Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 8: Her crush

Mia just walked away because she was annoyed with the two women. She immediately teleported to the park and immediately sat down on the bench.

She rolled her eyes and grinned at a familiar face. She immediately stared at the man and saw the young man's face Liam.

The girl immediately smiled when she saw the young man. "I saw him again" she said to herself and her cheeks blushed.

The young man was walking on the edge of the Park. There is a clean river in the park so it is very nice to look at.

Mia peeked at the man, now she was hiding on a lawn in the park. She did not realize and noticed there was a rock. As she was retreating she was suddenly hit by a rock.

She was immediately knocked down and she was shocked when the man saw her. The man immediately turned his attention to the girl. Mia tried to stand up but her foot hurt.

"Are you okay miss?" the man asked the girl. He could not remember it because Chandler had erased the memory of the girl.

Mia immediately looked at Liam's behavior, she felt a little pain in her chest when Chandler said in her mind that she erased the young man's memory about her.

At first he was angry with Chandler, but when he told her the reason why he immediately understood.

Mia just smiled at Liam who was now standing in front of her. The girl tried to stand up again and she couldn't stand it again.

The girl was surprised when a hand wrapped around her waist and helped her to get up, Mia immediately turned her attention to the face of Liam who was close to her.

They both looked at each other and were both stunned. Mia didn't know but she seemed to be like drowning in the young man's stares at her.

On the other hand, Chandler looked for Mia but he could not find her so he used his power to determine where she was. Chandler's eyes widened as he saw in his eyes that Mia and Liam were together. The young man immediately felt sad and stopped watching.

"Leader? Are we going to start our training?" Chandler just nodded but there's  sadness  on his face.

They arrived at the training hall and began to practice. While training, Chandler could not get rid of the girl with the young man. If anything else enters his mind they are doing it now.

Because of that Chandler did not focus on what he was doing. Even if he wants to go to the girl wherever she is now and away from that man, he can't do it.

He was afraid the girl would get angry with him because of what he was going to do, he could see the joy in the girl's eyes earlier while with the man.

Instead of hurting himself with the thought here, he just focused on what he was doing. there is still someone inside him who says that he will just pull the girl there and tell the man with him that he owns it but how can he say that, if he himself knows that he will not own Mia and Mia did not like him.

In the middle of training, Chandler immediately felt an energy that he knew when the girl owned. He was quickly went outside while the others practiced.

The girl was having difficulty walking so Chandler turned his attention to her feet.

"How are you?" worried question it to the girl. The girl looked at him and just smiled.

"It's okay, don't worry to much leader" the girl bowed to pay her respects and went up to her room.

Chandler wanted to follow the girl but she was embarrassed to come especially with the five new members here.

The young man just sighed and went back to the training hall. Mia, on the other hand, only endured the pain in her foot, even so because she was still happy because somehow she was with the young man again who she had not seen for a long time.

With a smile, she entered her room and lay down on the bed, she is now rolling like a wheels because of the joy she felt. She looks like so crazy because of happiness.

After a while Mia decided to take a bath because of the viscosity she feels in the body, but while doing it she does not lose her smile while cleaning itself.

She was happy that somehow she was able to saw and talk the young man again. Not only that, they were still wandering around the park after their chitchat.

After cleaning her body, she fixed herself, put on a black pair of pajamas and faced the vanity mirror.

She immediately used a blower to dry her hair. She had not yet finished when suddenly there was a knock on the door. She stopped what she was doing and opened it.

When Mia opened the door, the two men who were with him in the house approached him. The two just smiled as they looked at Mia.

"Why, what's happening?" the girl asked the two men.

"We just wanted to know what is going between you two?" Mia was immediately surprised by their question. She has not been answered yet because she is confused as to what to answer. And also because of the shock she did she felt and could not answer properly.

Chandler suddenly heard it and quickly teleported to Mia's whereabouts.

The two men were immediately surprised by his arrival.

"Leader" the three bowed to pay their respects.

"What are you doing here and why are you not continuing your training? Instead you are here to disturb the young lady who wants to rest" Mia immediately looked in Chandler's direction. It seems he's really very seriously.

The two men speed up and also walked back to the training hall. Chandler immediately looked at the girl.

"Are you all right? Ignore what they asked. You know why you're here right? It's because of your mission" even though it was painful, Chandler said to the girl. The girl immediately nodded and said goodbye because she was going to rest.

Before Chandler left the girl's room, he glanced at her. When she finally lay down on her bed and the young man himself turned off the light and slowly left the girl's room.

When the young man finally closed the door he sighed and did not go back to the room where the five members were practicing and just entered his room.

Even though the young man did nothing, he felt very tired, he went into the bathroom and took a bath thinking about the girl.

He cannot have to reveal here especially to those with him that he likes the girl, because it will only ruin the girl's mission. And that was Chandler didn't want to happen, to ruin and endanger the life of the person he wants and likes.

He could not take it if he see that the girl was hurt and suffered just because of him.

The sun was shining on the young man Chandler. He did not seem want to get up and put his body back on his soft bed.

"Leader?" once the girl knocked on the door and entered.

"Leader?" Mia said again which made the young man excited to get up.

He looked at the girl, Mia just smiled and the young man smiled too.

"I had already prepared breakfast so you followed and ate with us all" Chandler just nodded and hid his excitement. When the girl came out, Chandler immediately smiled and slapped the pillow like a child.

He immediately get back to himself and adjusted before going downstairs. When the young man got down, the joy and excitement he felt was just hidden in his series of expressions just because the girl simply invited him to have breakfast.

He sat across from the table and they began to eat. while eating, he was entertained by his colleagues at the table, especially by the girl sitting next to him.

The critical gaze of the two men on Mia and them also did not escape in his sight, his grip on the cutlery tightened while eating.

He knew something was wrong with them but he just ignored it and remained dead malicious in what he felt and saw around.

He must first make sure that what they had in mind is right before he take action.

Because the men kept staring at them and couldn't help but get bored so he suddenly stopped the time. The girl immediately wondered why Chandler did that.

Mia frowned at him and waited for his explanation.

He sighed before answering. "I'm just annoyed" he stood up at once and approached the girl. The girl did not know what Chandler would do to her when she finally got to her place. It even leaned in front of her which brought their faces closer.

Mia was overwhelmed by the closeness of the young man's face.

"What are you going to do, leader?", The girl asked, the girl was immediately surprised by what the young man did next.

To be continued...

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