Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 23: You came

<p>One week later.....</p>

<p>Mia was doing fine. She can now continue her missions but something is weird about her. She's quieter right now. She didn't speak much. Sometimes, she didn't go out to her room. There's a time, one day she's didn't came out in her room; which made all her colleagues get worried.</p>

<p>'Mia?' Chandler holds her wrist and tries to stop her from fell on the stairs. </p>

<p>Mia was shocked; her chest starts to pound. The beating was too fast. Her heart even skips a beat when she was too close to the young man's face. His pointed nose was too close to her face.</p>

<p>Swallowed, she averted her eyes from the man and stand straight. 'Thank you.' she says formally. Avoiding to have eye contact with the man. </p>

<p>Both of them don't know how to make a conversation because they are feeling the same awkwardness In order to escape Chandler's sight, she decided to walk and leave Chandler in the staircase then went to the garden for fresh air. She's doing fine but she can't understand herself there's really something that she can't name. And she's not feeling it well. It distracts her. It's like, she's not her? 'I shouldn't be thinking this way, I'm already okay. And if I want things to be out in place. I'll just take an action for me not to doubt myself anymore.' she said to herself. On the other hand... Mia didn't notice that her friends in the mansion are looking at her in a place that she can't notice. 'is she really okay?' asked Leo. No one answers. Because they have the same feeling. It's like, Mia is a stranger?</p>

<p>Athena saw Mia in the garden, look like the girl had a hard time. Things between her and Chandler, it is not easy after all.</p>

<p>'You okay?' she asked. Mia looked away and quickly walked backward. </p>

<p>'I gotta go.' she says. Quickly avoid the young lady and ran towards the gate. She glanced back at the Athena with a sad face before she left. She deeply sighs, continues to walk. </p>

<p>Mia was walking on the side of the road when she saw Liam from afar. She was smiling at the man. 'You're my crush until now, Liam. But my feelings for Chandler are different from what I feel towards you.' the young lady said to herself. Turning her back on him, someone grabbed her that made her shocked. </p>

<p>'Hey!' she tries to get rid of the man but, suddenly the man covers her mouth. </p>

<p>'Uhmm!!' she shouted, trying to get a grip on the man.</p>

<p>'Mia? It's me.' the man said as he took off his hoodie. Mia's eyes widened as she saw a very familiar face but can't remember it. She looked at the man from his head down to his toes. Shooking her head, she had no idea who is this man. </p>

<p>'Who are you?' she asked while she lifts her hands and makes some magic. The man just chuckles; looking at her, the man thinks she's not in a good state. Wrinkled brows, she looked at the man seriously. </p>

<p>'I'm not joking. Who are you?!' she shouted, the man stops to laugh and make a serious face.</p>

<p>Mia is shivering because of the man's expression, it's making her uncomfortable. She silently walks backward when a strong air passes through her. She's having goosebumps and she's starting to feel nervous.</p>

<p>She really knows this man but it seems like she can't remember the man's name. It's now bothering here and make her more nervous</p>

<p>She cannot think straight. Like, 'what should I do? What to do?!' she's starting to panic.</p>

<p>As she walks backward, the man is also walking forward. Chasing her. She has no other choice but to run. So she runs as fast as she could. She doesn't even mind where could her feet bring her.</p>

<p>While she's running, she noticed that the place is getting darker. She looked up at the sky and it's also getting reddish. 'what place is this?' she wonders when she felt like the man isn't following her anymore. She did check the place too. 'where am I now?' she sighs</p>

<p>'i need to go back' she said to herself and run again. This time, she's going home.</p>

<p>While she's running back, a black air is approaching making her step backward and run again. That's the smoke who snatch her necklace!</p>

<p>'I need to get my necklace now!' </p>

<p>She hides in one of the old buildings. The smoke is wandering around the area and she has a feeling that the necklace was just around the place. She starts walking again, trying to find the necklace. But it seems like, that smoke spirit is the one who controls this lost city. Yes, a lost city. This is her first time to be here in this place. So she guesses it to be a lost city. A lost city where most people exist.</p>

<p>She tries any other direction but she's being played. She came back to the place where she stopped earlier. Just like what the hell is this place. She said annoyingly. Her mind starts to think and she's not also nervous anymore. she can find the necklace and come back home. That's what her mind is shouting. 'now, I gotta think deeper'</p>

<p>'Black smoke? Where are you?' Mia shouted and wandered. While looking around she found some old trees near the road. 'Where am I?' she keeps asking herself while wandering. </p>

<p>She started to walked. Without having any clue, without no one, she can talk. She's lost. </p>

<p>'I just need to find that damn, Black smoke. Where is that bitch.'</p>

<p>'have you seen Mia?' Athena asked Chandler 'no, is she went missing again?' Chandler asks coldly Athena's brow to turn into a very questioning look. 'What's wrong with you?' she can't keep it. So she asked.</p>

<p>Chandler can't tell Athena about worrying about the girl but deep inside; he's very worried. Each sounds the clock does, every heartbeat had skip onto him. He went back to his room and walked around; trying to find some ways how to find the girl.</p>

<p>'where are you woman' he said to himself. He's not feeling better already. he needs to do something! Taking his coat in his closet, he quickly went outside to look for Mia. He looked up in the sky and it was about to rain. He just ignored it; continue to walk to find the girl. </p>

<p>'Have you seen a young lady passes here?' he asked as he passed by a vendor on the side of the road. </p>

<p>The vendor said 'no' he sighs. But before he left, he never forgets to say 'thank you' to the old man there in the vendor. While, On the other hand...</p>

<p>Mia was still walking with no water, no food; she feels exhausted. 'Someone there? Help me' she shouts in a low tone; she was feeling weak. A few moments later ... She collapsed, the last thing she saw was light was going near to her. </p>

<p>'Mia.....Mia...' the white light was calling onto her name. She slowly opened her eyes; can't see it clearly because it was too bright to look at.</p>

<p>'Help.' she shouted and reached her hands at the light walking towards her. </p>

<p>'get up, don't let the dark invades you and owns you. You are the only one who can save yourself.' said the light before it disappears. If she's feeling weak earlier, now, she had enough strength to continue. she gets herself up and faces the dark spirit who is now laughing because of her downfall 'do you think I let you own me? Well, you thought it wrong!' she said angrily and cast the different magics she has that makes the dark spirit in great shock. 'impossible!' the dark smoke screamed in annoyance before it really disappears. </p>

<p>'Where are you? Give me back the necklace!' as she shouted she fell onto the ground again. The sky was clear, with no dark clouds. It was back to normal, but Mia was on the road and was unconscious. She was too desperate to found the necklace she lost. </p>

<p>The magic that she cast is her new discovery of spell. She's also shocked by how her body glows up that invades the darkness.</p>

<p>It's already back to normal now. Her body is still lightning while she's recovering in the middle of the road a few seconds ago'what happened just now?' she unbelievably asked herself.</p>

<p>Chandler was wandering around until he notices someone on the side of the road. It seems too weak to walk. Chandler walked closer and saw Mia. He quickly ran towards the young lady. </p>

<p>'Chandler' the young lady says as her eyes closed. </p>

<p>'Mia!' Mia unconsciously turns her head to the person who's calling her. The light in her body disappears. And that she noticed, it's raining. Chandler is running towards her while using the jacket as his roof for him not to get wet. Chandler was soaking wet; he ignored it and went to Mia immediately. </p>

<p>To be continued...</p>