Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 32: Live without any regrets

<p>Jethro wants to stop Athena from her plan but he can't interfere he would break the rules. He sighs in disbelief, he never imagined things turned out to be like this. </p>

<p>'Commander? What shall we do then? We should stop Athena, she can defeat Mia and the others.' his assistant says. Jethro closed his eyes and exhales. </p>

<p>'I didn't imagine this will happen. I should be the one to blame.' he says.</p>

<p>'Don't say that Commander, we did our best but destiny really playing with us.' he says. </p>

<p>'They can handle this, I know they can handle this.' he says positively. </p>

<p>'Mia?' Andra call her. </p>


<p>'We need to talk about something.' Mia looked into her eyes but...</p>

<p>'Stop reading it, you can't' she cuts her off. Mia looked at her with her narrowed eyes. </p>

<p>'It's about Athena.' she says in a whisper.</p>

<p>'What about her?' she asked in confusion. </p>

<p>'She thinks it's your fault why Vince died.' Mia looked so shocked as she heard it. 'I just passed by in her room and I accidentally heard it. I was about to enter her room but she disappears.' she added. Mia was stunned, looking at the floor, she's not in her right mind. </p>

<p>'I know... It's my fault... I should save Vince that day, that's my mission.' she said as she disappears. She was at a riverside, thinking about...'What if I save him that day? Will everything will back to normal?' she asked herself while looking at the sky. </p>

<p>Athena is in a great of despair. She's not thinking right. She's always tired because of a lack of sleep. Depressed. Who only thinks and seeks revenge to cure herself and to give justice for Vince's death.</p>

<p>Even if it's her friends and companion... She won't ever back down.</p>

<p>Love can be dangerous. It's not all about happiness but it also tackles pain and sadness. Not all the time that you are smiling, laughing, and fluttered. It will make you also gone crazy over things in a negative way. Stressed and depressed. </p>

<p>Love can make you do things that are not right to do. Love can lead you to the way you aren't supposed to go. It's a distraction. It destroys everything. From your organized life to miserable life. </p>

<p>And Athena is in that room. Locked and being caged by her heart cries. She's sitting in one of the corners of her room. Lights off. Curtains down. Darkness invaded her senses. While she only thinks about the memories she shared with Vince. </p>

<p>Their love is a secret yet, they're passionate enough to fight for it. To prove to him that their love isn't unrequited. 'I can do anything for you Athena' Vince said as he put her hair at the back of her ear. Looking at her intently, with love. 'If it means putting my life in the line for you. I will. Just to keep you safe. I will definitely will for you my treasure' Athena smiled at him. Vince is a serious man and strict but when it comes to her, he's soft and he's willing to do everything for her. It is one of the reasons why she fell deeply at him that she cannot let go of him. 'I love you Vince' 'I love you, Athena, to the moon and back. You will be forever in my heart' </p>

<p>Athena's tears extremely flowed down to her cheeks. She sobs hard which makes her hardly breathe. All her life, Vince is the only person who accepts her. Her imperfections. Her attitude and her all. But he leaves. He's gone. No more Vince who takes care of her. Who embraces her. Who makes her fell the world. </p>

<p>She will never accept it! She just can't! No one dares to interrupt Athena. Everyone understands her. But Andra and Mia are worried if her. Especially, the things that they just now know. They can't fight with Athena. Not because she's powerful. But because she's their friend. They're sad too. If they can just bring back the time... To put and change things for the better... They will. But they can't. God is the one who made decisions, and they have not the right to disobey his orders. For they are just his disciples who follow orders. </p>

<p>No one has to be blamed. Even, Mia who blamed herself for the death of Vince, realizes that it's not her fault. Tho, she still feels guilty. Because she didn't do anything for her to save him. </p>

<p>If she could just save him that day, everything will not turn out to be not like this. She was looking at the stars in the sky, she sighs in disbelief. She feels tired but she must keep moving forward. There are a lot of missions to do, but when she thinks of it, she feels tired already. </p>

<p>'How can I end this, Commander?' she asked as she lay on the grass beside the river. She closed her eyes, a teardrop. 'I really want this to end.' said Mia which Chandler hears from the mansion. He looked down, feeling useless, he remembers the necklace. He has to give it back to her. He vanished and went where Mia was. He was about to approach her when suddenly she gets up and sobs. </p>

<p>'I don't to be like this! I don't want to live in regrets and pain, in guilt!' she shouted while crying. Chandler folds his fist, he can't just look at her. He walked near her. He suddenly hugged Mia as he gets closer. Mia's eyes widened and saw him. Her tears started to flow again, she doesn't want to cry in front of him right now. </p>

<p>'You can cry. Don't stop it, it will become worse.' he says as he was tapping her back. She continues to sobs, it makes her feels better while Chandler was hugging her. When they apart, Mia fixed her hair and wiped her tears. </p>

<p>'Thank you.' she says.</p>

<p>'I'm your boyfriend... You should have told me if you're in pain. You can share your burden with me.'</p>

<p>'I don't want to share it with you.' she cut him. </p>

<p>Chandler looked at her, he smiles. </p>

<p>'Okay, If you want to do that I'll respect it but please when you can't take it yourself, remember I'm still here for you.' he says in a sincere tone. Mia was so touched by his words, she can't stop herself, she gets closer to him. She stands in front of him, raising her feet and kissed him. </p>

<p>In the meantime, Mia forgets about her problems. Chandler made her feel that everything is fine. She feels so loved by this man in front of her. She hugged him again. Afraid of letting him go. And Chandler feels it. 'I'm not going anywhere else, Mia.' she smiled because she's flustered by his words. She fell in love with him more. </p>

<p>Chandler was about to pull himself from the hug. When she tightened her embrace. He just let her and hug her again. Damn this woman... He fell in love with her more than he loves himself. She kissed her on the head. He will never let go of her. He will never leave her. He will do anything just to make her stay and happy. Whatever where it takes... 'Chandler, uhh..' Mia wants to spend more time with him. She knows that they should limit their actions and also their time for their relationship was hidden. 'what is it baby?' hearing that endearment... Makes her heart jumped with happiness She only wants to spend time with him.. but she's shy! 'uhh..' 'what is it? C'mon baby.. don't make me wait' he said in a very gentle tone. They're still on each other's embrace. 'can we have a da-date?' Chandler was mentally blocked. He is the man here! He should be the one to invite her! Why didn't he think about it! Like what the..! </p>

<p>He was speechless at the moment. Looking at Mia pouting, he really looks so cute. Her eyes, shape of her face. </p>

<p>'Okay, we will have that date.' he says. Mia's eyes widened in happiness. She jumps around like a kid, Chandler just chuckles while looking at her. She's like a baby. Chandler wants to spend his time with her until his death. Even if their love is not allowed, he's ready to fight for it no matter what happened in the future. </p>

<p>Both of them went back to the mansion, he let go of her hands and they separate ways as they went inside. Mia heads straight to her room and lay on her bed. She looks at the ceiling in her room, she feels alone again. The guilt keeps coming back, over and over again. Her chest starts to throb. She hugged her knees and starts sobbing, covering her mouth to avoid making noise. </p>

<p>Chandler leans on the wall, he can hear every sob of Mia. He wants to go inside but he thinks he should give Mia the space she needed to stop blaming herself and live without pain and regrets. </p>

<p>To be continued...</p>