Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 26: Athena's boyfriend

<p>'darkness, darkness will soon to rise again.' an evil laugh Amari release. She was with the two girls, they were planning to have another attack on the mortals.</p>

<p>'That damn Mia girl is no match for me.' she said angrily.</p>

<p>'We apologize for what happened last time, Commander.' they both bowed their heads.</p>

<p>Amari let out a deep breath and smiles at them. 'I can't hurt you two, you will be the key. You will the key to drag that Mia girl down.' she says.</p>

<p>Chandler, Athena, and the others hadn't any idea what will be going to happen. They were clueless.</p>

<p>Even Athena didn't see what would happen. She didn't see anything from the future. Amari had blocked it using her powers, that Athena couldn't get it.</p>

<p>Jethro didn't have any choice but to let Amari do that. It's a part of their missions too. Jethro sighs as he knew all that would happen but this is for the good of them. This is part of their missions and goals to encounter. </p>

<p>'Here are the potions I've invented. This will make you invisible. With this, we can now win against the good immortals in the mortal world. We can now rule and lead the mortal with all our power. Hahaha,' Amari was laughing evilly as she lifted the potion. </p>

<p>shes 'You are truly evil, Commander.' both of them say and smile like a demon. The three of them really like to do evil things, there are creatures like them who really want evilness and darkness over goodness and peace. </p>

<p>All the disciples of Lord Jethro don't know what will happen the further days. Inside the mansion the good immortals including Mia has no idea that they only living their life like a normal day, just waiting for their missions. Athena's secret is still hidden. This, Mia has no intention of vulgarizing it. Chandler is following his decisions and that is to avoid Mia. Stay away from Mia. And will just observe her from afar that only violates in his one of his promises to her. He can't just sit there and let her whenever she's in danger. Leo is observing Mia's actions too. He can't believe that she moves on too fast. But behind Mia's happy expression is where the pain is placed within her. She just can't live the pain and gives her attention to Mika. Her cat.</p>

<p>'i feel pity towards our opponent commander. They have no idea what our plan is' the ally of Amari chuckled after what she utters that also make Amari laugh like she already won.</p>

<p>'They're gonna lose this fight now. I can feel that victory is coming towards us.' she said while laughing like an evil. </p>

<p>'Our plan will be a success.' she shouted as soon as her ally's bowed to pay respect to her. </p>

<p>Mia was in the garden. Chandler was looking at her from afar. 'This way would be better.' he says turning his back and left. </p>

<p>'Mika?' Mia shouted as she was finding Mika, her cat. She looked everywhere, every corner but she can't find the cat. </p>

<p>'What are you doing?' Athena asked as she gets near to the young lady. </p>

<p>'I'm finding my cat, Mika. She was just here but after I came back she's gone.' Mia replied in a worried tone. </p>

<p>'All animals will be under my spell and follow my orders. They will grow into big and wild animals. Their precious animals will be wild and can kill thousands of people.' Amari said while she makes a spell to gather all the animals in her place. </p>

<p>Mia can't find the cat but she is trying to find Mika. Whatever Athena does to stop Mia. but she can't just let the cat go somewhere. She felt a little bit nervous.</p>

<p>'what if she will not come back and leave me also?' she said. Trembling while continue to search for Mika</p>

<p>A few seconds ago'im not going to be alone again. Please, Mika, come here.' she called the cat but no signs of response from it. But instead of the little cat to come to her. A big giant monster appeared in front of them. </p>

<p>It was Mika! She can't deny it. But, the change. From the blue eyes to red eyes. From the cute turned to dark and white skin. And from the cute teeth's, it turned to be a wolves teeth. </p>

<p>'Mia, it's dangerous here! We need to go!' Athena said as she is trying to convince Mia to stand up and run. But Mia is persistent.</p>

<p>A few seconds ago. 'no! That's Mika! I can't leave her here like that!' and she runs to Mika. But the monster in front of her doesn't know her. Mika didn't recognize her for she was under the spell of Amari who is now laughing and enjoying herself while watching them like she was inside a cinema. </p>

<p>A few seconds ago.' Mia! Mia! You are really dumb! Hahaha!' they were enjoying watching me like a fool of herself when she gets near to her cat, Mika. </p>

<p>'Mika? I know you're still there. Listen to me, I will help you out. Ju-st plea-' Mika attacked Mia. Mia's flew in the garden. She was hurt. 'Mia!' Athena shouted and activated her weapon. Athena was trying to attack the cat when Mia shouted. </p>

<p>'No!!' she shouted. Athena stopped and looked at her but suddenly, Mika made an attack on Athena which cause the Commander to get weak. Whoever gets bitten by an animal who was poisoned will be turned to be like them. Athena's eyes turned red. Mia was still in the ground, looking shocked at what happened to Athena. </p>

<p>'Athena?' she says while slowly crawling to getaway. Athena looked at her deadly. Mia get up quickly and ran. Everyone inside the mansion didn't notice what was happening. </p>

<p>'Guys, locked all the doors and windows.' she commanded but they feel weird. Looking at her, she was panting as she started to locked the doors. </p>

<p>'What are you standing there? Locked the do-' it was too late. Athena came in. </p>

<p>'Commander? What was ha-' Athena snap her fingers and thrown them away. They were thrown in the walls. Mia quickly stood, she's feeling weak. 'Where's Chandler?' She utters while she was catching some breaths. </p>

<p>Chandler is not there when that happens. He was sent by Lord Jethro on a mission. 'Leo, whatever happens, don't hurt Athena.' Mia said and quickly run upstairs and check for Chandler in his room. But she didn't found him. 'God! Where are you Chandler!' she said as she looks at the bathroom. Still none. 'i need you!' while in a mission, Chandler felt a big beat of his heart and echoes from his ear. She stopped and said 'what was that?' 'i need you!' it echoed again. He thinks that he is just imagining but his heart is beating rapidly like there's something bad happened.</p>

<p>'a-ouch!' She said as she felt the excruciating pain of her downfall. She immediately crawls under the table so that Athena and Mika won't find her. She's in pain, she needs enough time to lessen the pain and proceed to her another move. While looking at the book. She remembers something. She will need to find that man. He is the only way for Athena to come back to her usual self. </p>

<p>The book she saw is, a story that kids would really like to listen to. And that is... Beauty and the beast. 'I need to find that man.' she said while she was hiding under the table. She took a deep breath and used her power to teleport. </p>

<p>She was reading the book. After an hour, she had an idea. 'A kiss perhaps?' she asked in confusion. She shook her head. 'Where is this man.' she closed her eyes and try to find the man's location. </p>

<p>'This isn't working.' she said. She was hopeless. She was on the streets and saw all animals gone wild. 'What really is happening now?' she hid on a tree and look secretly at the animals on the road. They were wild and huge. They were not normal at all. </p>

<p>'Help!' Mia heard a man shouting. She glimpses at it and saw a big snake was after the man. She sighs and walked out to gets near the man. </p>


<p>Mia throws a stone on a snake that gets its attention on her. 'Leave now.' she said to the man. Mia was holding her weapon as the snake make an attack, she dodges it. Mia tries to stop the time but it's not working. </p>

<p>The huge snake continues to attacked Mia. Something was shining on Chandler's pocket. He took it out and it was Mia's necklace. 'What's happening right now?' he asked himself as he was holding the necklace. </p>

<p>'I have to go back to the mansion.' he quickly teleported back to the mansion. </p>

<p>'Get off me.' Mia shouted as the snake was above her. </p>

<p>'Ssssss' said the giant snake. Mia swallowed and closed her eyes. She hopes someone will come to save her. The snake's mouth wide open as it was about to eat Mia but Chandler arrived. </p>

<p>Chandler made an arrow with a spell on it that can kill poisoned animals. As the arrow hit the snake, the snake fell to the ground. Mia was surprised and a bit shocked. She looked back and saw Chandler, she feels relieved. </p>

<p>'You okay?' Chandler asked. She just nods. </p>

<p>'We need to save Athena and others.' she says. </p>

<p>'What happened to her? I mean what's going on?' he asked in confusion. </p>

<p>'I don't know either. But we have to find this man.' she showed a picture that she had drawn. </p>

<p>'Who's that man?'</p>

<p>'Athena's boyfriend.'</p>


<p>'I'll explain everything later. But we have to find this man to break that spell.' </p>

<p>'Okay, Let's go.'</p>

<p>To be continued...</p>