p>

<p>'Don't you dare, make an experiment using her. Or else!'</p>

<p>'How did you-'</p>

<p>'Just do your job and then you can leave.' he said.</p>

<p>The operation is successful, Athena send the doctor outside. 'Thank you for your help doctor.'she says politely. But before the doctor left, Jethro arrived; waiting at the gate to erase the doctor' s memory.</p>

<p>'Gosh! You startled me! Who are you?'</p>

<p>Jethro didn't answer, he sighs as he started to erase the doctor's memory. Everything he saw, Jethro erases it.</p>

<p>Luckily, it went well. The memory was erase. Commander Jethro went inside the house to see the condition of Mia. He was worried, Mia is kinda like a daughter for him.</p>

<p>'We can't lose her.'</p>

<p>To be continued...</p>