Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 3: Teleport


When Mia and Liam finished eating, the two immediately left.

"Thanks for the food" Mia bowed in gratitude to the man.

"Did you like the food?" The girl just nodded.

"What's that?" Mia said while pointing to the other side of the road. Liam looked but nothing on th other road. Mia immediately had the right opportunity to use her teleportation power.

The man turned his gaze back to the girl but she suddenly disappeared. The man looked around but he could no longer find the girl.

The man got back in his car and started driving. As he drove he did not lose sight of the girl. He always remembers her smiles and the shape of her face, it makes him smile about thinking the girl.

Liam returned to his own house with only Mia in his mind. Even when he went to the bathroom and slept, the girl did not lose his mind.


On the other hand, Mia was sitting on a bench in the park with a smile. The man's face never left in his mind.

She silently watched the dark and quiet surroundings. And because she was alone sitting there, she was quickly visited by sadness.

She thinks again of her home, where she lasted. She let out a deep breath before stroking the necklace attached to her neck.

No matter what happened to her she loved her home. She raised her head and looked up at the beautiful sky. "I want it over" said the girl while looking at the sky.

Feeling sad, she thought of speeding up the time to turn it into morning. She did it quickly but she felt she was weak.

So she dropped her neck against the back of the chair. She just focused her eyes on the twinkling star in the sky.

She smiled and slowly raised one hand to point to the star. Somehow she becomes okay. She took a deep breath and adjusted her seat.

She sighed again and decided to just walk around the park. She saw various flowers in the park, which also lightened her mood.

As she walked around the park something hit her eye. She focused her eyes on it and approached it even more to see it clearly.

Her eyes widened suddenly when she saw an arrow pointing at a dark area near the park and where she was standing.

She immediately ran but she hid first so that she could not be seen. Mia peeked in and was shocked to see what was happening. A woman is forced to be undressed by three men.

"That's enough" the woman begged but the men just laughed. Mia could no longer bear what she saw and suddenly entered the alley.

"Stop that if you don't want to get hurt" the girl said as she played with her fists. The men looked at her but they just laughed. The man looked at Mia form her head to toe.

"You know miss if you don't want to be hurt just leave here" said a man and approached her. Mia just looked at the man fiercely and straight at her eyes.

The man was about to touch Mia  when she suddenly went ahead and punched the man. She  threw the man against the wall, the two men looked at her and tried to approach her but she stopped the time and approached the two man and played with it.

She was still smiling as she played with the two men. When the girl got tired of what she was doing she immediately turned her gaze to the woman behind her.

She had no doubt and pulled the woman away to that area. Even though it was not moving. She took the woman to a place where it would be safe and away from danger.

When she was sure that the woman is  okay, she quickly walked away from the woman and returned the time again by snapping . When she got away from the girl, she decided to go back to the park where she was from.

She even passed some young people who were still wandering around at night. She just shook her head while looking at them.

When she got back to the park she wandered around again. When she felt tired, she decided to just sit on the bench again and rest.

She was just thinking about what her mission would be for tomorrow, while she was thinking about it she think her senses were already feeling tired.

"I need to finish my mission and learn my lesson", she whispered to herself.

She just sighed and carefully shook her neck against the back and closed her eyes.

The morning came, the rays of the sun awoke the girl. She immediately got up and raised her hand as she opened her mouth. She looked around. "Oh, take it easy son" Mia heard a Mother helping her son ride a bicycle.

"I love you Jerome" Mia's eyes widened and she smiled. Because of Mia's curiosity, she immediately followed and looked for where the voice came from. As she searched for it she smiled. "I know  we are meant  for each other" Mia felt a thrill at what she heard and continued to search for the voice.

She was still smiling and trembling looking for it. She saw them on the bench that was also close to her seat earlier. From a distance she smiled and watched it."I love you too Dianne, and even if  the world turn upside down, you are the only one I love", and because Mia couldn't help but shudder, she was so stunned that people close to her are now looking at her and wandered what she's doing. Also the lover she saw, they looked at Mia.

Mia just smiled at them and signed peace. She walked away and wandered around the park. The quiet night is now alive and many more young people are hanging out and playing.

She was happy to see the happy people around her, because of that she was even more smiling.


On the other hand, Liam quickly took a shower and cleaned himself up. He can't be late  because he still has meetings to attend and papers that need to be signed.

The man finished fixing himself, he quickly got down and took his belongings as well as his car key.

He quickly got on it and blew the horn to signal the guards to open the gate of his house. He quickly drove the car out of their house and subdivision.

He was arrived  in his office and was immediately greeted by his employees. Liam only has a poker face. He is strict and perfectionist when it comes to work. He wants everything to be perfect.

He sat down in his swivel chair and twisted it around. He was immediately stopped by a knock on the door. "come in" he said in a very low tone of voice.

His secretary immediately handed over the papers. He looked at it and these are the lists of job applicants in his company. He had a hunch and maybe the woman he was looking for was here. He immediately looked at the pages and names of the applicants. He was stupid when he could not find the woman he was looking for.

"Where does he live?", He asked himself.

He dismissed it knowing in his mind and started working. But no matter how hard he tries to focus on work, his brain still flies and he always thinks of Mia.

Since last night that girl has not disappeared from his mind, as well as its rapid disappearance like a bubble. He did not hear any noise when he left it.

He just sighed

Where can I see her again?

There's a lot of  question in his mind.

He just turned his attention back to his work. He forced himself to be busy and forget the girl.

Liam has finished his work. It was five o'clock in the afternoon and he decided to go home early.

He left his office and got into his car. He started his car and started driving.

He first stopped at a park and decided to take a walk. Fresh air greeted him. He closes his eyes and feels the wind hit his face.

Mia did not know that Liam was here. Mia was on the grass and she lay down on it. At the same time she raised her hands and tried to reach the sky. "I miss you guys" she said to herself . A little tears from her eyes fell out. She wiped it off and grinned as she looked up at the sky.

Liam was walking around as someone grabbed his attention. The woman that is now lying on the grass. He stared at the woman and Liam was about to approach when suddenly people passed by and he had no glimpse on the woman. People jogging in the park causes the girl to dissappear.

Liam glanced at the girl's whereabouts but it suddenly disappeared. He rolled his eyes but could not see the woman again.

To be continued..