Signs on streets (English version)

Chapter 9: First kiss

First Kiss

The girl was very surprised by what the young man did next. She did not expect it too much. She was just statued in her seat.

The softness of his lips now applied to hers. her chest throbbed loudly as a result, the young man's lips moved but Mia's lips remained closed.

She did not know if she would respond or just remain silent, that was the first time she was kissed on the lips of a man and the worst was it was her leader, their leader.

Even if she wanted to push the young man because of what he did, she could not because she lost the strength caused by the man's kiss.

The young man kissed her for a few more minutes until he also released.

"Why did you do that?" said the girl while holding her lips.

Chandler look down in response. "I'm sorry all of a sudden"

The girl did not speak and suddenly disappeared. The normal time is immediately restored. Everyone wondered why Mia had disappeared. Chandler's face showed sadness, but he felt a little happy because he knew he was the first to kiss the girl.

He didn't just follow the girl and just left her at the table so that the five of them would not be surprised.

He looked at the two men with critical eyes being thrown at him, he did not know what they thinking and he just ignored it and just went back to eating.

Until they finished eating, Chandler only think about the kissed he had with the girl was. Its soft lips.

He secretly smiled at what he had done, he intended to do it and he knew in himself that it was not sudden. But if he says that to the girl, it will only make her angry and she may stay away from him.

Mia walked down the street thinking of Chandler kissing her. "Why did you do that? He knows very well that it is forbidden, Especially since he is our leader"

Mia stopped on the benches and sat down. While she was holding her lip there was an old man approaching her.

"Why, what do you need?"

"I know what's on your mind young lady, that man will give you the joy of your life. Don't let him go anymore and he should be the one you would stay together." Mia immediately thought and looked back at the old man but the old man was gone.

Mia could not understand what the old man said.

what will make me happy?

We are not really for each other, I know it!

"But that is not possible, he's my leader and I am just a sinner, everywhere I look we are not allowed to stay forever", she whispered softly to herself.

Mia knows that if she and Chandler fall in love, they will both be punished, and the judge will find a way to keep the two of them apart.

Just like what happened to Tantiana and Jethro. The two fell in love, but in the end they did not get along and were not happy because of what the judge did.

They earased Tantiana's memory and sent her down to the human world to become a mortal. Their leader did nothing.

He can't fight their love so he just gives up and never falls in love again. That's what Mia fears.

She does not want that to happen and especially she does not want to punish them both just because of the wrong love.

Mia was immediately shaken by her thoughts. She just sighed and walked again. As she walked she met Liam again.

Her sad face was replaced by joy. She smiled when she saw Liam. Liam was wearing sunglasses, a black suit and black shoes. "He's handsome" said the girl while glancing at Liam.

Liam immediately turned his attention to Mia. It got closer to him. "Hi" he smiled at Mia and that it, Mia feel really happy to see Liam.

"Hi" she answered and smiling at the young man.

"What are you doing here?", The young man asked her.

"Ah no, just walking", the girl replied with a smile.

She does not take away the sight on the young man who is in perfect order, the young man are overflowing with good looks. His smile is sure that the girl will soon like that many will like it.

She approached the young man's seat and stood next to him. Its fragrant smell lingered on her nose.

"your scent smell so good" Mia smelled Liam's clothes at the same time. The young man refrains from laughing at what Mia will do.

"Wait, I know a joke" the girl suddenly changed.


"What animal is like to bow over?" Liam frowned at the girl.

"eh what?"

"it's CaraBOW" Liam immediately laughed at Mia's joke. Even though her joke was a little bit corny, the young man still couldn't help but laugh at it. It was just funny because he met someone like the girl.

He couldn't see bad attitude towards the girl's appearance, she is simple. She is not like other women who are artistic and have a thick lipstick on their face.

This girl is beautiful even without lipstick on her face, beautiful hair, long and thick eyebrows and eyelashes, red lips and a sharp nose.

Her narrow eyes are also beautiful, you can not criticize its face and especially its personality.

She is kind and always satisfying as if there is no problem.

Mia immediately stopped laughing as she felt someone looking at them. she immediately glanced behind him and seemed to see a man who immediately hid.

"I'll go ahead Liam" the girl said goodbye to the young man.

The girl immediately went to where the person looking at them came from. When she arrived, she suddenly saw the old man again.

"you again?" the girl mentioned seeing the old man.

"yes young lady it's me again. I just want to tell you something. This is a warning so sharpen your hearing" Mia just nodded and looked at the old man.

"Your palms handed over to me" Mia immediately extended her hand to the old man.

The old man closes his eyes while holding Mia's hand. Suddenly his eyes widened but Mia could only see white.

"A man, a man will attempt your life.this man is near you. You have to be careful "the old man let go of the girl. Mia frowned.

"Who is this man?"

"I do not know his name, I saw his face. you must know for yourself who will attempt to end your life. Because you are in danger especially your colleagues "the old man immediately disappeared. Mia was left thinking about what the old man had said.

She immediately looked around to see if there was anything strange to see but there's nothing. The girl sighed when she found out and decided to leave the area.

She was immediately brought home, and she suddenly remembered Chandler kissing her. Chandler could no longer read her thoughts, she immediately created a magic to prevent anyone from trying to read her mind.

Mia was on her way to her room when she met their leader Chandler. Mia immediately averted her eyes and continued walking but Chandler grabbed her and suddenly took her to another place.

"Why me, why did you brought me here?"

"Can you please not avoid me anymore? Can you just not stay away from me? Do you want to forget that ?come and I will erase that from your memory "

Even before Chandler was able to erase her memory, she stopped Chandler and said it was okay.

The young man felt happy with the girl's decision, if he was the one to be followed, he also did not want to erase the girl's memory.

He did not want it to forget what he had done to the girl about the kiss. but if in return is avoiding him, he would rather just erase his worries and go back to their old life's.

It was so difficult for Chandler but he knew he could handle it too.

"I'm sorry leader but I was just shocked by what you did so I did able to avoid you" the girl just down her head.

"I should be the one to apologize, sorry"

Mia smiled and that's how happy Chandler felt. "so? Is everything will get back to normal again?"

Mia just nodded and they immediately returned. She was in her room when she suddenly remembered the old man's warning to her.

"Who will attempt my life?" she asked herself as she hugged the pillow. The girl slept while that thing was the only thing on her mind.

While on the other hand, the young man felt great joy because the girl forgave him for what he did.

He is happy because the two of them will return to their former selves. There is nothing to avoid, and nothing to ignore. The young man fell asleep with a wide smile on his face.

It was night when Chandler woke up, he was immediately released by someone who heard a sound from the training hall. But when he opened the training hall, a black shadow immediately appeared on him.

Chandler immediately alarmed the others, Mia quickly woke up and her own body brought her to the training hall even though she did not prepare for it.

"What's going on here?" Mia immediately opened her eyes and saw a black shadow on the ceiling. The black shadow flew away, the others arrived at the training hall too and was surprised by what they saw.

Mia immediately closed her eyes to determine what this creature was. She could not do so she combined her two hands and made a blue magic.

"who are you?" the young lady shouted in the shadow.

The shadow just laughed as it flew away. "The day will come Mia, the day you will die" the black shadow said and suddenly disappeared.

To be continued..