Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 30: Taken the dark side

<p>The people in the mansion gathered in the living area for a meeting on catching the evil that showered evilness the other day. They need to work for it and take action for it because they haven't defeated the demon yet. It will possibly come back and shower evilness again. The mortal world will be in danger if they will not make a move for it.</p>

<p>'do you have any opinions in mind for us to capture the evil?' Andra asked. Athena is silent. Can't still move on. She lost Vince and she blamed herself. She killed Vince.</p>

<p>'I still don't have any options' Leo said. Which is true. He can't think about something. What happened to them the other day is still fresh and they're still traumatized by it. Especially, Athena's hidden secret got spread. instead of trash-talking her. They felt pity for her.</p>

<p>'me too' Mia said. looking at Athena made her feel guilty. She didn't do anything to save Vince. And now Athena isn't in her good pace. if she can get back the time. She will put everything right.</p>

<p>'i think, we'll just gather again. if we have the possible solutions in mind' Chandler said.</p>

<p>'They can't defeat me.' Amari said with an evil laugh. Her two companions laughed with her. Amari didn't know that Mia is her daughter. It lost her memory and can't bring it back. Otherwise, when she saw Mia, she feels something weird. Something that isn't right to feel.</p>

<p>'Do you think, she can remember it. Commander?' Jethro looked at him, lifted his brows, and looked again at Amari.</p>

<p>'She really changed a lot. The Amari we use to recognize is good, kind, and thoughtful. But right now, seeing her? Makes my heartaches. I can't help her, she doesn't even listen to me.' he exclaimed.</p>



<p>'Do you think? It can change if she will know about her daughter?' Jethro stops. Thinking about what he suggested.</p>

<p>'Maybe? But we can't interfere with them. Unless the right time comes.'</p>

<p>'Commander? Why can't we just tell them? It's really easy, if she knows about her daughter maybe she'll change or not but at least we try.' he utters.</p>

<p>Jethro had a lot of things in his mind. He sighs as he went to the storage hall. Where erased memories can be found. Where he hides all the important things.</p>

<p>Mia's past. Amari's daughter. Chandler's past. Everything was inside that storage hall. Jethro only knows about it.</p>

<p>'it's my fault. It's my fault.' Mia unconsciously sat on the edge of her bed. Blaming herself. How could she be happy when Athena is hurting because of her negligence.</p>

<p>Chandler instantly followed her to her room. He sees her stressed and it makes him worried.</p>

<p>'whats wrong?' he asked when he went near her</p>

<p>'i can't forgive myself Chandler. It's my fault.. what happened that day... It's my fault' she can't keep it anymore. She burst it out and cried. Chandler embraces her while she is crying in his arms.</p>

<p>'shhh. It's not your fault okay?' Chandler said as he tries to calm her. That it wasn't her fault. And she shouldn't blame herself for that.</p>

<p>'no..' she shakes her head. She can't believe him. She must save Vince. But what she does is just watching them. Didn't do anything for her to save Vince.</p>

<p>How could she do that? The man needs her help but she didn't help him. 'it's my fault'</p>

<p>'It's not your fault. Not your fault baby. Everything's happening for a reason. And I'm sure that there's a reason behind it. The reason why Vince came and that is to save Athena from the demon. Because he loves her'</p>

<p>Suddenly, a scene pops-up in her mind. Like, what if, the two of them will encounter the things that Athena and Vince? What if, Chandler will leave her? How about her? She will be like Athena? She cried again. Harder, because of that. She hugged Chandler more. She doesn't want him to leave her. She won't allow it. Because, if that happens... She doesn't know if, she will live longer without him.</p>

<p>'What would life be, if Chandler would not here with me? Can I still be strong like now? Maybe not.' she says in her mind. She sighs. Looking at the man she loved, thinking he'll be leaving her soon. A tear came out, she sobs quietly and walked away. </p>

<p>Walking on the road, the weather was hot. Amari was just watching the young lady, she followed her until they reached the riverside. Fresh air, the strong wind hit both of their faces. Mia lay on the ground where the green grass was. </p>

<p>'The breeze, it's so relaxing' she says closing her eyes. Amari smiles evilly as she gets near her. She wanted to kill her, as soon as she gets near her she took off her weapon. Smiling like an evil she was about to stab her in the chest when she saw something. </p>

<p>It was her daughter, the daughter she'd never protected. The daughter she really wanted to take care of but now's gone. She stops and the weapon she's holding drops which caused Mia to opens her eyes. </p>

<p>Mia saw a very beautiful woman. She didn't know that it is Amari. Her mother. She looked at the woman. Questionably. 'are you okay miss?' she asked. Amari blinked twice before staring Mia in the eyes. She felt a very strong feeling that she can't name. Looking at this young woman. Innocent and pure. Makes her feel soft that's why the urge to kill Mia is gone and was replaced by the strange feeling. Mia is only looking at the beautiful woman. While looking at her, she noticed a thing just turned into ashes and vanished. She's curious, what could that be? And why is she reacting like she's shock? Mia erased that in her mind and went near the woman. She touches her shoulders.</p>

<p>'are okay?' Mia asked again. Amari looked at the hand of Mia that is now resting on her shoulder. More images appeared in her vision. A baby... A cute and beautiful baby... She's very adorable while it is in her arms. She was smiling and a very loving mother who is looking to her precious baby. Sleeping. 'thank you for coming to my life' she uttered. She touches the very cute tip of its nose. She can't believe that she had a baby. She's so happy. Then the vision stopped. The Amari on that vision isn't the Amari who's known for being evil today. She felt that again. The need for her very important person. The longing of her daughter.</p>

<p>She shouldn't be affected. It was all in the past. And her daughter... Died almost twenty years ago. And when she lost her, she lost everything. And no matter how this girl made her felt that way again. It was just all coincidental. She will not stop spreading the evilness because of this woman.</p>

<p>Her mood turns into not good, she looked at the girl and laughed. 'I have to go.' she says and pushes her hands. She vanished as she was far from her. She can't imagine what is happening to her. Her chest hurts, it was so painful. </p>

<p>'What is happening to me?' she asked herself as she was holding her chest. </p>

<p>'Commander? Are you alright?' the woman asked her. She stood up straight and nods. She went straight to her room and lay on her bed. </p>

<p>'Why I'm feeling weak?' she utters, as she sighs. She gets back herself and smirked in evilness. </p>

<p>'Gather all my creatures!' she shouted. She wears her black long gown with her black shoes. </p>

<p>'I want you all to destroy the city, fire, water, wind, everybody will be dead. They'll all die!' she says and laughs evilly. </p>

<p>All creatures were on their way to the city. They'll spread evilness once again. Mia and other members of the mansion didn't know their coming. Athena knew their coming but she didn't tell them. She wants them to get killed, like how they killed Vince.</p>

<p>'This all your fault, Mia. You didn't save him, you're so useless and heartless. Maybe Jethro made a mistake in choosing you to do this job.' she sobs hardly. Athena's heart was full-on anger and revenge. She wants Mia to get killed. She wants her gone. </p>

<p>Athena decided to leave and just let the monsters attack them. She smiles as she vanished. 'You'll all be dead.' she says. </p>

<p>The monsters of Amari were in the city. They killed people, Mia look at her tablet. It has a lot of red spots on every part of the city. She closed her eyes and saw everyone is in danger. She went to Athena's room but she's gone. She hurriedly ran to went down. </p>

<p>'Everyone!' she shouts. Everyone came out of their rooms and gather around. They looked at Mia. Chandler looked at her in confusion, trying to read her mind but she can't. </p>

<p>'The city is being attacked.' she said while she was panting. They were all looked shocked. </p>

<p>'Where's Athena?' Chandler asked. </p>

<p>'She's not here.'</p>

<p>'She must tell us, why she's gone?' everyone looked confused. </p>

<p>'Maybe, she takes on the dark side.'</p>

<p>To be continued...</p>