Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 6: The gadget

Chandler looked up and Mia looked at him too. Chandler pulled out a gadget in his hand and Mia was amazed to see it.

She sees a large tablet, it is not just a normal tablet but a transparent tablet that only immortals can see and hold.

The young man handed it to the girl  immediately Mia get the tablet with amazement . She even looked at the young man who was just looking at her.

"W-what am I going to do with this?", Mia asked Chandler.

Mia did not know how to use it so she just wondered why Chandler gave this to her.

"This is the only way I think I can help you. That is a tool to guide and determine the place where the person you will rescue. This is the way to speed up your teleporting elsewhere. You can use this as a guide on how to track or locate the person who needs your help."

Mia just nodded and looked at the tablet in her hand.

"You know Mia, we can only use the ability to teleport when we know where we are going. But with this, you can teleport to a place even you just saw it in the first time. Just take care of that tablet and your mission will be a success "

"There you will see the place and the face of the person you will save. That will speed up your mission" Chandler added to Mia.

"thank you Chandler" Mia said and hugged the young man. The young man was startled and his eyes widened.

The young man did not know how he felt as the girl hugged him. He just smiled and ignored the feeling of rapid heartbeat as the girl hugged him.

He slowly raised his arms to hug the girl back. Because of that, it looks like the girl felt awkward because of what Chandler. Mia immediately let go of the young man's embrace and just smiled.

Mia immediately turned her attention to the tablet she was holding. She enjoyed using it. She sees the faces of the person she is supposed to save. There  are 300 pages on the tablet which is also equivalent to 300 people that Mia should save.

"I have more to say Mia" the girl immediately looked at the young man.

"Your other colleagues will come, just like you, they will also live here. You must come to an agreement and unite.Each of you has a different mission "Chandler said to the girl. She frowned at the young man and wondered who she would be with.

The two were just quiet inside the room when suddenly one of the guards entered. "Chief Chandler, the others are here" he said and Mia and Chandler were immediately went downstairs.

They were both in the living room when the guard opened the big golden door.

When the big door finally opened, three women and two men were exposed to them. The faces of the three are like angels and the two are like demons.

At first glance, Mia doesn't want to be in the presence of two women right away. On its face, something bad might be happen. She thinks they are trouble makers.

"Leader" immediately  the five bowed to Chandler to pay their respect.

Chandler just nodded and smiled. the five looked at Mia and Chandler immediately introduced her to the five.

"By the way, Mia. Like you, she also has a mission in this world. I hope you all get along" Chandler said with a smile to everyone. Mia wondered why Chandler just let her be called by his name but only the five newcomers filled out the call to his leader.

The girl  just ignored it and looked at the newcomers especially the two men.

Chandler immediately grabbed Mia's attention. The girl turned to the person next to her who was masking her eyes as if it was telling her not to be like that when she looked at the two men.

The girl just let out a deep sigh and smiled and turned her eyes to the person who had just arrived.

"Good morning to you", the girl greeted with a smile.

The three women immediately smiled at the girl and greeted her back. The two men, on the other hand, remained prim and proper.

but even so Mia still forced a smile on it even though it was obviously strained and formally greeted, the two greeted back.

All of them should not know each other their missions. It is only private information and they are the only ones who should know and their leader Chandler.

Although it was against Chandler's will to accommodate the two grim reaper women here, he could not refuse it because it was also his duty.

He knew the two grim reapers would hinder Mia's missions but he could do nothing.

He will just keep the girl's safety and not let the two hurt her, even if he says that he has only been with Mia for a few days, Mia  has become important to him as well.

To avoid trouble and pain he will just watch over them carefully but he cannot promise that they will be safe when he watches over them.

He knew that these two would hinder the girl's future missions so he really had to make a way.

Mia values ​​her mission, and the man knows it. Maybe Mia  wouldn't have cried earlier just because of her failed mission if it wasn't important to her.

The new members immediately went to their respective rooms. They all have one room at a time. because they should not be together in one room.

Mia was able to go up to her room but before she could go up she felt a strange energy behind her. She immediately turned around and saw the two women heading to their respective rooms.

Mia and Chandler were upstairs while the other five were just downstairs. On the second floor you can see their training hall. They will undergo training to further strengthen their powers.

When Mia entered her room she immediately dropped herself on the bed, not forgetting the faces of the two.

She is nervous and confined here, but she can do nothing. She dismissed what was on her mind and reached for the tablet that Chandler had given her.

She looked at the person she was going to save now. She was so shocked to see the picture of a very familiar man.

An arrow  immediately pointed to the place where the man was. Mia immediately used the power to disappear and went to the place.

Chandler was about to enter Mia's room when he felt that the girl's energy was no longer in the room. He immediately went in and saw the tablet left on the girl's bed. Chandler looked up and saw the place where the girl was going.

Chandler followed the girl to make sure she was safe. Chandler was so shocked to see the girl wrestling with the two men while protecting the man behind her.

The  young man also frowned why the girl did not use her power to stop the time and just take the man away from there.

Even though the young man was nervous about what the girl was doing, he still opposed himself from participating in the trouble because it was the girl's mission.

He just looked at Mia  from his stand and just based it on.

While Mia was fighting, Chandler couldn't stop himself from interfering. He stopped the time because he knew and he felt that by this time the grim reapers already knew that the young man Mia was protecting could possibly die.

Chandler's time stopping the young man was effective. Mia immediately looked at Chandler.

"What are you doing? This is my mission, you can't interfere "said the girl angrily.

"I know but, I see the man will die if I do not stop the time. So let's get out of here Mia.  And take that man away first.I command you as your leader "Chandler said seriously while staring into the girl's eyes. Mia could read her mind so she obeyed his command.

Wrinkled when Mia obeyed Chandler's command. Even  if Mia turns this world upside down she still has to obey the command of her leader.

Mia hugged her arm around the waist of the man she was protecting and at the same time they teleported away from Chandler but she's too weak to do it.

The  young man felt something when he saw the girl's coiled hand on the man, but he immediately dismissed it because he remembered it was just the girl's mission that he secretly smiled at.

Chandler did not know what was happening to him, he just ignored it and just thought about where the man would be safe.

When he finally thought about it, Chandler immediately grabbed one of the girl's hands which surprised the Mia.

The girl swallowed while looking at they're hand holding at each other. They just ignored it and Mia just tightened her grip on the man.

Mia was so amazed to see the surroundings where Chandler took her to keep the young man out of danger.

"can he be safe here?", The girl asked weakly while her eyes were on the young man she was holding.

"Don't worry Mia, she will be okay here", Chandler replied.

The girl took a deep breath before releasing the young man she was holding after she positioned it well. When she saw the man is in the safe place and away from danger, she immediately returned to Chandler's side and she herself held the young man's hand.

Chandler was even surprised at first but immediately recovered and had a suppressed smile on his face.

To be continued..