Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 25: Good night, My love

<p>'Mia? How are you feeling.?' Leo asked, looking at her. </p>

<p>'I'm fine.' she replied. Slowing standing up and went to the bathroom. She glanced at herself in the mirror; she looks so exhausted. Dark circles on her eyes and her body feel so heavy. </p>

<p>'What happened to me? Why my whole body is aching?' she asked herself while looking at the mirror. 'Did something happened to me yesterday?' she added confusingly and try to remember everything. </p>

<p>She went out after she fixed herself. Looking at her closet, she can't choose what clothes she will wear. 'I don't have anything to wear?.' </p>

<p>'This will do. As usual.' she says. Wearing some black pants and a white t-shirt. White shoes and a pin on her hair. She went downstairs. Everyone was at the dining table except for Chandler. Mia wandered but she can't sight the man. She looks in confusion. 'Where would he be.?' she asked in her mind. </p>

<p>'Mia, come here. Let's have breakfast.'Athena said and placed a plate on her table. Mia walked near the dining table and sat down. Feeling disappointed not to see Chandler. She began to eat. After she finished her meal she stood and went outside, in the garden particularly. </p>

<p>She chose to sit on one of the wooden benches. Ha... she sighs in her mind. The day is fine and the sun is in the middle of the sky. There's no doubt that it will not rain. The flowers are alive as it looks beautiful more in very good weather. She stood up when she noticed something that is hiding under the flowers. She went there and look for that thing. A cute and white kitten suddenly lick her shoes. She's stunned for a while but she recovered from the shock. She's amazed at how the kitten acts. Tho, the kitten is a Lil bit dirty and ashy. She stood up with the kitten in her arms and went inside the house for her to bathe the kitten. The kitten gives her relief and forgot the things that bother her every time she's alone.</p>

<p>She made a dress for the kitten and put some ribbons on its ear. The kitten is a girl so she dressed her like a real girl. Everyone is looking at Mia who is giggling because of the kitten. They don't know how to reacts since Mia hates cats before. </p>

<p>Mia picks the kitten because she feels like she's will never be alone. It's something that she can treasure and takes care of. She doesn't know why she feels light whenever the kitten wants her to embrace. It's just like...freedom from the pain she suffers these past few days and the scenarios that bug her head. And the heart that is swelling because of one person she never saw today. </p>

<p>Mia, that cat... Is so cute!' Andra said her face is blushing</p>

<p>'where did you found that?' Athena said while approaching them to touch the cat.</p>

<p>'uhm.. in the garden. She's very adorable right?' she asked and caressed the cat's hair. Leo and the others approach them to see the cat and they are all amazed just like how Mia felt the first time she saw the cat.</p>

<p>'where is Chandler?' everyone is stunned. And can't believe why Mia is not stuttering or not doesn't affected when she asked them. It's new!</p>

<p>'he went out yesterday but until now he has never come back. Maybe he's still in a mission?' Leo answered. But Mia is not paying any attention to his answers. Because her full attention is on the cat.</p>

<p>It's already evening but she hasn't seen Chandler. 'where is that young man go?' she murmured to herself.</p>

<p>The cat is sleeping in her lap while she's leaning on the headboard of the bed.</p>

<p>grrrr her stomach tumbled.</p>

<p>'i guess I need to eat now' she slowly transfers the cat to the bed for it not to be awake by her moves and went downstairs after. She was walking towards the kitchen and open the fridge as she gets near.</p>

<p>'I just get these.' she said and get some milk and cereals. Putting the cereals on the bowl, a shadow appeared on the window in the living room. She stopped. Looking at the shadow makes her chest to pound. </p>

<p>She slowly starts walking to see who was it. Breathing deeply, she slowly holds the curtain and looks onto the shadow outside. A tall man was outside a man with a black hat, black shoes, and even a black coat.</p>

<p>'Who is this man.?' she asked herself while looking at the man. </p>

<p>On the other hand, Athena woke up. She knew someone is here for her. She can feel that this man is outside and looking for her. Slowly she walked but she was shocked to see Mia looking outside the window. </p>

<p>'Mia?' she called out her name in a whispering way. </p>

<p>'Mia?' she called out again as Mia turned her back on her. </p>

<p>'Someone is here.' Athena read it on her lips. </p>

<p>'I know.' she replied.</p>

<p>'You can eat now, I'll just go and talk to him.' Athena said and left her. She was left confused. She gets back to her place and started to eat the food she prepared. She keeps thinking of the man outside, she was curious and take a look at them. </p>


<p>They were kissing. Mia's mouth wide open and she was stunned. She can't even make a move. She was stuck there, looking at the kissing scene they made. 'What are you doing Mia?' she said to herself and try to move but her body can't. </p>

<p>She manages to get her eyes off the two. She's still shocked. </p>

<p>'what was that I'm seeing?' she asked herself. Still, can't get over that scene she's seeing.</p>

<p>She went back to the dining and continues to eat her food. But no matter how she wants to focus on her food, she still can't. It keeps on bugging her. Like...</p>

<p>'maybe, I was just imagining things' she said and scoop a portion of food and eat it. The same as the first, that scene will not leave her mind. It's making her want to know more!</p>

<p>Until she finished eating and went to her room to take a bath and change. She really can't get over with it. So she leans on the window to take a peek again.</p>

<p>Athena is not in her room yet so, she guessed that Athena is still there with that man. 'damn.. what am I doing!' she walks away from the window. 'this is crazy' she scolded herself and get the towel for her to take a bath.</p>

<p>She was in the bathroom, singing. That kissing scene was still on her head. She remember the first kiss she had with Chandler; it made her laugh and smile. She holds her lips and closed her eyes- tries to remember the moment Chandler kissed her. </p>

<p>Her cheeks turned red. Looking at herself in the mirror she smiles and continues singing. After taking a very sweet bath, she went to her vanity dresser to moisturize her skin especially her face. </p>

<p>'Mia? You're really beautiful.' she says in a mean tone. </p>

<p>'Thank you.' she answers and laugh at what she's doing. </p>

<p>She was drying her hair using a hairdryer. She remembers the first time she used it. It was embarrassing and she was like a fool in front of Chandler at that time. But right now she learned from him. A lot of learning, Chandler gave to her. </p>

<p>She went to her bed after she makes herself ready for sleep. The cat is still sleeping. Soundly. She chuckled and make herself comfortable at the bed. She'll be sleeping with the cat. And that makes her happy. The scenario she has seen earlier didn't bother her now. If Athena was really into that guy, she respects it. Because she knows the feeling of being Inlove. And that will make you crazy over it. The only question is... Will she report about that? 'im not doing that. Athena is a good friend' she said to herself before laying her body on the bed and closed her eyes. Hayyy... Tomorrow is another day.</p>

<p>Mia's room is already dark. So Chandler knows that Mia is already asleep. From the balcony of his room, he teleported to her room. He saw her sleeping. He went near her. 'no matter how I want to be away from you, my heart is still shouting for you that will make me go back to you Mia' Chandler said that to himself. While looking at the beautiful face of her. He was about to caress her hair when she moves to the other side that makes him stunned. Their face is an inch away. His breathing hitched. It takes seconds for him to recover and walk backward so she won't be awakened by him. He doesn't want her to see that he's here. It'll make his decision thrown into ashes. A glimpse will do.</p>

<p>'Good night, My love.' he says as he closed the door and left. </p>

<p>To be continued...</p>