Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 24: Letting you go, My Love

<p>The rain continues to pour. Chandler carry Mia; he directly used his power to teleport.</p>

<p>They were at the mansion, Athena was surprised to see both of them were soaking wet.</p>

<p>'What happened.?' she asked worriedly and walked near to them.</p>

<p>'Someone attacked her.' Chandler said; he was really panic. Trace of worriedness was on his face.</p>

<p>'Chan-dler' they all looked at Mia. Her eyes were oeon but she looks tired.</p>

<p>By seven o'clock that evening, Chandler mood transformed into a quiet and serious. He didn't even talked, he just staring at the woman to wake up.</p>

<p>'I-i want to r-rest' Mia stammered as she was looking at Chandler who's worried of her.</p>

<p>'Okay Mia, I'll bring you to your room' he said to her and started to walk upstairs. Neverminding the others who are also looking at them.</p>

<p>He layed her to her bed. She's very weak but she's still awake. He felt relief. Because, he knows himself if Mia went again to a deep sleep he will not be feeling okay. He'll become worried and worried.</p>

<p>He went to Mia's closet and look for a new shirt or a towel then he went to the bathroom to get a basin with a warm water inside.</p>

<p>'why did you keep on doing this?' Mia ask him in a low weak tone. That the two of them can only hear. Her eyes watered because of the sudden pain she felt.</p>

<p>Chandler can't speak because he don't know what to answer. He's speechless. at the same time his heart started to pound.</p>

<p>'Why c-can't you answer m-me?' the tears she keep from falling... Is started to fall. 'Do you know how much suffering you gave when you takes care of me..' she sob hard.</p>

<p>He can't understand on why Mia says such things when they meet for a short period of time. He can't also understand himself anymore.</p>

<p>Seeing her crying also made his heart cry.</p>

<p>'What do you mean?'Chandler asked her; looking at the woman with no emotion on his face. A blank face.</p>

<p>'Stop pretending Chandler! I feel horrible right now.' she sobs.' Why are you always looked for me? Why you're always there for me whenever I'm in danger? Why!'</p>

<p>'I'm sorry you misunderstood this situation. I just do my job.' he says.</p>

<p>'Your job? Is your job, also included taking care of me? Looking out for me? Is that what you called job?'</p>


<p>'Then why?!'</p>

<p>'Because it's my duty to protect you. As your leader! You, my members is my duty whom should I be proctecting.' Mia just sighs and wiped those tears.</p>

<p>Until Mia goes to sleep while crying. Chandler can't speak to her. It's hard for him to speak especially when he has no idea on what the girl is saying.</p>

<p>'what do I do?' he said to himself while unconsciously wiping the tears from Mia's cheeks.</p>

<p>He sigh.</p>

<p>Athena went inside-looking at him worriedly.</p>

<p>'There it goes again.' Athena said which made Chandler to be confused.</p>


<p>'You feel the same thing again. That's how you feel about her before you've been punished by Jethro.v she explained.</p>

<p>He was looking at Athena, wondering what she really means.' I don't know what your saying. I really don't get what you're saying. 'he said confusingly.</p>

<p>'I can't answer all the questions on your mind. Just don't let other creatures hurt Mia. She's the key, how we can solve this mess.' she disappeared, Chandler didn't said a thing.</p>

<p>He's really confused. he looked at Mia who is resting. Whenever he looks at her, he melts. His heart soften and it's like.. it's longing for her.</p>

<p>And what Athena said earlier is bugging him. Punishment? Why would Lord Jethro do that to him? He haven't done any mistakes for him to give some punishment. Maybe, Athena is just teasing him.</p>

<p>But, she looks so serious. It's impossible for it to be a joke. 'ugh!' it's a pain in the ass for him to think about such things.</p>

<p>'what are you to me? Are you related to me? Mia... I don't know myself anymore... It's like you are something closest to my heart.. when I can't see you I always think about bad things.. I can't keep my cool, I always end up on chasing you...' he said while caressing Mia's hair. He don't exactly know what to do. Seeing Mia in a state like earlier, is unbearable.</p>

<p>He doesn't want to see it again. He arrange the comforter for Mia not to get cold.</p>

<p>This is the hardest decision that he will going to do.</p>

<p>He's going to avoid Mia and try not to show any care for her.</p>

<p>'What are you gonna do now?' he was startled and turned around. It was Athena, she's back after a minute had passed.</p>

<p>'I don't know either. But I choose to stay away from her.'</p>

<p>'You did that once but you failed.' Athena said in disappointment.</p>

<p>He was looking at the young lady and stood. 'What really happened to me? Athena? Can you please explain it to me?' he said while looking straight on her eyes.</p>

<p>Someone higher knows how much she wants to say the truth to Athena but she's not in the place for her to vulgar.</p>

<p>'Im sorry Chandler but I can't say the truth to you. My life will be in vain once, I disrespected Lord Jethro's command' Athena is sad and feel pity towards the two. Suffering to the same unrequited love.</p>

<p>'Whatever your decisions are... I and the others are always here for you to support you' Athena tap his shoulder before walking towards Mia</p>

<p>'She suffer too much. How could the Lord afford to watch her' she sigh and caressed Mia's wet cheek.</p>

<p>'i have a favor' he said in a low baritone</p>

<p>'what is it?' Athena pays her attention to him. Still holding Mia's hand</p>

<p>'please take care of Mia in my place' a tear was about to escape from his eyes and in order not to fall, he looks up and regain the tear from falling.</p>

<p>'I will' is what athena's respond.</p>

<p>One last time, Chandler is weak while walking towards the woman that his heart choses and pounded for.</p>

<p>He wants to break down now but he is in front of her. He can't just let her see the weak side if him. He can't ever let her see and feel that she is his weakness.</p>

<p>'I'll stay away, I won't be here and always there for you to save you' he caress her cheeks up to her hair. He noticed that she's snoring in silent. 'i will no longer beside you. I will be cold and show you that I don't care about you, if you see me that in place, please don't cry..' he looks up the ceiling. This is real hard for him 'because when I saw you in that pace, it'll be going to be hard for me' his pointed finger is tracing and wonders her face. From the forehead, down to the nose...</p>

<p>'goodbye, my love' and his finger reaches to her soft lips. The tears he hold is falling as he go near Mia's lips for the goodbye kiss.</p>

<p>After that he disappears and teleported to the place where he used to standby whenever he's in pain.</p>

<p>He can't hold the pain anymore like how he holds the pain in front of his love.</p>

<p>He cried it all. Like there's no tomorrow of mourning. He lost her. He can't fight the love he had for her. The only thing he knows is to cry. He cried like a crybaby. But he doesn't matter how he's appearance look like.</p>

<p>He feels so empty... </p>

<p>He's weak to the point that he wants to disappear and will never come back..</p>

<p>So that the pain he's feeling right now will vanished too.</p>

<p>The Lord Jethro is filled of disappointment while he's looking at Chandler who's crying under the big tree.</p>

<p>He erases Mia in his memory yet, no changes...</p>

<p>'This is the best for them.' the commander says.</p>

<p>'But, commander. As you can see, both of them are suffering. It gives me a flashback of you and your love.' one of the assistant of commander Jethro said.</p>

<p>'That's enough. Our love story is not worth to fight for.' Commander Jethro said, looking sad and walked away.</p>

<p>Chandler still sobs. Chest was about to burst. It was painful, the painful decision he'd ever take; is to leave the woman he truly loves.</p>

<p>But for Mia's sake and him, he will give his best to endure pain. To forget his feelings and starts to move on.</p>

<p>Mia wakes up the other day. She felt a little dizzy. Athena gave her a glass of water the she obliquely accept.</p>

<p>'thank you'</p>

<p>'no problem, by the way, are you feeling okay? Is there something that you are feeling bad?'</p>

<p>And because of Athena's words, she accidentally remember the scenarios before she fell asleep. Her comes her skipping heart again. Pain aroused and tears started to build in her eyes.</p>

<p>'How long will I'm going to suffer like this?' she said in her mind as she felt the bleeding heart of hers.</p>

<p>To be continued... </p>