Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 28: That wink

<p>It was a tough day for all of them. They were all inside the mansion and having a meeting. Athena was still feeling sad about what happened to Vince. She can't imagine, she killed the man she loved. A tear drip from her eyes. Mia looked in her direction, she was about to go near her but Chandler stops her. </p>

<p>'Just let her be. She will move on soon.' Chandler said as he was holding Mia's wrist. Mia looked at him and felt awkward. She pulls her hands as she looked away. </p>

<p>'We have to find the one who's doing all this.' Chandler started to talk which got their attention. All eyes were on him. They all sat down as he started the discussion. </p>

<p>'Anyone here got some suggestions?' he asked as he looked on them. Mia quickly raised her hands and went up. </p>

<p>'What if we divide the members as two so that we can find the one who's doing all this much faster.' she said. Chandler nods his head like he's agreeing with her idea. </p>

<p>'But...' they all looked at Leo as he stood up. 'I don't think we can go in separate ways. We have to be in one so that we can fight the evil much easier.' he suggested. Mia looked at him with a deadly glance. She rolls her eyes and looked away. </p>

<p>'It's also a good idea, but how can we came up with a solution with this?' he asked. </p>

<p>'By voting.' Mia answered immediately. They looked immediately and looked like they were not agreeing with her idea. </p>

<p>'Okay.' he says. 'Who among you here, vote for Mia's suggestion?' Chandler asked, Mia was raising her hand. She was the only one raising. She looked around and feels disappointed. </p>

<p>'Who agree with Leo's suggestion.?' all of them raised their hands. Mia feel betrayed by them. She was just suggesting the best plan to find evil. </p>

<p>'You choose the wrong decision. You will regret this.' she says as soon as she stood and walked out. </p>

<p>'Mia!' Chandler shouted she was gone. He sighs. 'We need to plan right now.' he says. They gathered around the meeting room. Mia was outside, at a riverside, looking at the moon and stars. She breathed deeply, the fresh air hits her hair. 'This is so relaxing.' she says closing her eyes. </p>

<p>Mia teleported to her room and irritatedly jump into the bed. She hides her face in her favorite pillow. 'i'm just suggesting! Because splitting into two is the fastest way to find that evil!' she stamps her feet like a kid who takes away her lollipop. And as for Chandler, he teleported to the place where Mia could possibly go. But none of it. He's worried. Thinking about her irritated look on her face makes him feel damn! </p>

<p>Mia left her bed and irritatedly pull her clothes. If she'll gonna stay in here and get annoyed she will not going to get over with it. She gets the towel before entering the bathroom to clean herself. Chandler teleported to her room and the first thing he saw is Mia's clothes. He went to it and confirm if it was Mia's recent clothes but when he picks it up... The underwear falls into the ground that makes him gasped and cursed 'what the hell!' Mia can't hear him because the shower's sound invaded the bathroom. After taking a bath she picks the towel and rolls it on her body. She went outside. Chandler is sitting on the edge of her bed. Waiting for her to come out. </p>

<p>He's not in the mood because of over-worried from his system. She looked at him with an annoying look that makes him get mad in no time. After he searched her in so many places that's the only reaction she will give? That's what Chandler's mind said. His blood boils because of her look. </p>

<p>'what are you doing here?' Mia asked as she walked to her closet. To get a dress. Chandler didn't answer. But instead, he takes a big step just to get near her quickly. Mia gasped when his body touches her back covered with the only towel. Chandler's breathing is so fast. He can't explain how he is feeling right now. Like his solid foundations betrayed him and turn into ashes. </p>

<p>Mia slowly to face him and was about to ask him, what will he do? But was cut by him through the kiss of chandler. At first, he kissed her harshly and like a caveman who doesn't kiss a woman for too long but as time goes by, while they are kissing, it turns into a soft and gentle kiss. Mia closed her eyes. Like Chandler's she melts and responds to his kiss. They were like that until they were out of air. </p>

<p>'do you know how much you make feel crazy because of worrying you? Are you going to kill me, Mia? Huh?!' he gets a very deep breath, tries to control his emotion. To keep himself calm. He doesn't want to scare Mia. She can't speak. She just can't react and she does not know how to begin a conversation with him. It's like, she's being hypnotized by him. 'damn woman! You make me crazy all over again. Ha...' he touches his forehead 'no matter how much you push me away or I push myself away from you.' he points his heart 'this will bring me back to you' she's still unconscious, the words he utters, she hasn't digested it all. When Chandler can't get enough of her and kissed her again. </p>

<p>It was a romantic kiss. Mia smiles and looked away as they separate. 'What?' he asked looking at her seriously. She swallowed, taking some deep breath before she speaks.</p>

<p>'You know, we... we... we can't any relationship right?' his happy face changed into a sad one. He looked at her and hold her face with both hands. </p>

<p>'We'll keep it a secret for now. But don't worry, I will protect you no matter what.' he says and hugged her. It puts a smile on her lips. She can't explain what she's feeling right now. Her chest was still pounding and it keeps saying and calling on Chandler's name. </p>

<p>'I should get going.' he says. Mia nods. He kissed her forehead before he left the room. As soon as the door closes, Mia jumped into her bed and rollover. </p>

<p>'What's this? Am I in love with him?' she asked herself holding her chest and feeling her heartbeats. 'Ahh!' she shouted under the pillow, she was about to explode in happiness. Her cheeks turned red as she remembers that kiss. 'It was amazing.' she says. </p>

<p>She was staring at the ceiling but she always remembers what happened earlier. It was so romantic, the hair on her body stood up as she remembers Chandler's soft and smooth lips. 'oh right! I forgot to change!' she climbed off from the bed and pick the dress fell on the floor while he kissed her unconsciously. </p>

<p>The next thing she knew, it was already morning. The sunlight reflects on the widow to her face. Yawning before she gets up and went to the bathroom. Looking at her face in the mirror, her eyes widened as she saw her hair is such a mess. She hurriedly took a comb and fixed it before Chandler sees her. </p>

<p>She changes before going down to the kitchen. She's thirsty. She gets a glass and was about to open the refrigerator for cold water when a firm hand touches the handle first. She looks up and knew that it was him. Her heart jumped in happiness. 'oh heart it's still early in the morning' she said to herself. 'let me' Chandler said and pour water into her glass. 't-thank you' she said a bit stammered. She roams her eyes on the whole ground floor but she sees none. Maybe her teammates in the house are still asleep. 'what are you doing?' he asked. While he shocks her but she regains her emotion and hugs Chandler. This feels so good. Her mind says. 'stop it. They might be caught us' Chandler said. She pouted and didn't listen to him. She just wants to embrace him since they are still in their rooms. Chandler hugs her back 'they might caught us babe' she blushed. She hides her face in his chest afraid for him to see how she impress her. 'im hungry!' Chandler pushes her immediately. And act like she doesn't see her. 'what are your---' she gasped when Leo is in the entrance of the kitchen 'good morning' she greeted Leo who has no idea what's going on. </p>

<p>Chandler went seated as he was avoiding Mia for not Leo to notice them. Mia hid her laughter, she went to the bathroom first and laugh hards. She was looking at herself in the mirror and laugh again. She couldn't even imagine the looks on their faces as Leo arrives. She took a deep breath before she went out. </p>

<p>They were all eating. Mia secretly looked at Chandler and wink- Chandler almost spits out the food in his mouth. </p>

<p>'Commander? You okay?' they asked. </p>

<p>'Yes, I'm fine.' he replied and he winks back at her secretly. </p>

<p>To be continued..</p>