Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 29: It's Mia

<p>After the meal, Mia was stopping her laughter to come out. She even covers her mouth as she went inside her room. It makes her laugh when she remembers what happened earlier. 'He looks so cute.' she says as she jumps to her bed, rolling like a kid and hide under her blanket. </p>

<p>[Knock, knock, knock] </p>

<p>She immediately looked at the door, trying to see who was it but she can't. She went closer to the door but before she opens it, she leans her ears on the door. The door suddenly opens and it was Chandler. Looking at her directly in her eyes makes her feel shy. Her cheeks went pinkish as Chandler gets near her. </p>

<p>'What are you doing?' she asked as her voice was trembling. </p>

<p>'Am I the one supposed to asked that?' he asked while walking near her. Mia frowned. </p>

<p>'Why did you do that all of a sudden? I almost spit out my food.' he said as he stops walking. Mia burst laughing, Chandler is getting annoyed with her laugh. Mia went to sit in her bed. Chandler closed the door and follow Mia. 'stop it, Mia. I'm not in the mood' she tries her best to not laugh at him but she ends up laughing while covering her mouth. </p>

<p>Chandler has no choice, he went near her and captures her lips that make her shook. He successfully shut her up. </p>

<p>'there' he patted her while she's sulking at him. 'you tricked me!' she accused him while pointing him. Chandler hug her and kissed her forehead countless times that makes her melt more. She's just acting earlier and he knows it. To continue her acting he acts too. It's his way of bonding with her. </p>

<p>Both of them sit at the edge of her bed. Talking. 'how did you know my location whenever I'm gone?' she asked. Chandler holds her hand and put it in his left upper chest. Where his heart is located. 'because of this' he said while looking at her in the eyes. </p>

<p>Mia doesn't know how to react. She keeps herself silent while listening to him. She's like going to melt because if Chandler is trying to captivate her heart.. well, he succeeds. Even a single touch of him makes her heart goes boom boom like fireworks. It beats rapidly only for him. No one else but him only. 'really? Did the heart shows you a direction?' she said as if she didn't believe him. 'yeah, not in the eyes but it shows me mysterious ways to actually find you' he caressed her hair and stroke it upside down. He was enjoying talking to her. Open to her. She's the only person she wants for the rest of his life. Without her, he will vanish with her. He will be in her side forever. 'that's weird' she said while looking at their hands.</p>

<p>'you guess? Tho, I believe that it was. Love moves in a very mysterious way baby..' she blushed. 'and I'm deeply in love with you Mia. I don't know what I can do when someone hurts you. I don't know what I can actually do when you disappear.. I don't know if I can live without you. You are my air that keeps me from breathing. You are the life that gives me reasons to live. And I can no longer count the reasons why I want you to stay by my side. I loved you, Mia. That's the only thing that clears my stormy mind'</p>

<p>If Chandler flutters her earlier. He fills her heart and it was now full because of him. So, this is how love felts. Destiny gives too many challenges. Lord Jethro erased her from his mind but still, he came back to her. It doesn't matter if the brain forgets as long as the heart remembers... Both of you are really for each other. Holding each other whatever it takes...</p>

<p>'i love you too Chandler. I only love you, and only you that I'll choose to be with forever' she hugs him as tears of happiness flows down to her cheeks. She cried because she's happy. Overflowing happiness filled her heart.</p>

<p>She will never be alone again. Because she has him. And as long as she's alive, she will be living her life with him. Forever doesn't exist but she will love him forever. </p>

<p>'i love you more baby' they are still hugging each other as they argue who's love is bigger.</p>

<p>'i love you more, and more' she said as she pulls from the hug and let him see that she is pouting.</p>

<p>'a man live to a woman is bigger than the woman baby' she sulks at him</p>

<p>'that's not true. Do you even know how much I loved you and the pain I endure just to make you safe?' she started the argument. He just laughs as he is using his pointer finger to trace every inch of her face.. he won't ever get tired of her. And can't get enough in remembering her face, her figure. Her all.</p>

<p>'im not arguing with how much I loved you baby' that endearment again. She just made her blush again. 'the important is... I love you truly. I'm willing to give you my all. To keep you safe. To join you and will never let you go on the life alone' he's still enjoying looking at her while she tries her best to hide her reddish face. But he didn't let her. He chuckled </p>

<p>'you are beautiful as ever be. my love. As long as I'm the one who makes your heart fluttered. Makes you smile and all the reasons that you are happy and sad with me' he added. She doesn't know how many times that Chandler makes her go crazy. She's always speechless.</p>

<p>'uhm.. me too.. I want it to be you too. I'm sorry if I start an argument with it' she said and give him a peek in the lips. She smiled after. She was about to go to the vanity table to makeover herself when Chandler can't still get enough of her.</p>

<p>He grabs her hand that makes her sit in his lap and in no time, he kissed her gently. She kissed him back.</p>

<p>His kiss is as delicious as the fruits. That she wants to savor in every minute. She can't still get enough. They frenched kiss and deepened the kiss. </p>

<p>They only pulled from each other when they are out of air. Mia smiled at Chandler and utter a magic word 'i love you with all my heart. Chandler. My man. You are finally mine now' and kissed the tip of his nose.</p>

<p>'i loved you too with my all Mia. You are mine too and I only own you. No one does.'</p>

<p>The whole morning, Chandler and Mia spend a half-day in her bedroom. They talked more. About her likes and his likes. All about that amazes each other's wants and likes.</p>

<p>Lord Jethro is tough yet when he sees the two, happy and contented. He felt a Lil guilt. But he shouldn't be. He feels sad for the two, since, they are not meant to be together.</p>

<p>'You two are looking good with each other, but I can't let this happen. I can't let you two suffer what I've been through when I disobey the rules.' he says sadly while looking at the two. </p>

<p>'Commander? '</p>


<p>'I know who is behind all the evil doings.' Jethro looked at him seriously, he tries to read his mind- his eyes widen as he knows who was it. </p>

<p>'She's back.' Jethro says while his chest throbs. The time is now running so fast and the evil is back. </p>

<p>'You know her?' he asked. </p>

<p>'I do. I really do know her.' he says. </p>

<p>'She's Amari. She is one of us in the past. Me, Chandler, Athena, and her are best friends. We fought towards evil creatures. We didn't realize she would be one.' he started to tell Amari's story. </p>

<p>'Then what happened?' </p>

<p>'She becomes evil. We didn't notice that she had planned to drag us down. She got some new powers with her experiments. She's an excellent Commander in our Era. But her intelligence leads her to evilness. She was with us while she's preparing the potion she invented. She took some of our powers, and we didn't even know. We really think she's one of us and will never betray us. The time had passed, Chandler talked to me that Amari is acting suspiciously. She followed Amari in a forest and found something really big. A big castle was in the center of the forest where Amari leads. All creatures in that forest praised Amari.' he continues to tell while looking at their picture in a room. </p>

<p>'Then? what happens next?' he asked. </p>

<p>'She gathered all the creatures with her. Whether they said yes or no, she's still captured them and makes them one of them. She begins the war with her battalions. We fight against her but we didn't won. Also that day, Amari was pregnant. She didn't know how to take care of that child and decided to abort it but her mind changes. She continues her pregnancy for her daughter to continue her evil doings. But, we try our very best to get that child, to hide it from her, to stop evilness. We got the kid, we send it immediately to the mortals. Amari had been abandoned by our Commander. The commander took her powers and banished her from our world. After she left, everything back to normal. But, Amari's daughter starts the evilness in the mortal. She killed many people that caused conflicts and problems. We didn't expect that her child does the same thing. After she had an accident which caused her death.' he said sadly. </p>

<p>'Who is her daughter?'</p>

<p>Jethro sighs. </p>

<p>'After she had an accident. A grim reaper took her but I stop it. Instead of punishing her, I make her a member of sinful angels. This group helps mortal from danger. I gave her powers, to prove to my Commander that she can still change.'</p>

<p>'She change?'</p>

<p>'Yes, she does.' he replied happily. </p>

<p>'Who is she?'</p>

<p>'It's Mia.'</p>

<p>To be continued...</p>