Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 5: The second mission

Mia is in the room and she just woke up. She looked at the clock that was also made of gold. She opened her eyes, her eyes widened to look at the clock, at about one o'clock in the morning. She quickly got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

She did not know how to use the bathroom so she was surprised when a strong water spewed out of her body. "ahh" she shouted and suddenly stopped the time of out control. The pouring of water also stopped due to her shock.

She calmed herself and turned the shower faucet. She does not know what it is called because even though she is 200 years old she has only just been to the mortal world.

Chandler immediately climbed up. Immortals like Mia are unaffected by the power of their descendants. Chandler immediately recounted how to use the shower. He also introduces what to call things things Mia should know.

Mia just nodded, Chandler went out and gave Mia some privacy. Mia returned the time she had stopped.

She took a deep breath and took a shower. She also immediately learned how to use it so she took a bath.

She immediately used a towel and went to the large closet

This closet is even bigger than her bed and like everything else it is made of gold.

She opened the closet and her eyes widened at the amount of clothes that were here. Her mouth opened wide to see how many clothes this house had for her. She rolled her eyes and marveled at the clothes.

The clothes she sees are so beautiful that they are now hanging in front of her. She was amazed by its different designs and different colors.

The shoes and sandals that are there are also beautiful. She could not choose which of them she would wear.

In the end she just wore a white plain shorts and black loose shirt, she paired it with a white shoe.

She closed the closet again and stood in front of the vanity mirror. She took the comb and fixed her hair, because her hair was wet and she did not know how to use a blower she let it wet and her hair was loose.

Mia went downstairs. Like other tools, the high stairs are also made of gold. Mia walked and walked like a princess. She still laughs while doing that.

Chandler looked at her who was now holding back his laughter. Mia did not see him because Chandler used his power to disappear.

Mia waved as she went down the stairs. The young man could hardly stop laughing as he looked at the girl like a fool waving down the stairs.

It looks like a child who has just come down that kind of ladder. See the joy on the girl's face as she goes down the stairs.

Mia did not see the obstructing object on the stairs and caused it to fall. But she did not fall on the ground, Chandler rushly make a cloud like a pillow that prevented Mia from falling.

Chandler appeared to her but he still tried to hold back his laughter. "Almost" Mia said and stood up.

Chandler still suppressed a laugh and faced the girl. The girl immediately stood up straight when she saw Chadler standing in front of her. She even fixed herself and her hair.

"M-good morning Chadler", forced the girl to greet the young man.

The girl even asked herself if Chandler had seen her earlier while going down the stairs. She felt very ashamed, she just thought that she saw her as if she wanted to bury life in the ground immediately.

Chandler smiled and looked straight into his eyes. "Don't worry, that's our secret.just say that first "Mia pouted and covered her face because of shame.

"Let's eat" Chandler said to Mia and went to the kitchen. The girl was embarrassed to follow him. It still can't quite imagine that the young man saw the humiliation she was doing on the stairs earlier.

She just sat quietly in front of the table and just removed from the mind the embarrassment she had made. They ate quietly until it was over.

And because there was nothing good to do inside the house, the girl decided to just wander around first and maybe she would have a mission to do.

She politely said goodbye to Chadler who was immediately allowed her to leave, Chandler just instructed Mia to be careful on her next mission before finally leaving.

The girl was walking along the road when suddenly she saw an arrow again. But this one is weird. not the place pointed but the belly of a pregnant woman.

Mia closed her eyes listening to the child inside the stomach. Her eyes widened, she heard the child no longer breathing under the stomach of that pregnant woman and in a few minutes the child would die.

Mia immediately turned in the direction of the pregnant woman. She quickly ran and stopped the time. She immediately noticed the blood flowing in the woman's thigh. Mia immediately picked up the pregnant woman and teleported to the hospital.

Mia laid the pregnant woman on the hospital bed and whispered to a nurse. "Emergency, her son is going to die. Help her" she immediately disappeared and returned the stop time.

When she left and returned to the place where the arrow was placed earlier, she was just as surprised as if the arrow that has a white color has now turned black.

She tried to remember what her leader had said about changing the arrow but Mia did not remember anything.

She was still bent over while thinking that and that was how she was surprised when she hit a pair of shoes in front of her.

She slowly raised her eyes until she saw Chadler with a sad look on his face.

Mia frowned at Chandler and tried to think of why the handsome young man standing in front of him was sad.

Although she was almost weak because of what he said, Mia cannot accept what the young man said to her.

" Mia, the child died.your mission is failed ", the young man said sadly to the girl.

Mia immediately felt the pain in her chest. Chandler looked at her and sighed.

"That's what happens to you Mia every time you fail to fulfill your mission your chest hurts and the shape of the heart beads on your neck will be reduced "Mia immediately looked at the necklace around her neck and saw that it was slightly reduced. Mia was now holding her chest and was about to teleport to go to Chandler's house but she could not because of her weakness.

Chandler immediately approached her and took her hand and teleported towards the house.

Arriving at the young man's house, the girl quickly went to her room and quickly lay down on the bed. When she felt the softness of the bed behind her, a tears that she had just been holding back finally dripped.

"I did everything I could to save the child but why did that happen", she sobbed to herself.

The young man heard the girl's sobs from outside her room. He wanted to make a way for the girl not to cry but he also did not know how.

Chandler just let Mia cry first in its own room. Chadler let out a deep breath before leaving the front door of the girl's room and going to her room.

"Chief Jethro? Why is that? Why did you let the child die ?I did everything you said about the symbol but why did the Child still die? "Mia cried while holding the heart-shaped necklace which has now been reduced a little.

Mia immediately took the pillow on her head and covered it with her teary eyes.

Chandler could still hear the girl's cry. Even in the other room he still hears it because he also has the power to hear and read people's thoughts.

He couldn't help but worry about the girl. He also could not fully imagine that he could do nothing for the girl to live in it.

Chandler only listened to her sobs, even though he was saddened by what had happened to the Mia's mission.

If he is also the one whos in Mia's place , the same will happen. It hurts to see someone like Mia get hurt.

So when he thought of a good way to calm the girl down he quickly left his room and went to the girl's room.

He took a deep breath before knocking on the door of the girl's room.

The girl stopped crying and looked at the door of her room. She knew it was Chandler so she adjusted and fixed herself before facing Chandler she also wiped the tears from her cheeks.

She also adjusted the clothes that were crumpled because she was lying on the bed. Mia also looked in the mirror and looked to see if her face was okay.

When Mia saw that she looks okay, she politely open the door for Chandler. She tried to smile at him and coughed fakely to adjust her rumbling voice.

"Why?", she asked Chandler.

The young man smiled at her and stared at her intently.

To be continued...